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Leaderboards update fix

by ghostwheel on 10/02/18 10:29 AM
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Leaderboards are out of sync by 3 days due to the last maintenance. Things should be back to normal within a day.

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Item Details for Spires of the Earth

Spires of the Earth. New ladder positions now available for most powerful legendaries.
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Item Details :

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Pos 35834

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Item Name Spires of the Earth
Realm Normal
Item Type Shoulders

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All ERAs Top 5 Most Powerful Spires of the Earth

PosServerRealmItem LinkOwnerPower
1(sc)Spires of the EarthLynmore-39866,915
2(sc)Spires of the EarthFafi-26126,898
3(hc)Spires of the Earthfyk311-11266,896
4(sc)Spires of the EarthBulKathos-24126,893
5(sc)Spires of the EarthAchilles-17436,890

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Previous owners of this specific item

BattletagHeroLast ownedFirst Owned
dogwart-2769Choktar2017-11-13 00:36:59 UCT2017-01-01 07:53:12 UCT

Item stats

Some special legendary affixes are still being fined tuned into points
All DPS related affixes like 'Increases Attack Speed' are already part of the final DPS figure so not counted again for weapons.
Affix NameValuePower
Power cooldown %8%1496
Vitality 447894
Health Globe Bonus Health28504N/A
Resistance All991485
Armor 626.667626.667
Gold PickUp Radius1N/A
Strength 492984

Total Item Power: 5486

Legendary Max Stats and possible affix combinations

(dynamically generated from our database, if you have an item with better stats then please import to update stats)
Affix NameMax ValueMax Power
Ancient Rank2N/A
Armor 674.667674.667
Armor Bonus 516516
Dexterity 6431286
Experience Bonus260N/A
Gold Find35%N/A
Gold PickUp Radius2N/A
Health Globe Bonus Health38625N/A
Hitpoints Regen Per Second71851149.6
Intelligence 6491298
Item Indestructible1N/A
Item Level Requirement Reduction40N/A
Life Percent Increase15%900
On Hit Chill Proc Chance0.0509N/A
Post 2 1 2 Drop1N/A
Post 2 5 0 Drop1N/A
Power cooldown %8%1496
Power Damage Percent Bonus Barbarian CallOfTheAncients15%1500
Power Damage Percent Bonus Barbarian Earthquake15%1500
Power Damage Percent Bonus Barbarian FuriousCharge15%1500
Power Damage Percent Bonus Barbarian Overpower15%1500
Power Damage Percent Bonus Barbarian Rend15%1500
Power Damage Percent Bonus Barbarian Revenge15%1500
Power Damage Percent Bonus X1 Barbarian Avalanche v215%1500
Power Damage Percent Bonus X1 Crusader Bombardment15%1500
Power Damage Percent Bonus X1 Crusader Condemn15%1500
Power Damage Percent Bonus X1 Crusader HeavensFury315%1500
Resistance All1301950
Resistance Arcane160160
Resistance Cold160160
Resistance Fire160160
Resistance Lightning160160
Resistance Physical160160
Resistance Poison160160
Resource Cost Reduction8%400
Splash Damage Effect Percent20%1000
Strength 6501300
Thorns Fixed Physical9500N/A
Vitality 6501300

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Spires of the Earth

by ghostwheel on 10/03/14 8:11 PM [ View topic and comments (0) ]

Note that item stats change with item level.
At item level 70
Armour : 586 - 674

One of 2 Magic Properties (varies)
+626–750 Strength
+416–500 Strength

One of 13 Magic Properties (varies)
Increases Companion Damage by 10–15% (Demon Hunter Only)
Increases Rain of Vengeance Damage by 10–15% (Demon Hunter Only)
Increases Sentry Damage by 10–15% (Demon Hunter Only)
Increases Spike Trap Damage by 10–15% (Demon Hunter Only)
Increases Fan of Knives Damage by 10–15% (Demon Hunter Only)
Increases Avalanche Damage by 10–15% (Barbarian Only)
Increases Black Hole Damage by 10–15% (Wizard Only)
Increases Piranhas Damage by 10–15% (Witch Doctor Only)
Increases Dashing Strike Damage by 10–15% (Monk Only)
Increases Seven-Sided Strike Damage by 10–15% (Monk Only)
Increases Mystic Ally Damage by 10–15% (Monk Only)
Increases Sweeping Wind Damage by 10–15% (Monk Only)
Increases Cyclone Strike Damage by 10–15% (Monk Only)

+4 Random Magic Properties

Set Bonus (Might of the Earth) :
(2) Set:
Reduce the cooldown of Earthquake by 2 seconds every time it kills an enemy.
(4) Set:
Cause an Earthquake when you land after using Leap.

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