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Patch 2.1.0 Preview

Postby ghostwheel » Tue Jun 17, 2014 8:45 pm

Legendary Gems!, Season Legendaries!, Seasons!, Greater Rifts!
It's looking like we're getting close to the much awaited major patch - version 2.1.0 - which will feature Seasons and Greater Rifts (previously known as Tiered Rifts).

The blog has released some interesting preview details and screenshots, all revealing how your heroes are separated from the main player pool as well the new gameplay modes.

Seasons will feature Conquests which are goal oriented tasks, similar to what you find with achievements, and are featured into a leaderboard. These Conquests are used to tally up Seasonal points which are used as a measure of how well you do in general throughout the ladder season.

The Greater Rift gameplay has been designed as a way to measure gear progression and efficiency by way of providing increasingly more difficult Rifts. Accessing the Greater Rifts is just a case of killing the Rift boss which may drop a greater rift key. If playing in a group, each party member is required to have their own keys before proceeding.

There are some notable differences between a Greater Rift and a Normal Rift - these include racing against a clock and general drop rates reduced (rewards have been shifted over to the boss)
Those who do well with Greater Rifts will be rewarded with Legendary Gems which are intended to be infinitely upgradeable and provide special powers when socketed.

The blog continues to describe how they intend to lay out the Leaderboards - notably, they include those who solo play as well as separating those who play with a 2,3 or 4 player groups.

Demon Hunters and Monks are going to see their Dexterity swapped to work just like how Strength works for Crusaders and Barbarians. Life on Hit and Life Regen are going to be buffed while health globes will be slightly nerfed.

For more info, check this all out here : ... -6-17-2014