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Fix : Gear Tooltips and Details

by ghostwheel on 13/11/17 11:28 PM
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It appears that blizzard no longer support dynamic item details when you hover over items so we have reverted the pop ups to generic details which should give you the basic details of the item. However, you can still click on the item itself to view the individual stats in the site along with its ranking against other items in the database.Additionally, we now provide a button link at the top of below to view rest of article...

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Updated 9 hero.Pos:1,1,100278 -WIB-31309
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Most Powerful Weapons - Season 12

(*unique affixes not counted for some legendaries at the moment)
PItem LinkOwnerPower
1 Voo's Juicer쌍지116,461
1 Deadly RebirthCaplethorn114,244
1 The BarberCastel114,238
1 Thunderfury, Blessed...DarkKnight113,116
1 DoombringerMinLee112,966
PItem LinkOwnerPower
1 Blade of the TribesPoPoPoado172,197
1 Inna's Reach진보라162,327
1 Immortal King's Boul...vichiang158,197
1 The FurnaceKangSan157,059
1 SuWong Diviner박상혁154,263

Top Legendary Item Rolls - Season 12

This section is updated on a regular basis, import your character with the form at the top left banner to check out everything. Clicking on any item will also display the maximum stat rolls found for each unique item.

You can use the filters below to finetune the top item rolls and summaries from everywhere in the world to a specific region server in normal or hardcore. .

Hover over any item name to see the battlenet stats or alternatively click on it to see further details.

The dropdown lists for each kind of legendary is also affected by the filters above - so select where you want to see the legendary and then select the legendary from a dropdown list to view ladder positions

Note, this section is new so point allocation will be adjusted and tweaked appropriately, the sections are better looked at by choosing a specific legendary item from a dropdown list to compare against the same item type - special affixes are not counted for points for some items. Alternatively, use the search form to the right - enter a keyword to search a legendary.

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
The Executioner owned Ruggig-2542 (hc)145104
Messerschmidt's Reaver owned Neo1982-2964 (hc)141803
Skorn owned Mendokan-2599 (hc)141716

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
Yang's Recurve owned husis-1942 (hc)121475
The Raven's Wing owned Sanctiest-2797 (hc)119962
Leonine Bow of Hashir owned Todan-1787 (hc)113644

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Ceremonial Knives

S12 Top 3 legendaries
Deadly Rebirth owned Caplethorn-2588 (hc)114244
Sacred Harvester owned curtis-3891 (hc)111411
Manajuma's Carving Knife owned bobby7-1381 (hc)111411

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
Manticore owned KiraYamato-4536 (hc)111809
Wojahnni Assaulter owned 오창바바리안-3719 (hc)104401
Pus Spitter owned Frosch-2886 (hc)99065

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
The Barber owned Castel-2511 (hc)114238
Pig Sticker owned muTe-1420 (hc)108536
Wizardspike owned GodMode-1834 (hc)105836

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
Inna's Reach owned 진보라-3262 (hc)162327
Balance owned Niilo-2553 (hc)153802
Incense Torch of the Grand Temple owned mycox-1675 (hc)138697

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Fist Weapons

S12 Top 3 legendaries
Vengeful Wind owned wildwai-3372 (hc)110811
The Fist of Az'Turrasq owned Sletget-1510 (hc)110687
Kyoshiro's Blade owned ŁAWIK-2524 (hc)109884

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
Fate of the Fell owned JinRamen-2674 (hc)149387
Golden Flense owned 채린아빠-3759 (hc)147077
Baleful Remnant owned Lusmu-2351 (hc)143265

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Hand Crossbows

S12 Top 3 legendaries
Valla's Bequest owned TaiShangchi-4207 (hc)126977
K'mar Tenclip owned 태평양-3555 (hc)122792
Natalya's Slayer owned nyk-1856 (hc)122455

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
The Furnace owned scorpion12ru-2585 (hc)154007
Sledge of Athskeleng owned 아래도우메이커-3743 (hc)146853
Crushbane owned MBer-21631 (hc)146253

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Mighty Weapons

S12 Top 3 legendaries
Blade of the Tribes owned OnetimE-3352 (hc)172197
Immortal King's Boulder Breaker owned Kotten-21933 (hc)155798
The Gavel of Judgment owned Elron-2511 (hc)152197

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
Homunculus owned Sip25-2514 (hc)19346
Wilken's Reach owned Nabilat-1332 (hc)18889
Zunimassa's String of Skulls owned Turtlejackin-1783 (hc)15647

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
Tal Rasha's Unwavering Glare owned JAGE-1690 (hc)15988
Winter Flurry owned Discordia-2446 (hc)14731
Firebird's Eye owned LuvFist-2683 (hc)14405

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
Standoff owned Mowad-1168 (hc)150279
Bovine Bardiche owned MUTSU-3392 (hc)144984
Heart Slaughter owned Forsaken-1297 (hc)143030

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
Bombardier's Rucksack owned Eug-1945 (hc)23464
Sin Seekers owned Bierfest-2161 (hc)17878
Holy Point Shot owned 데드-3773 (hc)15224

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
Scrimshaw owned QAA-3753 (hc)111124
Akanesh, the Herald of Righteousness owned Consensus-1997 (hc)103920
Empyrean Messenger owned Robay-1665 (hc)101909

