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Season 11 Leaderboards Live + Necromancer Stats

by ghostwheel on 21/07/17 1:15 PM
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Imports have been switched back on. Season 11 leaderboards along with Necromancer stats are live and being populated.

Simply enter your battletag on the form above and press the Red Import button on the next page to have your account ranked into our leaderboards.

Have fun.

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World Pos. Power,Elem. DPS,Toughness
Updated 5 hero.Pos:1,1,455 -Vox-11149
Updated 4 hero.Pos:1,1,17738 -SleepWalker-1715
Updated 1 hero.Pos:1126,6253,12959 -Zombi-11734
Updated 1 hero.Pos:1,1,99786 -妖影-3876
Updated 1 hero.Pos:1,1,13952 -Morbus-1856

Most Powerful Weapons - Season 11

(*unique affixes not counted for some legendaries at the moment)
PItem LinkOwnerPower
1 Wand of WohKaza119,658
1 Voo's JuicerKaydess117,411
1 Deadly RebirthSotamursu117,411
1 Unstable Scepterner0117,070
1 Gift of Silariafullthrottle115,861
PItem LinkOwnerPower
1 Blade of the TribesMrPham171,957
1 Golden FlensePozze169,894
1 Inna's Reach바람숲165,847
1 SuWong DivinerMark161,903
1 Fury of the Vanished...Kynnlol160,476

Top Legendary Item Rolls - Season 11

This section is updated on a regular basis, import your character with the form at the top left banner to check out everything. Clicking on any item will also display the maximum stat rolls found for each unique item.

You can use the filters below to finetune the top item rolls and summaries from everywhere in the world to a specific region server in normal or hardcore. .

Hover over any item name to see the battlenet stats or alternatively click on it to see further details.

The dropdown lists for each kind of legendary is also affected by the filters above - so select where you want to see the legendary and then select the legendary from a dropdown list to view ladder positions

Note, this section is new so point allocation will be adjusted and tweaked appropriately, the sections are better looked at by choosing a specific legendary item from a dropdown list to compare against the same item type - special affixes are not counted for points for some items. Alternatively, use the search form to the right - enter a keyword to search a legendary.

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
The Executioner owned gnarf-1990 (sc)152048
Butcher's Carver owned bury-2833 (sc)149270
Messerschmidt's Reaver owned southpawgeek-1377 (sc)147957

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
Yang's Recurve owned DaPlaZz-2605 (sc)121631
Windforce owned jaron-2835 (sc)119970
Etrayu owned Bluee-11892 (sc)116502

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Ceremonial Knives

S11 Top 3 legendaries
Deadly Rebirth owned ŜĤǞŊƓĿĔŴ-1389 (sc)117261
Manajuma's Carving Knife owned itsamemarkus-2194 (sc)111540
Sacred Harvester owned 외바기-3889 (sc)111411

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
Manticore owned Song8703-3296 (sc)119809
Demon Machine owned mastom-2648 (sc)107946
Pus Spitter owned choicbc2-3578 (sc)105466

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
The Barber owned Lumines-2825 (sc)114238
Pig Sticker owned 천사의안식-3412 (sc)108536
Wizardspike owned 유령-3611 (sc)104036

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
Inna's Reach owned gosux-2116 (sc)165847
Balance owned 최후의비-3775 (sc)157847
Incense Torch of the Grand Temple owned potfur-2789 (sc)151912

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Fist Weapons

S11 Top 3 legendaries
Shenlong's Fist of Legend owned DrFapper-2728 (sc)110940
Shenlong's Relentless Assault owned Asherulol-1479 (sc)110837
Kyoshiro's Blade owned Voxxum-1711 (sc)110811

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
Golden Flense owned Pozze-2525 (sc)169894
Akkhan's Leniency owned Igor-1214 (sc)145990
Flail of the Charge owned bankey-1313 (sc)145693

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Hand Crossbows

S11 Top 3 legendaries
Valla's Bequest owned WaifuPillow-11644 (sc)126339
K'mar Tenclip owned Bullweih-2348 (sc)123839
Danetta's Revenge owned 쎼스-3844 (sc)120075

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
The Furnace owned Phoenix-21700 (sc)157008
Schaefer's Hammer owned JDNA-1700 (sc)145326
Sledge of Athskeleng owned Klant467-1861 (sc)145301

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Mighty Weapons

S11 Top 3 legendaries
Blade of the Tribes owned MrPham-1991 (sc)171957
Fury of the Vanished Peak owned MythRyan-1166 (sc)160476
Immortal King's Boulder Breaker owned Strawberry-2676 (sc)158197

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
Homunculus owned Madrugsss-1276 (sc)18673
Wilken's Reach owned 천사-34170 (sc)18630
Zunimassa's String of Skulls owned SaintBlood-3591 (sc)15560

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
Tal Rasha's Unwavering Glare owned 태팔님-3627 (sc)16294
Firebird's Eye owned Italiansalad-1807 (sc)14648
Orb of Infinite Depth owned algreon-1271 (sc)13594

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
Heart Slaughter owned 미친바바-3495 (sc)147464
Pledge of Caldeum owned delalite-2272 (sc)142021
Standoff owned Algore-2870 (sc)140100

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
Dead Man's Legacy owned Pipebomb-1365 (sc)23306
Bombardier's Rucksack owned RAY-3442 (sc)22844
Sin Seekers owned MinVely-31153 (sc)18611

