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Site clan features

Postby ghostwheel » Mon Apr 04, 2016 2:01 pm

Clans have gone through various revisions which encompasses stats for paragons, dps, power and greater rift positions so this article is a primer to show you what you can do in the site.

Updating a clan is automatically done whenever you import or update any battletag. You may view your clan via the clan subtab in your battletag or your clan name that's just above the import button.

The top section of your clan gives you an overview of some general stats and your clans overall ladder position related to those stats. These general stats are related to your clan champions which are
- your 4 top paragon players for the clan paragon ladder (average paragon used)
- your top DPS heroes of each class (averaged out figure). More details on DPS and Power further below
- your top Power heroes of each class (averaged out figure). More details on DPS and Power further below

Under the general clan stats shows your clans greater rift position stats if any of your heroes achieved at least position 1000 or better in your server. As there are 4 server regions in the world, positions in the site can go all the way up to 4000. Click to view any of your heroes character sheets to determine how far away you are to position 1000 in your server, a small GRift leaderboard related to your hero can be viewed to the top right side of your character sheets.

Your clans greater rift ranking is the best 7 categories achieved by your clan, essentially meaning that you can have a clan as small as 4 players becoming number 1 in the world. The best score you can get is 7 (7 categories at position 1 in the world) - this will make your clan number 1 in the world.

Your clan roster
The SC Grift and HC Grift score is a separate scoring which shows how good that player is in greater rift groups. This score is made up of your best 2,3 and 4 group greater rifts where we multiply your tier by 900 and add the remaining seconds.
Example :
Player X has
2 man = Tier 10 at 14 mins 30 secs = 9030
3 man = Tier 11 at 13 mins 30 secs = 9990
4 man = Tier 12 at 12 mins 30 secs = 10950
Total score : 29970

Further details about these grift scores and ladder positions within the site can be found in your battletag Grift tab. Remember you need to be placed in at least position 1000 in your server for things to start showing up in the site.

You player "power" score is made up of the best power scores of each class added up together.

Along with the above stats, we also include your players best weapons found in terms of raw stats.

"View by Heroes" is particularly handy and allows you to view and filter your clans by class and even greater rift positions (ie. its possible to view all your barbarians greater rift positions in your clan there).

DPS, Power and champions
DPS and Power are related to the section of the clan page where it shows your clan champions. So for the best clan DPS, we take your absolute best DPS heroes for each class and then average them out. Click on the "see ladder" link next to your clan champion, this will shows your entire clans heroes listed in order of DPS. Each hero character sheet has a DPS and Power calculator at the bottom right so you can see how they are calculated in the site. Essentially these stats are calculated from your raw item values unbuffed.

It is also possible to link an article that uses forum BBcode to describe your clan, your clan details will be shown next to the general clan stats at the top right. Follow the instructions here : ... -t971.html

Lastly, a dynamic image signature with a summary of your clans ladder positions can be found by clicking on the button near the top of the clan page - you may use this in websites or forums and the details will autofresh in regular basis.

The main clan leaderboards can be found here at the home page tab : ... l#toladder

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Re: Site clan features

Postby SutekH » Mon Sep 12, 2016 6:17 pm

ghostwheel wrote:Your clans greater rift ranking is the best 7 categories achieved by your clan, essentially meaning that you can have a clan as small as 4 players becoming number 1 in the world.

Since this thread is referenced in other places on the site, I think it's particularly important to address the above quoted statement here.

The 2p, 3p, and 4p scores are currently determined by a minimum of a single player per category, so in other words it takes only one clan player to have been part of a particular group leaderboard placement for that placement to be attributed to the clan. So in actuality, a clan can have only a single player and place rank one in the world, rather than needing a minimum of 4 players to do so as you have stated above. We are seeing this issue currently in the US clan rankings, where one clan in the top 10 has a particular player responsible for all three of its group scores (and two solo scores) but not a single other clan player was involved. This hardly seems like an accurate representation of "clan" scoring.

In order to be consistent with your quoted statement, and more relevant in general, I suggest that only those 2p, 3p, and 4p scores from groups that consist entirely of players from a given clan be counted for that clan's ranking placements. So in other words, all players in a group must be from the same clan for that group score to be counted as the highest from that clan.