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Season 19 being populated

by ghostwheel on 05/12/19 12:54 PM
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Season 19 data is currently being populated

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Season 19 being populated

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Site FAQ

Click here for the contact form
The site has changed quite considerably since it launched back in August 2013 and for those who recently joined, it may be a little bewildering to see lots of graphs, numbers, stats and piecharts everywhere.

So this is a basic guide for newcomers to help them understand what they are seeing.

How do I view and update my diablo profile?

Enter your full battletag into the top left search box where it says "Start here by Entering Battletag".

On the next page, that red button below can be found at the bottom. This button is important for updating your profile in the site, pressing it completely refreshes your account and it may take a minute or slightly longer the first time but goes a lot faster after the first initial import :

The top of your profile tells you how old your profile is in the site; example as follows :

This will help you determine whether to refresh your account for not. "Linked" accounts (registered and gone through process in "Diablo" control panel) to verify their battletag will have their accounts auto-updated every 3 days. However, the top players like those who are high paragon levelers or top greater rift players are updated very regularly - up to 3 times a day. Every account is eventually updated but could take a month or slightly longer if left alone.

This red import button can be found via various ways ie. :

Or it is found at the bottom of your paragon charts, or found by pressing the "Update" subtab menu under your hero navigation bar.

I don't get this power thing. Tell me more.
Firstly, there are two different power systems :
Hero Power
Hero power has gone through various changes with each change evolving with a better equation that combines all your stats into a figure that reflects a good balance between DPS and toughness. This should mean in terms of killing as fast as possible yet retaining enough EHP to survive the high torment or rift levels.
Diablo 3 in this current form, is a very DPS centric game so the point system uses a weighting that focuses on DPS. This means you get diminishing returns with EHP.
The Hero Power is combined for all the best heroes (of 1 class in each account) and also ranked by battletag in the "Players" section.

Item Power
Item power works completely differently from Hero Power and is used to rank legendary items of the same type. Clicking on an item will take you to a page detailing the item ladder positions and the breakdown of points.
Power is usually represented with a gold color.

What does the DPS figures means?
DPS stands for damage per second and the site uses "unbuffed" figures based from your items only. This is normally in the color red and we now have multiple DPS figures where the bottom line is "unbuffed dps" - this is the figure you should find if you remove all paragon points, remove followers and remove any passive skills that increases DPS.
The main DPS used in leaderboards is "Burst" DPS which is basically Unbuffed * Best Elemental * Elite% * Best Skill%.
DPS is usually represented with red.

I heard there were calculators. Tell me more.
Calculators are built into every character sheet whereby the site will help you determine the relative value of an affix. ie.
the following is for DPS

Alter the value "1" in the form and add or substruct the values of the affect affixes from the *skills value.
The EHP (toughness) calculator below this also works in a similar way though we use our own toughness equation which is slightly different from the official ingame toughness values.

What does all the different DPSes mean?
I've been asked this a few times, so I hope the following makes it clear.
Raw DPS :
You take off all your paragon points.
Remove your follower
Make sure you have no passive skills that buff your DPS and nothing else is buffing you either (like shrines etc)
- this leaves everything only from items and the site calls this "Raw DPS".

The raw DPS from the site should match the character sheet DPS figure ingame, if not then the site calculations will be incorrect and I'll need to fix it (let me know!). Note that, I'm taking the Crusaders 20% 2-Hander nerf into account for Raw DPS.

Elemental DPS
The Elemental DPS figure uses your best elemental affix only. So if you have something like 50% fire and 5% lightning then the Elemental DPS then just uses the 50% Fire only and multiplies that against Raw DPS

Elite DPS
Your Elemental DPS then gets multiplied by your Elite percentage.

Lastly Skill DPS (Also known as Burst DPS insite as well)
Similar to Elemental; this takes only your highest skill% affix and multiples this against Elite DPS.

What this final figure means is that, this is your damage performance on an Elite if your highest % skill matches the same highest element and that the skill only did 100% weapon damage per second. A more advanced calculator is being explored to incorporate all factors that governs damage ingame but for the meantime, these basic calculators are rather helpful to help you decide what affix to focus on.

What about EHP?
EHP stands for effective health points and that is basically the raw damage that you are able to sustain based from your character class, paragon levels and items. This is also unbuffed and is called toughness ingame - our site uses it's own EHP calculations that may differ ingame and is usually colored green .

What is SC, HC and why are they separated?
Firstly, SC stands for softcore which is the normal mode and HC is hardcore which is the mode that the game allows you to play when you reach lvl 10 in the normal mode. The site generally differentiate between SC and HC as the gameplay generally differs in terms of what people pick as their skill builds and items as well.

As Hardcore players generally require more EHP to survive, our hero power equation sets more weighting for EHP which means hardcore players generally have overall higher hero power than normal players. As such, hardcore and normal players should not be compared with hero power. They can be compared for DPS and EHP however.

