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Update : Increased XP required after Paragon 2250

Postby ghostwheel » Fri Oct 02, 2015 9:24 pm

Update 13/10/2015 : New paragon 2.3 experience is now active in the site. My thanks to Ryuzaki who has provided additional verification to confirm figures after 2250.

Due to how experience is tallied up in the database, all EXP including hardcore + non seasons/seasonal are added up making it tricky to retroactively fix the previous paragon datapoints recorded - this however only affects 4 individuals in the entire population of Diablo players recorded in the site. Speed leveling records may be reset for these players if the error is too high.

Some of you may know of Vajet who was the first to reach paragon 2000 in terms of combined experience.

I have recently had an interesting talk with him over the client in regards to possible changes to the paragon system when you reach level 2250. In particular, he has datamined the following specifics which shows that the experience gained is non-linear when you reach paragon 2250.

The current system has a steady increase of 122,400,000 additional exp required per level when you hit lvl 750 but the new data from Vajets findings shows a non-linear XP increase of 229,602,000 starting at 2250. This exp increases steadily so paragon 2251 requires 229,704,000.

According to my chat, he has collated this data with yeong who is the only person to actually hit these new levels. I have released these findings with Vajets permission for others to have a look at.

I have also just spoken with Ryuzaki who was the first to officially reach P2000 in nonseasons; he is currently at paragon 2193 and confirms that the experience required currently matches how we understand paragon experience to work so far. As yet, we require more datapoints from those who reach P2250 to confirm these new findings (probably not too long until we get more P2250 players).

New forumla by Vajet :
Formula for P2250 XP Diff. 122.400.000 * ( 2.251 / 1.200 ) Formula for P2251+ XP Diff. [Diff. prev. Plevel] * ( [Next Plevel ] / [This Plevel] )

Example P2300 XP Diff. 234.600.000 * (2.301/2.300) = 234.702.000

Here is the rest of the datamined research by Vajet, conversation below and the current paragon ladder of all players can be found here.



Tab separated data in pain text file; left half represents the paragons from the old system and right half represents the new system.
Columns for both columns are Total, Exp to next level, Difference

Click here for data file chat
Ghostwheel 19:26
Hi. I'll need to research the XP gains again. Does your chart show a formula that I can use to derive each level?
Vajet 19:26
I can link you a screenshot
can send you the chart I guess you have excel
Ghostwheel 19:26
thanks, I'll have a look at it from there
Vajet 19:29
k I sent it you
it contains old vs new paragon scaling table
(with formula for new XP P2250+ explained at bottom) and some addtional graphs on page 2/3
Ghostwheel 19:31
ok, thanks for the information. Please send it to my email and I'll check it out. I think diablofans mentioned something about scaling XP up to paragon 10000 not so long ago so I'll need to double check against that as well
Vajet 19:31
I did
Ghostwheel 19:32
did dibalofans have the scaling correct?
Vajet 19:32
I haven't seen any correct on the net yet
these are data mined + I talked to yeong (rank 1 paragon atm) to verify how much he needs at 2350.
can you link me the diablofans post?
Ghostwheel 19:35
i think this one :
I'll have a quick look to see the XP for 2347 - 2348 matches
Vajet 19:37
no these are wrong, these are results of a ptr version where they just continued the linear scaling of 122,4m per level until 10k
there are three versions basically
In Patch 2.2 the scaling stopped completely at 2000, meaning that the absolute total XP required of every level past 2000 was the same as for level P2000
then in early 2.3 PTR they changed it so it requires the 122,4m per level like it does from P750-2000.
Ghostwheel 19:40
ok, thanks for that. I'm doing a bit of reseach atm to figure this one out
Vajet 19:41
and in final Patch 2.3, Paragon scales linear by 122,4m per level from P750-2250 and then the scaling gets bumped for level P2250 (see formula at the bottom of the paragon chart) and after that it scales by
last xp diff * (next level / this level)
I datamined and solved the formula myself. But you can talk to people higher than 2250 and ask for their xp required on their currect level to verify if you want.
Ghostwheel 19:44
not many people that high up
Vajet 19:44
it's only yeong you can ask actually :D
and I did that
you can save all my information and do it at a later point
Ghostwheel 19:45
yup should be alright for the meantime. Thanks for your help here, It'll help me write some tools to fix things properly
Vajet 19:46
but right now like I said, he farms like 2.7 - 3.5T per day according to your website
Ghostwheel 19:46
yea, it's insane :)
Vajet 19:46
no that's wrong, according to your website it's 1.8 to 2.1T while
and the real numbers are what I wrote above
Ghostwheel 19:46
the site is an average over a certain period of time
but uses the correct ingame times to plot times
Vajet 19:47
Paragon 2347 to 2348 requires 212,747,520,000 EXP this is wrong because it's based on linear scaling
the graphs are correct yes.
the estimation of XP farmed per day are wrong
Ghostwheel 19:47
I understand what your saying; that the linear scaling changes
ah thats true
Vajet 19:48
30/09/15 11:05 183,637,226,520,000 (+2,120,743,200,000) <-- wrong
because you compare two paragon levels and calculate the difference between them in XP
and those numbers are changed from P2250 onwards
Ghostwheel 19:51
I can see how Blizzard probably thought about making this update after reading about how fast paragon leveling is
Vajet 19:52
did you see the graphs? I also made a png version here
Ghostwheel 19:52
I'm looking at 2250 and see the increase starting with 229,602,000
Vajet 19:53
the way it's calculated is weird though
I think they were unsure on how the scalcing impacts later patches so they basically bumped at 2250 and then it scales by a multiplier but that multiplier converges to 1
Example P5000 xp increase is calculated by [Increase P4999] * (5001/5000)
and this multiplier 5001/5000 it gets obviously less the higher paragon.
it's a smothening technique in mathematics
(I have a master in computer science in case you wonder ;P)
Ghostwheel 20:02
Ok, thanks for the data. For the meantime, its not affecting too many people but I can retroactivaly fix things with the new data you've given me later on
Vajet 20:02
might take a while until you see correct numbers though
maybe I'll post my info on reddit to speed it up
Ghostwheel 20:02
you should post this in reddit, get a lot of feedback
Vajet 20:03
but I'm not the kind of guy.
Ghostwheel 20:04
These changes sounds very much like the kind of thing Blizzard would do in response to the paragon leveling talk that's been going on in the past month oor two
Vajet 20:05
yeah. it's a half-assed solution though
it doesn't change the fact that the impact of paragon is too strong in this game, forcing everyone to grind paragon instead of gear or do anything else if you want to compete
Ghostwheel 20:06
2250 was probably picked imo as it was probably just slightly higher than the top leveler at the time of implementation
Vajet 20:07
Paragon needs to scale exponentially
by at least 5% rate
or be capped.
Ghostwheel 20:08
I'd like to post this conversation as a news article along with your findings; is this ok? If not, then thats cool - I'll keep things private
Vajet 20:08
the current change increases paragon at a 0.04% rate at level p2250 and 0.01% rate at P9999.
you can do that
Ghostwheel 20:10