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Season 19 being populated

by ghostwheel on 05/12/19 12:54 PM
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Season 19 data is currently being populated

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Diablo3Ladder is an unofficial fansite developed and maintained by just one fan (Simon aka ghostwheel) who has enjoyed this series of games since Diablo I (and even further back when I played roguelike games in ASCII).

The site was originally developed as a simple ladder and then eventually evolved to the site you see today.

The first major update had total paragon experience tallied up to cater for P1000 since September of 2013; we then incorporated Paragon v2.0 long before the expansion officially launched. Paragons are tallied up to include everything, so you can even play a season hero and automatically see what your combined paragon level will be on each import as well as tracking your best 3, 7 and 14 day best leveling speeds (all ranked).

Paragon tracking is what this site does well and was even featured in Kotaku when the first player reached a combined level of Paragon 2000

September and October 2013 were particularly busy months which had dynamic signatures, facebook integration,classes and builds developed along with permanent datapoints fully functional whereby the site would permanently remember all your old skills, items and even old stats and positions (all click-able in character sheet graph points)

The hero power formula was refined and twitch integrated for streamers to feature their channels in the site. More advanced functionality with streams was developed which allowed streams to be tied up to datapoints.

With the launch of Reaper of Souls, a more comprehensive legendary database was developed that allowed players to compare item stats with each other. The builds and ladder section was updated to include elemental affixes.

Clan ladders was then developed which tied to player character sheets (so not only do you have clan positions but also can view how each hero stands in individual clans). Clans were eventually made fully automated, so all the clan stats are crunched as you import your profile (over 20,000 clans in the database).

The hero power formula went through many revisions and evolved to include an overall player score with the Players and Clans section. Eventually, with greater rift scores - the site started scoring players using this metric as well which is also used to identify and highlight clan champions.

As the game evolved over time, so did the site also which eventually covered new game dynamics like greater rifts and seasonal leaderboards.

The site is running on a high spec E3-1240v2, 32GB Ram + SSD dedicated server with capacity to support more players and the custom code base spans over 500 pages printed out; I've always wanted to be good paper back writer but this is as close as it gets for me as a programmer :)


Contact me directly with the form below if you have any questions regarding the site.
Alternatively, use the feedback forum to let us know if you have any technical issues or thoughts about improving the website.

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