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Season 9 Live

by ghostwheel on 02/01/17 11:04 AM
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Update 07 / 01 :Imports have been activated and greater rift data is currently being populated.Update 06 / 01 :Imports have been switched off until we are fully rolled out across the world-------Season 9 will begin on these dates: North America: Friday, January 6 @ 5:00 p.m. PST Europe: Friday, January 6 @ 5:00 p.m. CET Asia: Friday, January 6 @ 5:00 p.m. KSTImports will be disabled on t below to view rest of article...

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World Pos. Power,Elem. DPS,Toughness
Updated 3 hero.Pos:20320,44219,72503 -ouzbekk-2827
Updated 9 hero.Pos:23798,35704,na -skorpion-22177
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Most Powerful Weapons - Season 9

(*unique affixes not counted for some legendaries at the moment)
PItem LinkOwnerPower
1 Wand of WohKölscheSeele118,036
1 Voo's Juicertoze115,118
1 Unstable Scepter왕초115,043
1 Gift of Silaria빵꾸똥꾸114,642
1 Won Khim LauKazama113,935
PItem LinkOwnerPower
1 Blade of the TribesoSpreY170,648
1 Balancehype168,920
1 Golden Flense악연167,170
1 Inna's ReachTGSA163,055
1 Blade of ProphecyLilRich162,357

Top Legendary Item Rolls - Season 9

This section is updated on a regular basis, import your character with the form at the top left banner to check out everything. Clicking on any item will also display the maximum stat rolls found for each unique item.

You can use the filters below to finetune the top item rolls and summaries from everywhere in the world to a specific region server in normal or hardcore. .

Hover over any item name to see the battlenet stats or alternatively click on it to see further details.

The dropdown lists for each kind of legendary is also affected by the filters above - so select where you want to see the legendary and then select the legendary from a dropdown list to view ladder positions

Note, this section is new so point allocation will be adjusted and tweaked appropriately, the sections are better looked at by choosing a specific legendary item from a dropdown list to compare against the same item type - special affixes are not counted for points for some items. Alternatively, use the search form to the right - enter a keyword to search a legendary.

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S9 Top 3 legendaries
Messerschmidt's Reaver owned ppo-3483 (hc)144689
Butcher's Carver owned Relic-1713 (hc)139373
Burst of Wrath owned Bidou-2410 (hc)137252

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S9 Top 3 legendaries
Yang's Recurve owned Dawg6-1416 (hc)121453
Windforce owned AndersMom-1786 (hc)116551
Cluckeye owned Widdox-2618 (hc)115161

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Ceremonial Knives

S9 Top 3 legendaries
Deadly Rebirth owned Kaeleus-1862 (hc)112507
Sacred Harvester owned Waldemarpl-2101 (hc)110667
Manajuma's Carving Knife owned Necroses-1764 (hc)110476

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S9 Top 3 legendaries
Manticore owned tehDRU-1485 (hc)118582
Arcane Barb owned dishinki-1643 (hc)105952
Wojahnni Assaulter owned Critical-1116 (hc)104241

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S9 Top 3 legendaries
Pig Sticker owned 윤서애비-3621 (hc)105686
Wizardspike owned emazing-1156 (hc)103158
Karlei's Point owned StarmonK-21964 (hc)100964

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S9 Top 3 legendaries
Balance owned nAstynAte-1757 (hc)162592
Inna's Reach owned nrlquaker-2642 (hc)158995
Incense Torch of the Grand Temple owned nAstynAte-1757 (hc)151314

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Fist Weapons

S9 Top 3 legendaries
Won Khim Lau owned Kazama-3201 (hc)113935
Shenlong's Fist of Legend owned rome-2361 (hc)110480
Shenlong's Relentless Assault owned 아리가또-3937 (hc)110331

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S9 Top 3 legendaries
Golden Flense owned Rosies-1606 (hc)160521
Fate of the Fell owned dishinki-1643 (hc)151744
Flail of the Charge owned KumoYami-2310 (hc)144638

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Hand Crossbows

S9 Top 3 legendaries
Valla's Bequest owned MissKorea-1803 (hc)123828
K'mar Tenclip owned 일시-3916 (hc)123373
Natalya's Slayer owned Toxzin-1595 (hc)121130

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S9 Top 3 legendaries
The Furnace owned 참치-3388 (hc)151485
Sledge of Athskeleng owned Filth-2642 (hc)146398
Schaefer's Hammer owned 무글쳉이-3210 (hc)144897

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Mighty Weapons

S9 Top 3 legendaries
Blade of the Tribes owned troxa-1378 (hc)169713
The Gavel of Judgment owned Forsake-2279 (hc)159293
Fury of the Vanished Peak owned Tysken-21410 (hc)159104

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S9 Top 3 legendaries
Homunculus owned 神火-3892 (hc)19594
Wilken's Reach owned Haqsamonoka-1264 (hc)19030
Zunimassa's String of Skulls owned lolterlaite-1273 (hc)15477

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S9 Top 3 legendaries
Tal Rasha's Unwavering Glare owned Silvio82-2127 (hc)16186
Firebird's Eye owned 어둠의끝-3830 (hc)15322
Chantodo's Force owned SupStan-1213 (hc)13916

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S9 Top 3 legendaries
Standoff owned althos-1521 (hc)147571
Heart Slaughter owned Peterdeluxe-2882 (hc)143980
Bovine Bardiche owned Vezax-6414 (hc)142767

