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Clan and greater rift world rankings tracked over time

Postby ghostwheel » Thu Apr 07, 2016 7:52 pm

The site is now tracking every clan over time with each datapoint recorded in 2 day intervals along with the corresponding battletags and greater rift world ranking positions in each category. Your achievements in the clan will forever be recorded permanently.

You will find this information just below your clan roster with additional graph details and date selection options. An initial import may be required to start the tracking - do this by searching for your battletag at the top left form and press the Red Button at the bottom.

Note that individual heroes already have greater rift position tracking by going into their character sheets and selecting the appropriate graph tab.

A bug fix has been applied to fix the duplicate entries made by clans in China - these fixed clans have also been updated correctly with their own indepth clan stats (where previously it was showing no data for some sections)