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Clan Forum Boards

Postby ghostwheel » Sat Oct 11, 2014 1:51 pm

The old clan system automatically created new forum boards as well but that system is now no longer compatible with the new system. As such, I have cleaned up and removed the old clan boards. For those still wanting a forum board please contact me whereby I will manually create a special mod group (with your own unique username color) that will be associated with your site clan stats and forum board.

You should meet the following requirements before contacting me :
- your account must be "linked" to your battletag already
- be the leader or have permission to do this with your clan leader/staff
- have at least 10 clan members listed in the site clan database already
- expected to actually make use of the forum board

Contact me via :
with the following details :
- your username
- your tag
- your clans full name

Lastly, your clans stat pages is able to display a forum thread without needing a board created. So you can just create a thread with your clan details over at the clan details board and I will get it displayed in your clan stats page - this still requires that you have permission from the clan leader and have your account "linked" in to verify that you are in that clan.