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Fix : Gear Tooltips and Details

by ghostwheel on 13/11/17 11:28 PM
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It appears that blizzard no longer support dynamic item details when you hover over items so we have reverted the pop ups to generic details which should give you the basic details of the item. However, you can still click on the item itself to view the individual stats in the site along with its ranking against other items in the database.Additionally, we now provide a button link at the top of below to view rest of article...

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83przemasanOsiem (1246)dh023,7411,899,8845,734,6500%
84trochimZDZIRA (1877)dh023,7052,792,4303,236,97313%
85SirczerDemonka (1813)dh023,5973,018,9932,576,50820%
86czeroSaba (4239)dh86,41822,8641,775,0904,202,08720%
87talenFranio (1261)dh022,6983,907,9591,986,69020%
88AveNeoAveDexter (1648)dh022,4572,550,9243,558,75814%
89SubZeroNatalya (5025)dh022,3391,196,5363,443,74137%
90KARONDORPLKarondore (2391)dh022,1771,715,7846,416,8746%
91AveNeoMarshall (1648)dh022,0913,250,9024,317,0080%
92przemasanpAti (1246)dh021,8291,241,1407,333,27313%
93SubZeroRatatatata (5025)dh021,7942,945,4332,537,48826%
94RokoKickAss (2208)dh021,5541,952,2065,394,14620%
95LomilmarVayne (844)dh021,4942,855,7973,734,7958%
96LomilmarVayne (844)dh021,4942,855,7973,734,7958%
97SpracioSpracio (1454)dh021,2722,215,4234,550,19617%
98matysZniszcze (1544)dh021,2201,372,5359,771,34132%
99tonysRaksa (3154)dh019,9263,081,2462,815,50520%
100Kasp3RNatalija (1530)dh019,8211,490,2683,355,02745%

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