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Builds update and ranking

Postby ghostwheel » Wed Oct 09, 2013 1:57 pm

A bug has been fixed where certain builds where not merging correctly into their unique groups. Database has been resynced accordingly.

Builds section now lists the top ten players of each build ordered by the site scoring system. A link to a full list of players is available as well - all ranked and positioned in order of score.

Number of unique build groups is now listed on the stats box and all character sheets have been updated to show build position number which is linked to a table of all other players who play a similar build.

Currently showing 1907 unique build types in play for both SC and HC with a large portion of players opting for the whirlwind and CM builds as can be seen via the Builds top 10 build.

Please note that the build analyst sections are cached in 1 hour intervals, so if your position updates into the top 10 then it'll take up to 1hr for it to show in these sections.