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Most Powerful Players

Postby ghostwheel » Fri Aug 22, 2014 10:28 pm

v15.0.0 of the site is now live with a new section that now tallies up the best hero power scores of all your heroes. We only take the best of each class so if you have something like 5 barbarians and 1 crusader then only the best out of the barbarians and the one crusader would be added up.

The top of the list should feature those players who have actively geared up all classes with top notch gear; ladders can be further filtered by server region and hardcore or normal mode.

The quick hero nav bar now links to the player ladder position as well allowing you to view where you stand with the rest of the site.

The top of the home page also features a leaderboard with the top 5 battletags in all server regions.