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Updating profiles fix : battletag are case sensitive

by ghostwheel on 14/04/18 11:25 AM
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Importing fixed for battletags with upper case characters when using the search form on the top left.

Battletags are case sensitive when you search to update a profile so make sure you have the uppercase and lowecase characters typed in correctly in the search form on the top left.

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Item Details for Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac

Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac. New ladder positions now available for most powerful legendaries.
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Item Details :

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Pos 3445

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Item Name Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac
Realm Normal
Item Type Ring

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All ERAs Top 5 Most Powerful Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac

PosServerRealmItem LinkOwnerPower
1(hc)Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac太大根-31648,489
2(sc)Obsidian Ring of the ZodiacOzvald-25928,479
3(sc)Obsidian Ring of the Zodiacyaranaika-18298,473
4(sc)Obsidian Ring of the Zodiacfobianka-26718,471
5(sc)Obsidian Ring of the Zodiaccoolscott-19868,470

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Normal All | EU | US | Asia
HardcoreAll | EU | US | Asia

Previous owners of this specific item

BattletagHeroLast ownedFirst Owned
zalacotic-2395farmer2018-02-04 01:01:09 UCT2017-12-24 01:57:56 UCT
HypnoX-1625Meatballa2018-01-17 03:38:46 UCT2018-01-14 03:30:18 UCT
Dwon-3970바바2017-12-25 01:11:55 UCT2017-12-25 01:11:55 UCT
zalacotic-2395farmer2017-12-23 09:58:15 UCT2017-12-13 02:11:59 UCT
deco-3989돌아요2017-12-14 01:06:31 UCT2017-12-14 01:06:31 UCT
핫챠-31368꽈이꽈이2017-12-11 10:37:41 UCT2017-12-10 02:08:59 UCT
Osyx-2936freexp2017-12-05 10:47:08 UCT2017-12-04 01:51:31 UCT
Riversouls-2843Riversouls2017-12-02 01:53:56 UCT2017-12-02 01:53:56 UCT
적빛-3472일균2017-12-01 01:38:04 UCT2017-12-01 01:38:04 UCT
강스타-31999아직도야칸용2017-11-30 03:24:08 UCT2017-11-21 17:11:07 UCT
Cereal-2843KikOo2017-11-26 01:10:17 UCT2017-11-26 01:10:17 UCT
Minoxz-2664angokka2017-11-18 04:26:56 UCT2017-11-18 04:26:56 UCT
Arcadia-3634据緊安大2017-11-13 03:37:00 UCT2017-11-13 03:37:00 UCT
Kurii-1851Kurii2017-11-13 02:42:55 UCT2017-11-13 02:42:55 UCT
Noname-13753Venus2017-11-03 05:15:12 UCT2017-07-22 12:01:10 UCT
Sentinel-22397ExpKonan2017-10-29 03:59:31 UCT2017-10-28 04:39:18 UCT
Bierfest-2161Cheers2017-10-20 08:34:35 UCT2017-07-25 08:59:59 UCT
Muh-2207NoNick2017-10-18 09:04:04 UCT2017-10-18 09:04:04 UCT
태권브이-3726마랭고2017-09-30 04:04:57 UCT2017-07-22 19:56:31 UCT
Zef-2825IGOTTHEPOWER2017-08-28 01:10:39 UCT2017-08-28 01:10:39 UCT
데블리엔-3311상상용2017-08-26 04:23:09 UCT2017-08-02 11:04:28 UCT
적빛-3472황야2017-08-15 00:31:42 UCT2017-08-02 16:24:01 UCT
MonoChromed-1920ZBarb2017-08-06 08:54:55 UCT2017-07-31 10:13:31 UCT
Koibito-1199Delicious2017-08-05 08:08:44 UCT2017-08-05 08:08:44 UCT
Blacknipple-11928figdetspiner2017-08-03 03:57:21 UCT2017-08-03 03:57:21 UCT
적빛-3472적빛2017-08-02 08:50:25 UCT2017-07-27 00:25:15 UCT
NCreature-1781LIGHTNING2017-08-02 07:22:47 UCT2017-07-31 05:36:57 UCT
Crabs-1944DeyReRePo2017-08-02 03:28:17 UCT2017-08-02 03:28:17 UCT
buno-3942BUNO2017-07-29 08:19:42 UCT2017-07-27 01:47:04 UCT
Kujari-1837Kjr2017-07-29 03:03:45 UCT2017-07-29 03:03:45 UCT
Flox-2787Flox2017-07-26 11:47:22 UCT2017-07-25 17:40:03 UCT
Uz3Me-1667PullOver2017-07-20 01:50:58 UCT2017-06-26 02:12:08 UCT
retrommel-1328Luna2017-07-13 10:01:00 UCT2017-07-13 10:01:00 UCT
오지명어린이-3918오지명어린이2017-07-11 00:58:49 UCT2017-05-03 17:10:20 UCT
남장희-3950몰고갑니다2017-07-04 02:57:03 UCT2017-06-13 01:06:43 UCT
Uz3Me-1667Sriiiie2017-06-24 02:32:16 UCT2017-06-24 02:32:16 UCT
Skeppo-2957Skelky2017-06-24 01:31:05 UCT2017-06-16 01:05:19 UCT
디아블로-34319시즌운수2017-06-20 02:14:15 UCT2017-05-14 02:04:42 UCT
ioi-3354터져라마날드2017-06-16 03:26:22 UCT2017-05-28 01:22:47 UCT
장비-3231배추도사2017-06-15 02:59:16 UCT2017-06-10 02:26:59 UCT
종현-3442소서리스2017-06-14 03:49:25 UCT2017-05-24 01:06:34 UCT
장비-3231전라도사나이2017-06-06 02:21:09 UCT2017-04-06 01:05:49 UCT
오지명어린이-3918오지명어린이2017-05-31 08:51:32 UCT2017-05-31 08:51:32 UCT
plague-1270FireWalker2017-05-30 17:48:58 UCT2017-05-30 17:48:58 UCT
DarenNiiSama-1349SuperSecret2017-05-22 10:09:09 UCT2017-05-10 10:06:42 UCT
sativacyborg-1395Cyndara2017-05-06 02:33:29 UCT2017-05-06 02:33:29 UCT
오지명어린이-3918오지명어린이2017-05-03 01:17:48 UCT2017-04-16 01:58:28 UCT
Atec-2166Beatrice2017-04-23 03:44:34 UCT2017-04-18 07:52:38 UCT
DarenNiiSama-1349IKeepDCing2017-04-19 10:06:01 UCT2017-04-16 10:06:05 UCT
Wiizai-2308Wiizai2017-04-12 08:19:27 UCT2017-04-10 01:41:09 UCT
카를로스-3459리밍2017-04-04 03:15:56 UCT2017-04-04 03:15:56 UCT

