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Focus Groups and Global Scans

Postby ghostwheel » Mon Nov 25, 2013 4:33 pm

Classes and Builds sections are now updated to display statistics and builds group by all, best players (around top 300) and good players (around top 1500). Classes data are cached at 1 day intervals while builds are cached at half day intervals.

This is particularly useful to analyse what the best players are playing with compared with the rest of the other players.

In addition to these focus groups, we are now fully scanning every player in our database regularly which may also automatically add new characters if the player created any new heroes inbetween scans (or flag them as MIA or RIP if applicable).

This global scan is evenly spread across the entire month so it should ping your account at least once a month, also - the top 500 players of any HC/SC class will have a permanent data point created with this global scan if no data points were created in the past month. This global scan runs in conjunction with the hourly top 25 scan and daily top 125 scan and position resyncs that were described in the earlier news articles.

You may still manually import and create data points at any time to chart your characters progress by using the battletag form which is always on the left side column of the site (or home page)