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S9 Top 3 legendaries
Dead Man's Legacy owned TheSaGa-3804 (hc)23293
Bombardier's Rucksack owned Blasty-1334 (hc)23268
Sin Seekers owned totti1218-1201 (hc)18180

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S9 Top 3 legendaries
Scrimshaw owned 어둠을지배하는자-3482 (hc)105668
Akanesh, the Herald of Righteousness owned BBD-11229 (hc)104211
The Three Hundredth Spear owned 현우현성-3961 (hc)101694

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S9 Top 3 legendaries
SuWong Diviner owned xilyos-2354 (hc)153042
Wormwood owned FreeSkies-1950 (hc)145896
The Tormentor owned Todeshändler-2475 (hc)144862

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S9 Top 3 legendaries
Blade of Prophecy owned HashBrownAk-1287 (hc)157808
Maximus owned Gorrad-1453 (hc)150425
The Grandfather owned hic-2749 (hc)146954

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S9 Top 3 legendaries
Wand of Woh owned KölscheSeele-2342 (hc)118036
Unstable Scepter owned 왕초-31722 (hc)115043
Starfire owned Schultz-2332 (hc)109861

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Amulets ,Crusader Shields ,Feet ,Hands ,Head ,Legs ,Rings ,Shields ,Shoulders ,Torso ,Waists ,Wrists


S9 Top 5 legendaries
The Flavor of Time owned Lala-1499 (hc)14509
Eye of Etlich owned 테이-3233 (hc)14451
Haunt of Vaxo owned 네오-3337 (hc)13933
The Traveler's Pledge owned 켄지-3340 (hc)13870
Sunwuko's Shines owned 차르찬-3832 (hc)13781

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Crusader Shields

S9 Top 5 legendaries
Jekangbord owned soulstone-3894 (hc)28303
Frydehr's Wrath owned Natt-1701 (hc)27638
Unrelenting Phalanx owned 얼룩말-3932 (hc)14885
Guard of Johanna owned Shuzor-2151 (hc)9780
Shield of the Steed owned Øuroboros-2339 (hc)9560

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S9 Top 5 legendaries
Immortal King's Stride owned 太大根-3164 (hc)6622
Sabaton of the Wastes owned Xilith-2756 (hc)6587
Hell Walkers owned guardian-3289 (hc)6581
Marauder's Treads owned Critical-1116 (hc)6548
Illusory Boots owned 네멋투어-3373 (hc)6522

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S9 Top 5 legendaries
Tasker and Theo owned titiriiii-1411 (hc)11733
Pull of the Earth owned Jakenov-1137 (hc)9984
Immortal King's Irons owned 사신-3163 (hc)9953
Fiendish Grips owned Lostchild-11439 (hc)9948
Raekor's Wraps owned Darkside-2969 (hc)9943

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S9 Top 5 legendaries
Dark Mage's Shade owned Donvigo-2759 (hc)24734
Tzo Krin's Gaze owned bliw-1400 (hc)23228
Gyana Na Kashu owned Levoca-1323 (hc)18929
The Eye of the Storm owned Palinus-1511 (hc)10167
Storm Crow owned Miragide-2931 (hc)9442

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S9 Top 5 legendaries
Swamp Land Waders owned 太大根-3164 (hc)10306
Cuirass of the Wastes owned Larsologe-2830 (hc)8399
Depth Diggers owned Feng-3946 (hc)7476
Raekor's Breeches owned Ryu-3669 (hc)7385
Uliana's Burden owned Satyricus-1263 (hc)7319

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S9 Top 5 legendaries
Stone of Jordan owned alextsai-3913 (hc)11889
The Compass Rose owned 초대-31668 (hc)10526
Hellfire Ring owned KBOP-1685 (hc)10175
Leoric's Signet owned Александр-2414 (hc)9689
Unity owned Tenebrion-2682 (hc)9531

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S9 Top 5 legendaries
Lidless Wall owned 봉알봉알-3870 (hc)11078
Stormshield owned 켄지-3340 (hc)10959
Defender of Westmarch owned Cytte-2844 (hc)10394
Hallowed Barricade owned IgotNoSkillz-1627 (hc)9459
Denial owned Chi-2306 (hc)9412

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S9 Top 5 legendaries
Pauldrons of Akkhan owned San4esk0o-2377 (hc)6829
Mountain of the Light owned Marley-2727 (hc)6827
Spires of the Earth owned Corvus-2157 (hc)6822
Burden of the Invoker owned Bossa-1970 (hc)6813
Jade Harvester's Joy owned Twisted-2561 (hc)6797

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S9 Top 5 legendaries
Beckon Sail owned yuiuoiuo-3382 (hc)32086
Cindercoat owned Ram-3397 (hc)9969
Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit owned 윤서애비-3621 (hc)9966
Blackthorne's Surcoat owned 台南小沾-3353 (hc)8637
Jade Harvester's Peace owned Roadster-1566 (hc)8590

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S9 Top 5 legendaries
Dread Iron owned Poldie-2639 (hc)25700
Kyoshiro's Soul owned 키리형-3464 (hc)18209
Thundergod's Vigor owned 이브자리-3553 (hc)7670
The Witching Hour owned 날마다행복-3242 (hc)6890
Belt of the Trove owned Peterdeluxe-2882 (hc)6680

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S9 Top 5 legendaries
Lacuni Prowlers owned 얼룩말-3932 (hc)10055
Coils of the First Spider owned War-2910 (hc)9761
Wraps of Clarity owned Rillidan-2151 (hc)8807
Gabriel's Vambraces owned Ryu-3669 (hc)8794
Lakumba’s Ornament owned Badlook-2294 (hc)8746

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