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Season 10 Live

by ghostwheel on 31/03/17 10:16 PM
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Database maintenance has been completed and season 10 is Live.

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Recent activity
World Pos. Power,Elem. DPS,Toughness
Updated 1 hero.Pos:13876,22412,223 -Razor-2649
Updated 4 hero.Pos:3414,1774,4503 -metaljet666-1799
Updated 5 hero.Pos:17,494,8869 -Starphire-1578
Updated 1 hero.Pos:7989,7460,10925 -Wootytooty-1203
Updated 5 hero.Pos:10657,4246,36044 -dannykara-6415

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Top Paragons

World Top Paragon Levelers (Total = S0 + S10)

Top 15 Exp SC Paragon Level
1战斗之软泥怪 <玄武盾甲术>6001
2soryou <玄武盾甲术>5855
3独沐秋风 <聚坑堂>5828
4쿨몽 <Scream>5774
6eric <作死>5482
7리로이드 <RAFTEL>5435
8dasuai <玄武盾甲术>5329
9달용이 <AYO>5293
10Newt <WI>5255
11서대문킹카 <어리연>5152
12기사 <Strong>5128
13Cool <CC>5118
14다이블로 <Class>5020
15TheTurd <SaF>4999
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Top 15 Exp HC Paragon Level
1odin 4588
2DyS <nCg>4242
3AAAosung <별다방>3902
4Sanctum 3710
5레인원 <별다방>3643
6본좌 <Again>3605
7악마의열매 <네팔렘>3601
8특수부대 3585
9SPR4TEK 3569
10haru <暴雪迷>3535
11조현석 <離離離離離離>3494
12Bunkka <WC>3388
13Fiona <RIP>3382
14Zuroq <M0rtal>3363
15神秘胖豬 3292
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Top Seasonal Paragon Levelers (S10)

Top 10 Exp Season SC Paragon
1独沐秋风 <聚坑堂>4000
2Framez <ZE>3178
3潇洒权哥 <电竞小马达>2927
4Crosby 2707
5Bartezpvp <WQW>2679
6Storm <Hybrid>2672
7MuschiKO <R0C>2613
8flash3 2560
9ClayMore <로봇>2510
10아이모 <삼보일다이>2482
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Top 10 Exp Season HC Paragon
1odin 2776
2Pbuck <M0rtal>2660
3LastPriest 2492
4본좌 <Again>2426
5战旗丶领袖擎天柱 <战旗丶汽车人>2173
6暗黑破坏神 <专家非赛季>2136
7KrKrakuS <VoiD>2132
8Sanctum <nCg>2120
9Chbk <GzWi>2066
10Fiona <RIP>2064
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Top Non Seasonal Paragon Levelers

Top 10 Exp Season SC Paragon
1战斗之软泥怪 <玄武盾甲术>6019
2로트리 <개굴개굴>6018
3soryou <玄武盾甲术>5855
4쿨몽 <Scream>5773
5쩌러 <개굴개굴>5647
7eric <作死>5482
8리로이드 <RAFTEL>5435
9dasuai <玄武盾甲术>5329
10달용이 <AYO>5293
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Top 10 Exp Season HC Paragon
1odin 4263
2DyS <nCg>4069
3AAAosung <별다방>3516
4Sanctum <nCg>3476
5악마의열매 <네팔렘>3456
6레인원 <별다방>3403
7특수부대 <지존>3380
8Zuroq <M0rtal>3362
9haru <暴雪迷>3295
10SPR4TEK 3284
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Season 10 Fastest 14 day Leveler

SC 14 day battletag
1MuschiKO <R0C>2608
2아이모 <삼보일다이>2471
3turgor <LaF>1934
4snail <Sc>1877
5Meoo <team>1774
6Song <BLACK>1667
7달심 <NANS>1621
8Dreitagebart <TC>1586
9MarwanD3 <Hybrid>1585
10Psycho <EoD>1561
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HC 14 day battletag
1lolcry <c9>1751
2VoxMaster <HandH>1737
3小鄉子 <暗黑吼系>1645
4Hoya <원시득템>1466
5Conan <CAT>1421
6템흘려 <지존>1412
7조현석 <離離離離離離>1407
8DyS <nCg>1373
9haru <暴雪迷>1372
10특수부대 <지존>1361
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Season 10 Fastest 7 day Leveler

SC 7 day battletag
1MuschiKO <R0C>2602
2snail <Sc>1857
3Meoo <team>1774
4Zac <Oce2nd>1529
5아이뻐라 <개미지옥>1527
6Darcco <ANO>1522
8小傅 <東京熱不熱>1408
9slama <LOsCZ>1400
10Frags <DWGS>1387
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HC 7 day battletag
1小鄉子 <暗黑吼系>1645
2템흘려 <지존>1412
3Ummaguma <xDCx>1235
4무빙 1216
5Hoya <원시득템>1214
6조현석 <離離離離離離>1197
7haru <暴雪迷>1170
8DyS <nCg>1160
9BigJohnasty <HandH>1158
10aQa <하드코어가족>1155
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Season 10 Fastest 3 day Leveler

SC 3 day battletag
1Snailtrail <Royals>1157
2krepon <Sc>1110
3기바리 <아재네>1091
4Odin <nRage>1089
5Dreitagebart <TC>1077
6MarwanD3 <Hybrid>1070
7Crucifix 1059
8김호동 <이카루스>1053
9Djul <nRage>1043
10SubZero <DoW>1041
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HC 3 day battletag
1haru <暴雪迷>1013
2조현석 <離離離離離離>991
3Hoya <원시득템>978
4aQa <하드코어가족>972
5놀아보자구 <오를리>972
6SPR4TEK 971
7DyS <nCg>970
8키츄 <지존>967
9rQOkie <WTF>963
10Mefesto <nCg>961
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Most Powerful Weapons

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PItem LinkOwnerPower
1 Sledge FistBlueLunar354,031
1 The Fist of Az'TurrasqShark259,114
1 Wand of WohZeusshaman119,658
1 Voo's JuicerLucid117,411
1 Deadly RebirthSnoopy117,326
PItem LinkOwnerPower
1 The Gavel of JudgmentNemesiS471,949
1 Blade of the TribesBoufrus172,197
1 Golden Flense寶寶寶171,281
1 Balanceslater169,023
1 Inna's ReachParker165,847