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Season 11 Leaderboards Live + Necromancer Stats

by ghostwheel on 21/07/17 1:15 PM
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Imports have been switched back on. Season 11 leaderboards along with Necromancer stats are live and being populated.

Simply enter your battletag on the form above and press the Red Import button on the next page to have your account ranked into our leaderboards.

Have fun.

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World Pos. Power,Elem. DPS,Toughness
Updated 1 hero.Pos:1,1,21404 -Ugo-2540
Updated 1 hero.Pos:35762,37270,37039 -babygnuen-2957
Updated 1 hero.Pos:1,1,19563 -Zalkor-2384
Updated 1 hero.Pos:1,1,56037 -Mockie-2642
Updated 1 hero.Pos:1,1,1607 -Fenix-1843

Most Powerful Weapons - Season 11

(*unique affixes not counted for some legendaries at the moment)
PItem LinkOwnerPower
1 Voo's JuicerKraarup117,326
1 Wand of WohMowca114,905
1 Deadly RebirthDraftingle114,261
1 The BarberVexing114,238
1 The Spider Queen's G...Pii114,094
PItem LinkOwnerPower
1 Blade of the TribesGrands168,781
1 Golden FlenseVand166,370
1 Inna's ReachYamada162,818
1 BalanceZydar160,039
1 SuWong Diviner산다라박152,633

Top Legendary Item Rolls - Season 11

This section is updated on a regular basis, import your character with the form at the top left banner to check out everything. Clicking on any item will also display the maximum stat rolls found for each unique item.

You can use the filters below to finetune the top item rolls and summaries from everywhere in the world to a specific region server in normal or hardcore. .

Hover over any item name to see the battlenet stats or alternatively click on it to see further details.

The dropdown lists for each kind of legendary is also affected by the filters above - so select where you want to see the legendary and then select the legendary from a dropdown list to view ladder positions

Note, this section is new so point allocation will be adjusted and tweaked appropriately, the sections are better looked at by choosing a specific legendary item from a dropdown list to compare against the same item type - special affixes are not counted for points for some items. Alternatively, use the search form to the right - enter a keyword to search a legendary.

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
Butcher's Carver owned Mustafa-1768 (sc)143766
Burst of Wrath owned 미마-3223 (sc)138961
Messerschmidt's Reaver owned Stump-1844 (sc)137574

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
Yang's Recurve owned Panda-1262 (sc)121484
Windforce owned darkface-3907 (sc)105907
The Raven's Wing owned dickyta-2438 (sc)105039

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Ceremonial Knives

S11 Top 3 legendaries
Deadly Rebirth owned Moist-1577 (sc)112461
Sacred Harvester owned 고라니힘줄-3725 (sc)111411
Manajuma's Carving Knife owned 손타고-3485 (sc)109563

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
Manticore owned Hemlocke-1887 (sc)106866
Pus Spitter owned choicbc2-3578 (sc)105466
Hellrack owned 범블비-3857 (sc)103202

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
The Barber owned ProjectPro-2492 (sc)114238
Pig Sticker owned 재밋군-3801 (sc)108536
Karlei's Point owned 유사장-3224 (sc)103466

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
Inna's Reach owned Yamada-21826 (sc)162818
Incense Torch of the Grand Temple owned Bigunga-11826 (sc)149327
Balance owned Pinkay-1587 (sc)134994

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Fist Weapons

S11 Top 3 legendaries
Shenlong's Relentless Assault owned Trangull-2821 (sc)110811
Scarbringer owned 신령성체-3753 (sc)109884
Kyoshiro's Blade owned 풍군-31284 (sc)107295

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
Golden Flense owned Vand-2158 (sc)166370
Flail of the Charge owned BIC-3120 (sc)143872
Fate of the Fell owned Thorgor-2537 (sc)135478

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Hand Crossbows

S11 Top 3 legendaries
Danetta's Revenge owned 아도니스-3531 (sc)116926
Natalya's Slayer owned sur4k-2621 (sc)116083
K'mar Tenclip owned Cloby-6735 (sc)115337

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
The Furnace owned Viciousity-2301 (sc)144706
Sledge of Athskeleng owned GodFear-1881 (sc)142873
Schaefer's Hammer owned cube-2689 (sc)136403

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Mighty Weapons

S11 Top 3 legendaries
Blade of the Tribes owned Grands-11557 (sc)168781
Immortal King's Boulder Breaker owned Zack-3722 (sc)151925
Fury of the Vanished Peak owned milktea-1239 (sc)151156

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
Homunculus owned Madrugsss-1276 (sc)18673
Wilken's Reach owned sartuk-2970 (sc)17884
Zunimassa's String of Skulls owned kentakon-6498 (sc)15457

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
Tal Rasha's Unwavering Glare owned 똥보면짖는개-3498 (sc)16167
Light of Grace owned Penumbra-21682 (sc)13205
Chantodo's Force owned Zemon-1431 (sc)13120

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
Pledge of Caldeum owned CYBERDOC-1494 (sc)134403
Standoff owned Dekaese-1645 (sc)131959
Heart Slaughter owned 세르-3409 (sc)127720

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
Dead Man's Legacy owned Miyagii-1532 (sc)23138
Bombardier's Rucksack owned Klink-1307 (sc)21206
Sin Seekers owned MannerIN-3763 (sc)16923

