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Fix : Gear Tooltips and Details

by ghostwheel on 13/11/17 11:28 PM
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It appears that blizzard no longer support dynamic item details when you hover over items so we have reverted the pop ups to generic details which should give you the basic details of the item. However, you can still click on the item itself to view the individual stats in the site along with its ranking against other items in the database.Additionally, we now provide a button link at the top of below to view rest of article...

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Most Powerful Weapons - Season 12

(*unique affixes not counted for some legendaries at the moment)
PItem LinkOwnerPower
1 Deadly RebirthCaplethorn114,244
1 Voo's Juicernaxus114,224
1 DoombringerSubZero112,256
1 Gift of SilariaMaximus111,753
1 Manajuma's Carving K...RuSa111,476
PItem LinkOwnerPower
1 Blade of the TribesClasse172,197
1 Immortal King's Boul...Book157,957
1 Inna's Reach曙光女神之寬恕157,695
1 The FurnaceKangSan157,059
1 Flail of the ChargeWillowmaker153,709

Top Legendary Item Rolls - Season 12

This section is updated on a regular basis, import your character with the form at the top left banner to check out everything. Clicking on any item will also display the maximum stat rolls found for each unique item.

You can use the filters below to finetune the top item rolls and summaries from everywhere in the world to a specific region server in normal or hardcore. .

Hover over any item name to see the battlenet stats or alternatively click on it to see further details.

The dropdown lists for each kind of legendary is also affected by the filters above - so select where you want to see the legendary and then select the legendary from a dropdown list to view ladder positions

Note, this section is new so point allocation will be adjusted and tweaked appropriately, the sections are better looked at by choosing a specific legendary item from a dropdown list to compare against the same item type - special affixes are not counted for points for some items. Alternatively, use the search form to the right - enter a keyword to search a legendary.

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
Messerschmidt's Reaver owned 시마-3288 (sc)147829
Butcher's Carver owned zectore-1739 (sc)141721
Skorn owned Linq-1364 (sc)137567

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
Yang's Recurve owned Eviiee-2584 (sc)121773
Cluckeye owned Agronar-2761 (sc)116234
Kridershot owned Hydroxxor-2341 (sc)109730

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Ceremonial Knives

S12 Top 3 legendaries
Manajuma's Carving Knife owned RuSa-31649 (sc)111476
Sacred Harvester owned Nao-11454 (sc)111411
Deadly Rebirth owned 블루네코-3273 (sc)111283

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
Manticore owned Balranther-2129 (sc)108622
Hellrack owned 달용이-3462 (sc)102720
Buriza-Do Kyanon owned Lanîa-2676 (sc)99637

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
The Barber owned Gekiflare-6879 (sc)111365
Pig Sticker owned Vicktorol-2906 (sc)106336
Karlei's Point owned iamhellz-1488 (sc)103466

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
Inna's Reach owned nint3ndo-21377 (sc)142255
The Flow of Eternity owned Blank-22956 (sc)133542
Incense Torch of the Grand Temple owned Jacen-1583 (sc)133435

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Fist Weapons

S12 Top 3 legendaries
Vengeful Wind owned Samson-1699 (sc)110811
Kyoshiro's Blade owned Antwan-2963 (sc)110811
Shenlong's Fist of Legend owned 라그나로크-3651 (sc)109884

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
Flail of the Charge owned Willowmaker-6554 (sc)153709
Golden Flense owned FJ3LL-2335 (sc)150192
Fate of the Fell owned ToCool4aName-1947 (sc)145349

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Hand Crossbows

S12 Top 3 legendaries
Natalya's Slayer owned 미루-31229 (sc)122575
Dawn owned bsmany-31613 (sc)118539
K'mar Tenclip owned 레모네이드짱-3105 (sc)113539

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
The Furnace owned KangSan-3857 (sc)157059
Sledge of Athskeleng owned AAA-3916 (sc)150648
Soulsmasher owned Valznar-11999 (sc)147848

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Mighty Weapons

S12 Top 3 legendaries
Blade of the Tribes owned Classe-3456 (sc)172197
Immortal King's Boulder Breaker owned Book-1758 (sc)157957
Fury of the Vanished Peak owned 더머니-3852 (sc)148781

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
Homunculus owned Xetrona-2455 (sc)19421
Wilken's Reach owned Tealeaves-11915 (sc)18314
Zunimassa's String of Skulls owned ryu81-2569 (sc)15607

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
Tal Rasha's Unwavering Glare owned Whatcha-21297 (sc)15890
Etched Sigil owned Myung-3318 (sc)13760
Orb of Infinite Depth owned Fenlabize-2645 (sc)13704

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
Pledge of Caldeum owned Darkness-22853 (sc)147227
Heart Slaughter owned 오늘만산다-32131 (sc)138586
Standoff owned santhell-1247 (sc)133071

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
Bombardier's Rucksack owned 브니야-3992 (sc)22939
Sin Seekers owned MoDerNiSm-3753 (sc)18350
Holy Point Shot owned DeloveiC-2869 (sc)14958

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
Akanesh, the Herald of Righteousness owned player-1969 (sc)109638
Scrimshaw owned Ves-2471 (sc)96971
Arreat's Law owned 두부장인-31621 (sc)96917

