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Reset : Paragon 3, 7 and 14 day Speed Tracker (update 2)

Postby ghostwheel » Mon Jun 29, 2015 1:42 pm

Update 30/06/2015:
(update 2)
Speed ladder records that have starting times before 29th June 2015 1.20pm UCT have been removed (turned out some were still being recorded). Start times for all speed ladder categories can only start from after this time, so once you have at least 2 plot points from a period after this cut off date/time will they be counted .

(update 1)
Timezone selection applies to date displays where PST is -7hrs and CST is +8 hrs from UCT. It'll take a couple of days for the speed leveling ladders to be populated as only paragon datapoints since yesterday afternoon (around 1pm 29/06 is taken into account). Import as usual and things will automatically update by themselves over time.

The speed tracker has been reset and everybody will be starting afresh for the 3, 7 and 14 day tracker in all categories (hardcore/normal/season)

An update have been made live into the site to make recording more accurate. Previously paragon datapoints were recorded using the time at import and while this worked well for the most part; it wasn't as accurate when the official profile became stuck (this is happening more often nowadays compared to back when the site launched).

This resulted with some weird speed records like one guy doing 1200 paragons in one day due to an inordinate long period of having their official profile stuck which then got snapped back into working properly one day.

From now on, all paragon datapoints times will be using timestamps from the official site - so everything you see here is recorded with real ingame times rather than import time. This should give more accurate ETAs which can be found in the paragon section of your site profile as well as showing the real date and time of when the paragons were achieved in the graphs.

Speed leveling records will only be calculated for those recorded from now on and ignore previous datapoints so you'll need to start plotting your progress again to get those records in. In addition to these changes, plotpoints are recorded in 12hr intervals rather than 24hr (only applicable if the official site is updated that regularly)

URL to speed leveling ladder (currently being populated each day): ... #toparagon