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Site is currently being prepped for season 17

by ghostwheel on 18/05/19 11:57 AM
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Site is currently being prepped for season 17 which is live since the 17th of May.

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Paragon Reaper of Souls and Fastest levelers

Paragon ladder level for Reaper of Souls

The 'All' header represent everything added together and is also found at the top of your battletag sheets as S0 + S17.
S17 represent season 17 and S0 represents the non-season main account.

The fastest sections represents the very best leveling times of each player and defaults to 7 day normal mode but can be switched to 14d,7d and 3d in hardcore and normal. Speed leveling records have been reset on the 29th/June/2015.

Everything is automatically calculated using raw experience, so a single import here will figure out your end paragon level after a season ends as well as work out your best speed leveling times with an ETA to paragon level milestones

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Paragon datapoints for cheez-1682

Player has leveled up the equivalent of 2481 paragon levels in this interval
Average EXP per hour is (no sleep) : 649,864,015,000 exp (P606 per hour)

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Date (UCT)EXPParagons
01/09/16 05:03 236,754,448,680,0002550
26/08/16 15:17 38,171,631,960,000 (+198,582,816,720,000)1389 (+2401)
26/08/16 01:26 35,272,204,440,000 (+2,899,427,520,000)1358 (+787)
25/08/16 05:35 33,197,026,680,000 (+2,075,177,760,000)1335 (+744)
23/08/16 23:10 29,994,561,240,000 (+3,202,465,440,000)1298 (+801)
23/08/16 04:43 28,579,339,800,000 (+1,415,221,440,000)1281 (+698)
20/08/16 23:06 23,568,708,120,000 (+5,010,631,680,000)1217 (+867)
19/08/16 08:24 20,970,547,800,000 (+2,598,160,320,000)1181 (+773)
18/08/16 19:12 18,400,139,640,000 (+2,570,408,160,000)1143 (+771)