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
The Tormentor owned Chives-1980 (hc)151903
Wormwood owned UniCornXiiZz-1884 (hc)143805
SuWong Diviner owned LeoKim-3986 (hc)143234

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
Blood Brother owned Forscher-2894 (hc)153674
Stalgard's Decimator owned sme3ker-2352 (hc)153037
Blackguard owned Treeranger-1551 (hc)151298

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S12 Top 3 legendaries
Starfire owned 大萌萌-4407 (hc)110635
Chantodo's Will owned BDP-1609 (hc)110570
Aether Walker owned Kaz-31536 (hc)110570

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Amulets ,Crusader Shields ,Feet ,Hands ,Head ,Legs ,Rings ,Shields ,Shoulders ,Torso ,Waists ,Wrists


S12 Top 5 legendaries
The Flavor of Time owned BigJohnasty-1114 (hc)14996
Eye of Etlich owned Arky-21281 (hc)14602
Moonlight Ward owned Zaffe-2391 (hc)14570
Haunt of Vaxo owned Lala-1499 (hc)14310
Sunwuko's Shines owned frogman-3771 (hc)13920

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Crusader Shields

S12 Top 5 legendaries
Unrelenting Phalanx owned Tchazzar-6932 (hc)14488
Frydehr's Wrath owned Melatox-2111 (hc)9905
Hellskull owned 번개검-3197 (hc)9656
Shield of the Steed owned xUncleBuck-1864 (hc)9429
Guard of Johanna owned iMpakT-1378 (hc)9284

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S12 Top 5 legendaries
The Crudest Boots owned Thracian-2243 (hc)6639
Hell Walkers owned Bilfanihövve-2396 (hc)6639
Ice Climbers owned 월리하나두리-3675 (hc)6637
Nilfur's Boast owned blitz-1265 (hc)6635
Sabaton of the Wastes owned 내면의소리-3185 (hc)6635

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S12 Top 5 legendaries
Tasker and Theo owned jon-1247 (hc)11960
The Shadow's Grasp owned Aeston-2210 (hc)10050
Sunwuko's Paws owned Wolfury-2587 (hc)10050
Gloves of Worship owned Bacon-1205 (hc)10050
Immortal King's Irons owned 하드코어-3522 (hc)10048

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S12 Top 5 legendaries
Dark Mage's Shade owned thebest207-3281 (hc)27780
Tzo Krin's Gaze owned JIA-3666 (hc)23557
Gyana Na Kashu owned Flipmod-1900 (hc)19091
The Eye of the Storm owned n0s1ghts-1290 (hc)10079
Andariel's Visage owned Aaown-1841 (hc)9251

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S12 Top 5 legendaries
Swamp Land Waders owned JIA-3666 (hc)10293
Cuirass of the Wastes owned jacky-3593 (hc)8471
Leg Guards of Mystery owned Socksy-2623 (hc)7496
Depth Diggers owned Feng-3946 (hc)7455
Marauder's Encasement owned n3G471v3-2544 (hc)7401

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S12 Top 5 legendaries
Stone of Jordan owned Dudeking-2301 (hc)11898
The Compass Rose owned 달인-31964 (hc)10750
Hellfire Ring owned SoubaCZ-2676 (hc)9871
Unity owned Bierfest-2161 (hc)9700
The Wailing Host owned 후두부-3713 (hc)9450

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S12 Top 5 legendaries
Lidless Wall owned 소장-3292 (hc)11050
Stormshield owned chaudachien-1226 (hc)10736
Denial owned 청솔-3938 (hc)9842
Hallowed Barricade owned 연지드-3964 (hc)9689
Freeze of Deflection owned day-31316 (hc)9591

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S12 Top 5 legendaries
Mountain of the Light owned lastmohikan-3571 (hc)6913
Pauldrons of Akkhan owned 청솔-3938 (hc)6910
Uliana's Strength owned BearGrylls-1481 (hc)6909
Sunwuko's Balance owned GAnge1os-2176 (hc)6735
Raekor's Burden owned Teemu-2600 (hc)6729

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S12 Top 5 legendaries
Beckon Sail owned Walorex-2123 (hc)31275
Cindercoat owned CedarStreet-11837 (hc)9928
Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit owned 츠카이-3302 (hc)9926
Helltooth Tunic owned Rudum-1712 (hc)8662
Arachyr's Carapace owned Arizonapx-1856 (hc)8653

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S12 Top 5 legendaries
Dread Iron owned zaph-1329 (hc)25560
Kyoshiro's Soul owned DESU-2285 (hc)18677
Thundergod's Vigor owned 老查-3117 (hc)7729
The Witching Hour owned Vincius-1640 (hc)7099
Girdle of Giants owned pote-2900 (hc)6946

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S12 Top 5 legendaries
Lacuni Prowlers owned Azgard-1401 (hc)10336
Coils of the First Spider owned Casper-21251 (hc)9852
Nemesis Bracers owned Cognac-2485 (hc)9064
Strongarm Bracers owned 청솔-3938 (hc)8968
Bracers of the First Men owned 차르찬-3832 (hc)8955

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