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
Empyrean Messenger owned Warslide-2310 (sc)98377
Akanesh, the Herald of Righteousness owned GranatenPepe-2661 (sc)97037
Scrimshaw owned 홍형님-31381 (sc)90813

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
SuWong Diviner owned Bullseye-2794 (sc)152489
The Tormentor owned Heavyarms-1500 (sc)136170
Valthek's Rebuke owned 븜븜-3842 (sc)134117

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
Warmonger owned Affect-21723 (sc)149273
The Sultan of Blinding Sand owned Nitekk-1209 (sc)149125
Faithful Memory owned Luckyslevin-21932 (sc)143600

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S11 Top 3 legendaries
Unstable Scepter owned Kaneki-2708 (sc)113777
Wand of Woh owned 도라-3498 (sc)112199
Starfire owned volter-2685 (sc)110570

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Amulets ,Crusader Shields ,Feet ,Hands ,Head ,Legs ,Rings ,Shields ,Shoulders ,Torso ,Waists ,Wrists


S11 Top 5 legendaries
Eye of Etlich owned Pertinax-1128 (sc)14397
The Flavor of Time owned JooHong-1818 (sc)14319
Haunt of Vaxo owned luckystar-3529 (sc)13898
Moonlight Ward owned dannykara-6415 (sc)13842
The Traveler's Pledge owned 아웃입니다-3896 (sc)13830

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Crusader Shields

S11 Top 5 legendaries
Jekangbord owned Altrious-1485 (sc)26288
Frydehr's Wrath owned Maido-1627 (sc)25566
Unrelenting Phalanx owned KanDa-2129 (sc)11913
Shield of the Steed owned illmo-2352 (sc)9860
Guard of Johanna owned Happy-23111 (sc)9748

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S11 Top 5 legendaries
The Shadow's Heels owned Aranwel-2906 (sc)6639
Arachyr's Stride owned Scinthy-2926 (sc)6597
Uliana's Destiny owned Azmodan-2659 (sc)6597
Illusory Boots owned gogosteve-3575 (sc)6586
Irontoe Mudsputters owned 김승직-3870 (sc)6584

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S11 Top 5 legendaries
Tasker and Theo owned Philss-1298 (sc)11336
Inna's Hold owned hann0r-2243 (sc)10050
Tal Rasha's Grasp owned Samwheelie-1985 (sc)10047
Frostburn owned TwistedViz-1203 (sc)10040
Helltooth Gauntlets owned Sainel-1629 (sc)10030

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S11 Top 5 legendaries
Dark Mage's Shade owned Hiyo-31824 (sc)23622
Tzo Krin's Gaze owned DiaboliC-1636 (sc)23532
Gyana Na Kashu owned 흑우-3410 (sc)19081
The Eye of the Storm owned Genie-31527 (sc)9555
Andariel's Visage owned 아몰랑-31264 (sc)9458

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S11 Top 5 legendaries
Swamp Land Waders owned Meyer-2968 (sc)10478
Cuirass of the Wastes owned Blackguy-1190 (sc)8475
Depth Diggers owned Xephalem-3439 (sc)7461
Arachyr's Legs owned kyeol-31514 (sc)7460
Scales of the Dancing Serpent owned Soolgwang-3566 (sc)7338

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S11 Top 5 legendaries
Stone of Jordan owned AvatarOfWar-1820 (sc)11659
The Compass Rose owned Mana-1516 (sc)10750
Unity owned 예쁜-31662 (sc)9553
Hellfire Ring owned Kenab-1961 (sc)9472
Leoric's Signet owned darkface-3907 (sc)9459

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S11 Top 5 legendaries
Stormshield owned Budon-2614 (sc)10488
Lidless Wall owned 샤넬키스-3350 (sc)10017
Denial owned Shanta-2190 (sc)9454
Vo'Toyias Spiker owned xPxExPxEx-2303 (sc)8854
Freeze of Deflection owned BeoArmWar-1670 (sc)8369

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S11 Top 5 legendaries
Raekor's Burden owned Jman-1470 (sc)6711
Vyr's Proud Pauldrons owned Haadesda-1174 (sc)6707
The Shadow's Burden owned vallin-2568 (sc)6696
Spaulders of Zakara owned 이솝-31715 (sc)6676
Mantle of Channeling owned 철수-3819 (sc)6655

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S11 Top 5 legendaries
Beckon Sail owned HaiseSasaki-21412 (sc)31157
Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit owned 이슬-31953 (sc)9886
Cindercoat owned Supp13-21218 (sc)9802
Zunimassa's Marrow owned Mnygaard84-2648 (sc)8665
The Shadow's Bane owned 이크-31761 (sc)8563

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S11 Top 5 legendaries
Dread Iron owned Envayne-1240 (sc)24291
Kyoshiro's Soul owned Yekez-2340 (sc)18694
Thundergod's Vigor owned Hayabaxa-2505 (sc)7669
Girdle of Giants owned Perrey-1819 (sc)6726
The Witching Hour owned Khill-1243 (sc)6718

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S11 Top 5 legendaries
Lacuni Prowlers owned Knuglias-2482 (sc)9722
Coils of the First Spider owned Xerxes-1292 (sc)9295
Strongarm Bracers owned BeShine-3244 (sc)8982
Lakumba's Ornament owned TheRedQueen-3933 (sc)8764
Nemesis Bracers owned Azero-1332 (sc)8745

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