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
Maloth's Focus owned Corozif-2364 (sc)147685
SuWong Diviner owned Ves-2471 (sc)147053
Wormwood owned Erun-3752 (sc)147022

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
Blood Brother owned Afrojax-21531 (sc)153547
Stalgard's Decimator owned Thomicer-2607 (sc)152283
Scourge owned 月吟龍-3993 (sc)151472

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
Slorak's Madness owned Kiwee-2905 (sc)110570
Unstable Scepter owned Spig0t-1521 (sc)110570
Chantodo's Will owned PitbultV-2486 (sc)110570

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Amulets ,Crusader Shields ,Feet ,Hands ,Head ,Legs ,Rings ,Shields ,Shoulders ,Torso ,Waists ,Wrists


S12 Top 5 legendaries
The Flavor of Time owned Junniee-11745 (sc)14996
Eye of Etlich owned Cr33d-21253 (sc)14359
Haunt of Vaxo owned 낙인-3386 (sc)14310
Moonlight Ward owned svenssone-2783 (sc)14244
The Traveler's Pledge owned Blamer-11298 (sc)13920

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Crusader Shields

S12 Top 5 legendaries
Unrelenting Phalanx owned 김쌩유-3953 (sc)13306
Frydehr's Wrath owned cacky-2198 (sc)9956
Hellskull owned Rainbowmon-2927 (sc)9639
Shield of the Steed owned testudo-21317 (sc)9550
Guard of Johanna owned Zirox-2863 (sc)9307

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S12 Top 5 legendaries
Hell Walkers owned JakobZorn-2451 (sc)6640
The Crudest Boots owned EmilNordahl-21929 (sc)6639
The Shadow's Heels owned Korze-1226 (sc)6638
Sabaton of the Wastes owned Tomzz-1902 (sc)6638
Firebird's Tarsi owned KoLLlaka-2850 (sc)6637

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S12 Top 5 legendaries
Tasker and Theo owned 미소천사-3518 (sc)11945
Arachyr's Claws owned 摩天輪-4773 (sc)10049
Sunwuko's Paws owned Skilly-21557 (sc)10049
Will of the Light owned 불사조-3731 (sc)10049
Fiendish Grips owned TorMenTQ-1909 (sc)10048

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S12 Top 5 legendaries
Dark Mage's Shade owned Tartarevenge-1807 (sc)26064
Tzo Krin's Gaze owned Modz-1609 (sc)23565
Gyana Na Kashu owned El3menT-2900 (sc)18949
Storm Crow owned Maduin-2639 (sc)9187
Andariel's Visage owned MoosyJR-2419 (sc)9007

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S12 Top 5 legendaries
Swamp Land Waders owned ASJ-3692 (sc)10095
Cuirass of the Wastes owned Dest-11533 (sc)8459
Tasset of the Wastes owned starziv-2263 (sc)7472
Roland's Determination owned Grond-2449 (sc)7435
Sunwuko's Leggings owned Shanujad-1458 (sc)7334

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S12 Top 5 legendaries
Stone of Jordan owned Disbalance-2347 (sc)11884
The Compass Rose owned blame-11906 (sc)10750
Hellfire Ring owned James-1410 (sc)9870
Unity owned shule-1968 (sc)9644
Leoric's Signet owned hellaRYAN-1914 (sc)9583

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S12 Top 5 legendaries
Stormshield owned Dori-2253 (sc)10791
Lidless Wall owned hextech-1742 (sc)10637
Denial owned 불사조-3731 (sc)9277
Ivory Tower owned gidishnak-2474 (sc)9232
Freeze of Deflection owned SuperDave-1124 (sc)9180

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S12 Top 5 legendaries
Pauldrons of Akkhan owned TiagofragaBR-1955 (sc)6914
Raekor's Burden owned Salle-2754 (sc)6912
Jade Harvester's Joy owned Brandoo-21353 (sc)6897
Helltooth Mantle owned RuSa-31649 (sc)6801
Vyr's Proud Pauldrons owned Golokios-2225 (sc)6720

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S12 Top 5 legendaries
Beckon Sail owned Dewing-3541 (sc)31397
Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit owned 스피리터-3968 (sc)9787
Cindercoat owned 그대그대그대-3570 (sc)9696
Breastplate of Akkhan owned Mapu-1172 (sc)8837
Natalya's Embrace owned soccer-3222 (sc)8754

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S12 Top 5 legendaries
Dread Iron owned Diettiger-1628 (sc)23292
Kyoshiro's Soul owned LeeYeon-31386 (sc)18700
The Witching Hour owned Kanteros-3285 (sc)7116
Girdle of Giants owned Verciretti-1678 (sc)6924
Thundergod's Vigor owned TheScorpion-2933 (sc)6807

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S12 Top 5 legendaries
Lacuni Prowlers owned GOODea-2471 (sc)10152
Coils of the First Spider owned Guillermos-1918 (sc)9815
Nemesis Bracers owned Nervoss-2834 (sc)8979
Pinto's Pride owned 끄꽁-3394 (sc)8970
Wraps of Clarity owned conner-1296 (sc)8940

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