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First HC P1000 recorded in site

Postby ghostwheel » Sun Nov 17, 2013 9:17 pm

We've just recorded our first P1000 HC player in Asia who has reached P1000 just one and a half hour ago at around 6.30pm GMT 17th November in Asia.

Player (강주-3253) :강주-3253
(you'll need to copy and paste the link above or go into the listing below as BBcode doesn't process foreign characters correctly into post links)

Total HC EXP ladder list : ... by2=exp_hc

I'm not sure if this player is the first in the world but we are currently processing thousands of players and it's the first recorded in the site so far.

Following close behind are :
glen-1194 from the US ... =glen-1194

azgul-1201 from the EU ... azgul-1201