What does unbuffed mean?
Unbuffed means that skills from your active slots, passive slots, shrines and followers are not included which means that all the heros in this site are on the same baseline for a ladder system to work. You may find your DPS is different from your character sheet and that is due to the figures being "unbuffed" here.

What are site versions?
Since we're storing permanent datapoints. Clicking on a graph chart point will display site version numbers. The site version number used to represent changes to the power forumla but that's been changed to it's own version numbering now. The new power ratings start now at v1.0.0 and can be found stamped at the "Power" column part of the character sheet is a much smaller more readable amount.
Patch note of each version changes can be found at the very top of every page next to the contact link (small links next to the member stats)

The permanent datapoints are particularly useful for those wanting to show their old build/items in guides or forum posts so that the information doesn't change.

Ok, I've got the basics - how do I starting seeing stuff?
The first thing to do is to pop your battletag into the BatteTag form that is always the top left side where it says "Enter Battletag".

From there you will see if it has already been imported before, or you can hit the "Import Now" button to import from all server regions. The import button can always be found at the far bottom page of your main battletag profile page. Please be patient during the import process as the website performs a lot of precalculations and caching to make the rest of the site fast - as such; first imports are usually slow but later ones will go quicker.

What does linking the account mean?
Your control panel has a "Diablo" subsection that allows you to associate your battletag with the website. Adding your battletag will enable a quick navigation bar in the top right control panel but to confirm your identity with the website requires "linking" - follow the instructions on that section to make that happen.

Something's not working right, how do i contact you?
You may need contact me through three ways :
- private PM via message board
- contact page (link found at the very top of every page)
or posting into the technical and feedback section of the forums

My eyes bleed and gonna explode, what am I looking at!
The site takes account of many metrics so be please take your time to go over whatever section that interests you most.

There are many ways to filter and view different leaderboards in the website but the easiest way to move around is really the search box which can take you to your clan or battletag profile. The home page features the most commonly referred leaderboards that players check.

The main way to check your character sheets or your battletag and armoury profile in the site is via the top nav bar that contains a row of heroes and some tab buttons underneath - this nav bar is found all your character sheets and battletag pages (like Best Legendary page). These heroes are ordered by site hero power so the one you're likely to be playing with should be position near the start. Dead or removed heroes are removed from this list yet can still be accessible by the "Hero List" subsection. Registering and adding your battletag to the control will bring up a control panel that will always show this at the top right whenever you're logged in.

Viewing Battletag Page :
The top of the page has a quick navigation bar containing a row of active heroes. This bar contains a link to the ladder position of the player as a whole in terms of total hero power of your best classes (takes you to "Players" section which will rank your entire account with everyone else)

Below that shows your paragon level and relative ladder position with the rest of the site. We store the amount of paragon levels you've achieved over 3,7 and 14 day periods and store the best results also. This is done automatically, so you many import anytime and let the system figure it out.

Paragon datapoints are recorded and will become permanent if you imported with at least an hour interval otherwise, the datapoint just becomes updated instead.
Once you have updated a 7 day tracker, the site automatically calculates an ETA for each paragon milestone in intervals of 100 Paragons.

Your clan will be listed just under the paragon chart which will link to your clan stats.

The Character sheets:
Clicking on an hero brings up a wealth of stats. A general summary of the primary stats can be found at the top left corner along with the hero name and picture.

The top of the character sheet shows you a leaderboard with the top players of your class in the world as well as where you are placed in that board (it rotates every 6 secs) - this is based worldwide but it is possible for you to check your ladder ranking in more precise categories by checking out and clicking on the position links at the left side of the sheet. The link will take you directly to that board and locate your character.

Below at the left shows the breakdown of the stats in terms of Power, DPS and EHP. Calculators are located here as well which details how much an affix is worth - this is particularly useful to check out whether say X main stat is equal to X critical damage or X Elite damage%.

The main graph section at the middle stores all your old datapoints for Power, DPS and EHP which you may click on to view how your hero looked in the past - this includes, old skills, items and stats.
Below the graphs shows the build analysis of your character allowing you to check out other players who play in a similar way to you.

To the right of the graph shows the positions at the time it was last calculated - there's a button for you to refresh position numbers at any time.

A dynamic signature is available below the build analysis section allowing you to show an image of your hero with main stats and ladder positions - this can be used in any forum that uses BBcode (simply copy and past).

Lastly, logged in users may rate and comment on any character sheet. An only of the battletag (linked account) may moderate their own comments.

The Elemental Builds section
The builds section is particularly interesting for you to check out how other people are gearing their characters who also play in a similar way - it's also a handy way to locate fellow players who play in a similar style.
This section details the most popular builds in use found in our database is updated regularly. There are various filters here which not only allows you to filter builds by element but also fine tune by taking the top ten builds out of the "Best" and "Good" players in our database - as determine by hero scoring.

The Ladder page
The ladder page is a rather comprehensive page allowing you to filter heroes by a very large degree from anything to specific elements to ordering by EHP and regions.
I'd advise using the row of blue links next to the View/Import button form found at the top of every page to see the main leaderboards in use.

