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Item Details for Countess Julia's Cameo

Countess Julia's Cameo. New ladder positions now available for most powerful legendaries.
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Item Details :

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Pos 12

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Realm : Normal
Item Name : Countess Julia's Cameo
Item Type : Amulet
Item :

Previous owners of this specific item

BattletagHeroLast ownedFirst Owned
danitefox-1989danitefox2014-08-22 06:51:47 GMT2014-06-08 16:06:49 GMT
danitefox-1989lilwitchgirl2014-05-16 17:46:30 GMT2014-05-16 17:46:30 GMT

Item stats

Some special legendary affixes are still being fined tuned into points
All DPS related affixes like 'Increases Attack Speed' are already part of the final DPS figure so not counted again for weapons.
Affix NameValuePower
CrowdControl Reduction0.27N/A
Fire Skills %20%3000
Item Power Passive ItemPassive Unique Ring 519 x10.2N/A
Critical Hit Chance10%3500
Critical Hit Damage100%3500
Intelligence 7501500

Total Item Power: 11500

Legendary Max Stats and possible affix combinations

(dynamically generated from our database, if you have an item with better stats then please import to update stats)
Affix NameMax ValueMax Power
Arcane Skills %20%3000
Armor Bonus 595595
Cold Skills %20%3000
Critical Hit Chance10%3500
Critical Hit Damage100%3500
CrowdControl Reduction0.4N/A
Damage Range80480
Dexterity 7501500
Experience Bonus200N/A
Fire Skills %20%3000
Gold Find80%160
Health Globe Bonus Health29709N/A
Hitpoints On Hit147191471.9
Hitpoints On Kill8914N/A
Hitpoints Regen Per Second6142982.72
Holy Skills %20%3000
Increases Attack Speed7%1610
Intelligence 7501500
Item Power Passive ItemPassive Unique Ring 519 x10.25N/A
Life Percent Increase18%1080
Lightning Skills %20%3000
Melee Damage Reduction7%210
Min Damage80960
On Hit Blind Proc Chance0.0509N/A
Physical Skills %20%3000
Poison Skills %20%3000
Power cooldown %8%2400
Ranged Damage Reduction7%210
Resistance All1001500
Resistance Arcane160160
Resistance Cold160160
Resistance Fire160160
Resistance Lightning160160
Resistance Physical160160
Resistance Poison160160
Resource Cost Reduction8%400
Splash Damage Effect Percent20%1000
Strength 7501500
Thorns Fixed Physical3498N/A
Vitality 7501500

Top 5 Most Powerful (updated once a day) Countess Julia's Cameo

PosServerRealmItem LinkOwnerPower
1 (sc)Countess Julia's CameoNightRunner-172711,751
2 (sc)Countess Julia's Cameotavz-243911,719
3 (sc)Countess Julia's Cameotavz-243911,719
4 (sc)Countess Julia's Cameoamit-289511,608
5 (sc)Countess Julia's Cameomohdyi-311311,607

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Countess Julia's Cameo

by ghostwheel on 11/03/14 11:44 AM [ View topic and comments (0) ]

Note that item stats change with item level.
At item level 31

Prevent all Arcane damage taken and heal yourself for 20–25% of the amount prevented.

One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
+128–163 Dexterity
+128–163 Strength
+128–163 Intelligence

One of 2 Magic Properties (varies)
Attack Speed Increased by 4.0–5.0%
Attack Speed Increased by 3.0–4.0%

+3 Random Magic Properties

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