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Enhanced Community Functions

Postby ghostwheel » Sun Nov 17, 2013 12:44 am

Blogs are now available which you can now associate with your battletag and character sheets.

It is possible to fully customise your blog entries using BBcode such as including youtube videos and images. The latest post in the thread features in your character sheets and you may have multiple threads if you wish for one or more characters (ie. like writing a specific diary if you like for a specific character)

This functionality requires that you sync your account first so go into the control panel and follow the instructions first. Once that was been done, simply post one or more threads into the "Blog" section and these threads will appear in your control panel to pick from.


As well as blogs, extra buttons and tidying up has been updated into the site to polish things up - your country flag is now in the character sheets and you may click on it to see others who live in the same country for instance.