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Ladder Positions

Postby ghostwheel » Sun Oct 20, 2013 7:58 pm

Character sheets have been updated to show a rotated leaderboard of the top 5 as well as the next 5 players who are 5 above you.


These positions are based of the "World class points/dps/ehp" that is also used in your dynamic signature; these positions are found at the bottom of the following part of the character sheet :


Also, note that position numbers are calculated using an internal caching scheme which means that you may need to press the "Refresh positions only" button to refresh your position but as long as there are people viewing either your signature or character sheet at least once a day then position numbers will be accurate within a 24hr period.

Lastly,remember that you can actually click on the position numbers on your character sheet which will take you to a full ladder table of that category and locate your character.