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Site is currently being prepped for season 17

by ghostwheel on 18/05/19 11:57 AM
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Site is currently being prepped for season 17 which is live since the 17th of May.

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Item Details for Sever

Sever. New ladder positions now available for most powerful legendaries.
Check out how your own loot compares by importing your profile with the form at the top banner.

Item Details :

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Pos 477

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Item Name Sever
Realm Normal
Item Type Sword

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All ERAs Top 5 Most Powerful Sever

PosServerRealmItem LinkOwnerPower

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Normal All | EU | US | Asia
HardcoreAll | EU | US | Asia

Previous owners of this specific item

BattletagHeroLast ownedFirst Owned
Razer-2294Glatzbart2016-02-04 00:16:11 UCT2015-04-28 12:28:55 UCT

Item stats

Some special legendary affixes are still being fined tuned into points
All DPS related affixes like 'Increases Attack Speed' are already part of the final DPS figure so not counted again for weapons.
Affix NameValuePower
Power cooldown %7%3640
Dexterity 9846888
Damage Weapon Percent All10%N/A
Damage Percent Bonus Vs Monster Type Demon0.09N/A
Ancient Rank1N/A
Item Power Passive ItemPassive Unique Sword 1H 0071N/A
Weapon DPS00

Total Item Power: 20528

Legendary Max Stats and possible affix combinations

(dynamically generated from our database, if you have an item with better stats then please import to update stats)
Affix NameMax ValueMax Power
Ancient Rank2N/A
Critical Hit Chance1%350
Critical Hit Damage100%3500
Damage against Elites %8%800
Damage Percent Bonus Vs Monster Type Demon0.25N/A
Damage Weapon Bonus Delta Physical419N/A
Damage Weapon Bonus Min Physical321N/A
Damage Weapon Percent All10%N/A
Dexterity 10002000
Hitpoints On Hit239502395
Hitpoints On Kill1010N/A
Increases Attack Speed11%2530
Intelligence 10002000
Item Indestructible1N/A
Item Level Requirement Reduction7N/A
Item Power Passive ItemPassive Unique Sword 1H 0071N/A
Post 2 1 2 Drop1N/A
Post 2 5 0 Drop1N/A
Power cooldown %10%1870
Power Damage Percent Bonus Wizard MagicMissile7%700
Resource Cost Reduction10%500
Slow chance %2.33%23.3
Splash Damage Effect Percent24%1200
Steal Health Percent0.03N/A
Strength 10002000
Stun chance %2.32%116
Vitality 10002000
Weapon On Hit Bleed Proc Chance0.3463N/A
Weapon On Hit Bleed Proc Damage Base772N/A
Weapon On Hit Bleed Proc Damage Delta479N/A
Weapon On Hit Percent Bleed Proc Chance39%N/A
Weapon On Hit Percent Bleed Proc Damage4N/A
Weapon On Hit Percent Bleed Proc Duration5N/A

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by ghostwheel on 11/03/14 4:00 PM [ View topic and comments (0) ]

Note that item stats change with item level.
At item level 51
DPS : 210.0

90–210 Damage
1.40 Attacks per Second

+5–10% Damage to Demons
Slain enemies rest in pieces.

One of 2 Magic Properties (varies)
+240–269 Vitality
+92–101 Vitality

One of 2 Magic Properties (varies)
+19–38 Minimum Damage
+26–51 Maximum Damage
+(150–184)–(180–229) Damage

One of 2 Magic Properties (varies)
+10–15% Damage
+3–5% Damage

+1 Random Magic Properties

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