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Score v6b

Postby ghostwheel » Sun Oct 27, 2013 11:28 am

Watching the ladder has been very informative in terms of seeing who is topping the charts with what build and stats.

It has become clear that EHP weighting is still far too strong as the diminishing returns did not start until 1,000,000 EHP which most players already had. Without diminishing returns, the equation would not be able to indirectly provide greater weighting to DPS so the following changes has been made :

Diminishing returns for EHP starts at 500,000 but it's a slower burn from 20,000 EHP blocks at 1% to 30,000 blocks at 1% up to 95% reduction point return at 3,350,000 EHP after which any further EHP above this returns only a 5% return (no hard cap like version 5 and before)

Life steal has been reduced from *4 to *3.
This means an overall nerf in points but this is across the board which means your position may have increased or decreased.

Again, score sheets have been recalculated across the board with "v6b" stamped at the score section (but no permanent plot datapoint is taken). Old data points will have v6a previous to this.

Score v6b
Bonus elites damage % / 3 *
1st 500,000 EHP * 0.3 (Basically full EHP point gain) *
Every EHP in blocks of 30,000 have diminishing point decrease of 1% up to 95% (Every point gain beyond 3,350,000 EHP gives you 5% return) *
(Life Steal% * 3) *
(Life on hit % based off full life ) * 2) *
(Regeneration % based off full life ) * 2) *
(Movement Speed) / 2) *
(if not p100): experience% * 0.165 *
(Max 300%) magic find * 0.055

The adventure sheets have been updated to show the main ladder positions at the top left; these "World class positions" are used throughout the site in the charts and header banners.

Lastly, MIA characters can be found in single character imports now.

We'll continue to monitor the ladder to make further refinements if appropriate,