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Botting : Open Letter from the Community

Postby ghostwheel » Sat Oct 17, 2015 8:03 pm

A group of like minded and well known people from varied Diablo communities has grouped together to submit an open letter over to Blizzard in regards to the state of botting in the game.

I support this letter which proposes the idea of having a timed ban for those who bot; making such players efforts worthless in terms of competing in the leaderboards.

The timing is something I like with this particular ban wave as it works as a deterrence to stop a potential botter being a botter in the first place (ie. if you think you're going to get banned near the end of every season then you're less likely to use a bot).

Botting is prevalent and we've seen ban waves in the past; it's a problem that can't be easily fixed with just irregular ban waves like in the past and I urge Blizzard to consider this and additional steps or policies to mitigate bot usage.

To view the letter, goto

Some insite discussion in regards to botting here : ... t1221.html