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Clan rankings based on world rankings

Postby ghostwheel » Tue Aug 11, 2015 1:48 pm

Firstly, thanks to Xabster who has provided valuable feedback in regards to what players would like to see for clan rankings.

Clans have been reworked to be laddered positioned according to their worldwide positions.
There are 4 distinct clan ladders which includes seasonal, non seasonal, hardcore and normal.

The home page has been updated to show a quick overview of the top 20 clans in each of these categories. The worldwide ranks for each greater rift category (barbarian. crusader, demon hunter, witch doctor, wizard, monk, 2 man, 3 man, 4 man) are added up and the clan with the lowest rank number is the best. Only the best ranked players score is used for each clan and hovering over the numbers under the clan name will tell you the associated battletag and class + rank number.

Clicking on the clan itself will take you to a more comprehensive page detailing these scores as well as some of the old metrics that were used before.

From the home page, you can tell at a glance what areas certain top clans are lacking and what areas to improve their scores.

Importing your battletag at the top left will automatically register your clan in the site to the ranked and the greater rift data is synced at 8 hr periods.