Reforge History - Newer version (click to goto item)

Item LinkWhen
Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac2017-11-10 22:32:38

Item stats

Some special legendary affixes are still being fined tuned into points
All DPS related affixes like 'Increases Attack Speed' are already part of the final DPS figure so not counted again for weapons.
Affix NameValuePower
Increases Attack Speed7%1610
Post 2 5 0 Drop1N/A
Item Indestructible1N/A
Item Power Passive ItemPassive Unique Ring 920 x11N/A
Power cooldown %8%992
Resistance Physical153153
Critical Hit Chance6%2100

Total Item Power: 8355

Legendary Max Stats and possible affix combinations

(dynamically generated from our database, if you have an item with better stats then please import to update stats)
Affix NameMax ValueMax Power
Ancient Rank2N/A
Armor Bonus 516516
Critical Hit Chance6%2100
Critical Hit Damage50%1750
CrowdControl Reduction40%120
Damage Range105630
Dexterity 6731346
Experience Bonus260N/A
Gold Find35%N/A
Health Globe Bonus Health38625N/A
Hitpoints On Hit119541195.4
Hitpoints On Kill7725N/A
Hitpoints Regen Per Second99941599.04
Increases Attack Speed7%1610
Intelligence 6731346
Item Indestructible1N/A
Item Power Passive ItemPassive Unique Ring 920 x11N/A
Life Percent Increase15%900
Magic Find0.12N/A
Min Damage1051260
Post 2 1 2 Drop1N/A
Post 2 5 0 Drop1N/A
Power cooldown %8%992
Resistance All1301950
Resistance Arcane210210
Resistance Cold210210
Resistance Fire210210
Resistance Lightning210210
Resistance Physical210210
Resistance Poison210210
Resource Cost Reduction8%400
Splash Damage Effect Percent20%1000
Strength 6731346
Thorns Fixed Physical3500N/A
Vitality 6721344

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Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac

by ghostwheel on 11/03/14 12:59 PM [ View topic and comments (0) ]

Note that item stats change with item level.
At item level 51

Ignores Durability Loss

One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
+160–179 Dexterity
+160–179 Strength
+160–179 Intelligence

One of 2 Magic Properties (varies)
+70–87 Strength
+70–87 Dexterity
+70–87 Intelligence
+70–87 Vitality
+27–33 Strength
+27–33 Dexterity
+27–33 Intelligence
+27–33 Vitality

One of 2 Magic Properties (varies)
+21–30 Resistance to All Elements
+11–20 Resistance to All Elements

+2 Random Magic Properties

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