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Historic Hero Progress

Postby ghostwheel » Sun Sep 20, 2015 4:18 pm

Site has been updated to show you a list of every snapshot of your heroes that have been imported into the site.
This means being able to view all your old stats, skills and items (including solo greater rift positions).

While this information was already available before, it's now more easily viewable in your character sheet and can be found underneath the graphs of your hero character sheets. You may also click on the corresponding links to go back in time to see how your hero looked in the past.

These historic character sheets are intended to be stored permanently so you may use these sheets/links to talk about past builds, items or stats etc. It is particularly handy to view a hero's previous equipment that they may have used to achieve a greater rift ranking but the latest snapshot shows an empty inventory; in these cases - you may just click on an old snapshot to view all the items and stats.

Note that the site only takes a permanent datapoint when you import, so it's important for you to hit that red import button to create your historic records.