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Season 16 being prepped

by ghostwheel on 17/01/19 10:28 AM
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Site is currently being prepped for season 16 which happens tomorrow at 5pm localtime at each server. Era 11 is currently being populated also.

Various fixes are in place to get the site working again as there has been changes to the API also.

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21그리운소나무함부로애틋하 (3432)crus00023,9700%
22광전사스파르타 (4354)crus00023,9700%
23전효성유주 (2122)crus00023,9700%
24파멸의인도자더크루세이더 (2849)crus00023,9700%
25천랑성천랑 (2383)crus00023,9700%
26동수시즌성전 (3125)crus00023,9700%
27천생천생 (1375)crus00000%
28악마교주악마교주 (2364)crus99,0970023,9700%
29가비성전사 (2340)crus00023,9700%
30큐온예온 (3697)crus00023,9700%
31전효성성전사 (2122)crus00023,9700%
32그리운소나무구르메달빛가 (3432)crus00023,9700%
33이민우우주날개 (1335)crus00023,9700%
34DireRaven시즌업이다 (2212)crus00023,9700%
35광전사첫번째전사 (4354)crus00023,9700%
36LIVE줮까 (1705)crus00000%
37광전사빡빡이 (4354)crus00023,9700%
38동수제작재료 (3125)crus00023,9700%
39큐온Qon (3697)crus00023,9700%
40젝스키스핑클 (1281)crus00023,9700%

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