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
Scrimshaw owned 다죽여줄께기다려-3480 (sc)111614
Empyrean Messenger owned Magog-1202 (sc)104853
Akanesh, the Herald of Righteousness owned biw1008-3330 (sc)104363

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
SuWong Diviner owned Mark-25378 (sc)161903
The Broken Staff owned Tempesta-1985 (sc)151903
The Smoldering Core owned bijot-2881 (sc)141986

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
Blade of Prophecy owned ruwerto-2324 (sc)160027
The Grandfather owned 부질없다-31991 (sc)157942
Stalgard's Decimator owned DFxMANGEL-1649 (sc)156557

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
Wand of Woh owned 도둑신단킬러룰루-3796 (sc)119648
Unstable Scepter owned MonsterCritz-2626 (sc)113818
Starfire owned sVr-21743 (sc)110700

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Amulets ,Crusader Shields ,Feet ,Hands ,Head ,Legs ,Rings ,Shields ,Shoulders ,Torso ,Waists ,Wrists


S11 Top 5 legendaries
The Flavor of Time owned 아프로디테-3151 (sc)15206
Moonlight Ward owned 울드-3318 (sc)14780
Eye of Etlich owned Sicarius-2227 (sc)14644
Haunt of Vaxo owned 종현-3442 (sc)14310
The Traveler's Pledge owned 혜라-3463 (sc)13920

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Crusader Shields

S11 Top 5 legendaries
Frydehr's Wrath owned mchome1-2413 (sc)29206
Jekangbord owned 검퐁-3338 (sc)28289
Unrelenting Phalanx owned 프리스트-3797 (sc)14353
Guard of Johanna owned 橘沁澄-3784 (sc)10038
Shield of the Steed owned illmo-2352 (sc)9860

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S11 Top 5 legendaries
The Shadow's Heels owned I3iILILy-1225 (sc)6639
Illusory Boots owned 손대면안되는건데-3725 (sc)6639
Arachyr's Stride owned 소울-3134 (sc)6638
Foundation of the Light owned Glimwick-2274 (sc)6635
Sabaton of the Wastes owned Boris-1276 (sc)6633

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S11 Top 5 legendaries
Tasker and Theo owned Fieldlord-1945 (sc)11901
Inna's Hold owned hann0r-2243 (sc)10050
Magefist owned justme-21156 (sc)10049
Tal Rasha's Grasp owned PlzKillMe-2484 (sc)10049
The Shadow's Grasp owned 차이나타운-31574 (sc)10048

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S11 Top 5 legendaries
Dark Mage's Shade owned acid4fun-2520 (sc)25368
Tzo Krin's Gaze owned DiaboliC-1636 (sc)23532
Gyana Na Kashu owned Oleg-26205 (sc)19128
The Eye of the Storm owned 미소디자인-3876 (sc)10148
Andariel's Visage owned 마독수-3401 (sc)9612

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S11 Top 5 legendaries
Swamp Land Waders owned Meyer-2968 (sc)10478
Cuirass of the Wastes owned eLtaX-2373 (sc)8626
Depth Diggers owned 김세영-31548 (sc)7508
Scales of the Dancing Serpent owned Trangull-2821 (sc)7501
Blackthorne's Jousting Mail owned Zifus-2469 (sc)7499

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S11 Top 5 legendaries
Stone of Jordan owned Zish-1614 (sc)11795
Hellfire Ring owned Alekhine-11786 (sc)10820
The Compass Rose owned 鄧小宇-4871 (sc)10750
Restraint owned Lunitics-21805 (sc)9570
Focus owned DarkMoon-22234 (sc)9570

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S11 Top 5 legendaries
Lidless Wall owned shattforte-1929 (sc)11163
Stormshield owned 엘리자베스-31570 (sc)10864
Denial owned 돌쇠-3892 (sc)9820
Ivory Tower owned graynight-1790 (sc)9570
Vo'Toyias Spiker owned Xydaine-1940 (sc)9510

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S11 Top 5 legendaries
Raekor's Burden owned Fernando-1207 (sc)6918
Born's Privilege owned NoNamefound-21537 (sc)6912
Helltooth Mantle owned 특수교사-3711 (sc)6894
Spaulders of Zakara owned Strychoza-2337 (sc)6865
Vyr's Proud Pauldrons owned malachi1986-1264 (sc)6846

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S11 Top 5 legendaries
Beckon Sail owned Jason-11557 (sc)32131
Cindercoat owned gentlemania-3401 (sc)10186
Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit owned pet-2790 (sc)10053
Heart of the Crashing Wave owned Johnssp-1185 (sc)8785
Cage of the Hellborn owned Trseil-1209 (sc)8692

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S11 Top 5 legendaries
Dread Iron owned LUKE-3930 (sc)25663
Kyoshiro's Soul owned Xandra-11624 (sc)18702
Thundergod's Vigor owned picky-3196 (sc)7789
The Witching Hour owned sky-31495 (sc)7269
Girdle of Giants owned Spadl-2509 (sc)6909

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S11 Top 5 legendaries
Lacuni Prowlers owned Danno771-1627 (sc)10364
Coils of the First Spider owned Djinni-2248 (sc)9679
Custerian Wristguards owned xTonyJ-1173 (sc)9068
Strongarm Bracers owned BeShine-3244 (sc)8982
Gabriel's Vambraces owned 이지클린-3728 (sc)8979

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