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China leaderboards and profile stats

Postby ghostwheel » Thu Oct 22, 2015 1:31 pm

Site has been updated to include China into all site leaderboards and stat tracking categories.

The home page shows the season 4 greater rift heroes linking directly to the hero that achieved the ranking. This can be switched to other leaderboards such as the current era greater rift, paragon, clans, dps and power via the sub tab navigation.

As the site stores permanent datapoints of heroes, the middle section of character sheets will display links to previous snapshots of previous imports which can be handy to view past gear player wore on that hero. Clicking on the red import button will refresh the stats and store these permanent datapoints.

Here are some links which may be of interest to those looking to view china specific information :

China Season 4 greater rift leaderboard (worldwide is currently set as home page) : ... l#toladder

China current era greater rift leaderboard : ... l#toladder

China Paragon : All categories (combined, and seasonal/non seasonal) ... #toparagon

Finetuning hero specific searches can be achieved :

For example, all china monks who have at least 41% lightning damage total on their items ordered by greater rift, burst DPS and softcore mode : ... s#toladder

(section is found under "Hero DB" at , star icons indicates GR position)

The above link is useful to view geared character sheets rather than via the greater rift leaderboard which may show a profile with no equipment (as players may have switched out gear to different heroes). All profile stats are calculated by the site unbuffed using equipped items.

China clans are also tracked so that means all players in the site could be positioned up to 4000 for greater rifts (US,EU,Asia(TW+KR),China).

You may import your profile in any region now using the top left search box where it says "Start Here by Enter Battletag..." and pressing the red import button on the next page.

Additional updates include showing Kanai's Cube in the character sheet which may require the profile to be reimported.