Clans :

Clans are now automatically managed by the import system. If you're in a clan then everything is automatically worked out - your clan will be created in the site and be laddered against over 20,000 other clans in the world using clan total metrics such as paragon, best DPS and hero Power ratings.
The HC and SC points in the clan section is basically all the Power points added of your best heroes

So if you have :
HC Barb 1 : Power 100
HC Barb 2 : Power 200
HC Crusader 1 : Power 100
HC Wizard : Power 200

SC : Wiz 1 : Power 100
SC : Wiz 2 : Power 200
SC : Demon Hunter : Power 100

The the above player has total of HC : 500 (From Barb 2, Crusader 1,Wizard) and SC : 300 (From Wiz 2 and Demon Hunter). So basically the site adds only your every best heroes and only 1 from each class).

The clan section counts how many top heroes in each battletag are SC or HC and then categories the clan as either Normal and Hardcore depending on whether the clan has more hardcore or normal heroes (so clan can actually switch from Normal to Hardcore if you have more hardcore heroes listed as the best from each player)

Clan members will all be laddered against each other where you can see positions in each individual character sheet as well as the main "Ladder" section of the site.

Clans are also laddered against each other by paragon points - we add all the points together and position them.
Each paragon level equates to a number of experience points. Basically the site translates all your paragon levels and add them all up.

This includes everything including Seasons as well as Hardcore and Normal. So even you're a Normal Clan; I still add up any clan members Seasonal Hardcore Paragons if they have any and that goes into your Clan total.

The number of experience for each level is exponential though, ie.

Level 1900 is 102915495480000 exp
and level 900 is 6141975480000 exp

Also, a "Clan Champions" section works in the same way but only take the best 4 heroes from the clan.
Clan members are automatically updated more regularly insite as well.

Clans have been further updated to include worldwide global ranking based on the best clans members achieving the highest greater rift tier/time in the world. A clan score is calculated by adding all these positions up and the lowest score is the best clan. A player with a position as 1 is actually position 1 in the world in the Asia, EU and US servers for greater rifts. Clan rankings are separated by normal, hardcore and nonseason and seasonal.

Some more details on clan and scoring here : ... html#p2817

Players section
Players section works in the same way as Clans but essentially treat the entire player pool as one giant clan and then ladder rank you against everyone in the world. You'll find the quick nav bar (the one with the row of heroes and positions) has a link direct to your world player ladder position.

Items: (Legendary section)
The items section makes use of the item power scoring mentioned above to calculate positions for every item found and imported. There are three ways to look for the legendary
- enter a keyword into the search box in the "Legendary" section.
- Use the index in the "Legendary" section and select the appropriate legendary with the dropdown menu.
- Navigate and find the item via the forums (
Occasionally, we clean out the database so if you really want the website to remember your item - you must either be wearing the item OR manually import to create a permanent datapoint whereby you are able to see the item when clicking on a graph point in the character sheet.

Classes section gives you a general overview of the average stats for each class as well as their most popular skills.

Streamers are able to have their preview pics show up on the top header whenever they are online. Streamers can also associate their stream with a specific hero so that the video stream shows up in a character datapoint also. Click on the Streamers section for further details.

Much of the forum has been custom developed to show Diablo related information - this is where we show legendary data that displays the top 5 of each one in the "legendary" boards.

Every imported item in the website can be directly linked as a popup for you to discuss in the forums. Simply copy and paste the BBcode to talk about the items.

Players who link their account to the website will have their details automatically shown in the profile bar of threads and we have a special "Blogs" board that allows only you to update which you can tie up to show onto your battletag or character sheets (that means even showing youtube videos there if you like)

Imports are allowed at any time but a permanent plot point in your progression chart only becomes available after an hour of the last import. A permanent plotpoint is clickable so you can see how your character looked and positioned in the past. You can see how old your last import was by looking at the "Datapoint taken*1" part of the "Adventure and updates" section of your character sheet.

We count your experience gained but this is only based off your paragon level as we do not have access to the heroes actual experience.

Lastly, remember that you must be logged out of the game for the latest stats to show. It is best to leave the game by using the leave game, logout and exit button in the game so that your stats are recorded properly to be imported into the site.

The latest site version and change log can be found at the link at the very top of every page next to a direct contract form and about page. A breakdown of the Hero Power equation in use is found at the bottom of the site version page.

Feel free to pop into the forums if you have any questions.

Development is on going and there will be additional features "when it's done" in the future. This site is continuously being developed by just one dude who has an inordinate passion of this genre.

Hope you enjoy this site which was developed by a fellow gamer fan for fans.

- Ghostwheel


Reputation power is something that users earn and spend on voting. New users have low power, active and veteran users gain more power. The more power you have the more you can vote during a specified period of time and the more influence you can have on the rating of another user or post. Users can choose during voting how much power they will spend on a vote, giving more points to interesting posts.

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Your basic forum ranks with a new title depending on number of posts

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