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See all Top 5 : Normal Power
1 cvw 70 (624)29,580
2 南帝 70 (642)29,248
3 Lee 70 (707)28,831
4 Ecc 70 (420)26,623
5 blackhuge 70 (836)25,278

See all Top 5 : Normal DPS
1 BritneySpear 70 (708)4,911,778
2 meeko 70 (624)4,476,809
3 Касим 70 (693)4,340,418
4 Vanterius 70 (729)4,229,749
5 cvw 70 (624)4,212,526

See all Top 5 : Normal EHP
1 Kruk 70 (598)137,638,360
2 Psikolog 70 (569)131,923,790
3 Cryssis 70 (520)123,257,560
4 monko 70 (376)120,110,598
5 ATM 70 (542)117,106,259

See all Top 5 : Normal Power
1 cvw 70 (624)29,580
2 南帝 70 (642)29,248
3 Lee 70 (707)28,831
4 Ecc 70 (420)26,623
5 blackhuge 70 (836)25,278

You : Normal DPS
19270 Monkey 70 (364)255,215
19271 merintoni 70 (602)255,190
19272 DkShinto 70 (450)255,126
19273 命運好機掰 70 (276)255,111
19274 Zuchi 60 (128)255,099

You : Normal EHP
29645 Legend 60 (209)319,987
29646 MonK 60 (596)319,974
29647 Irgn 60 (186)319,969
29648 TheDragon 60 (38)319,880
29649 Zuchi 60 (128)319,818

Zuchi (SC)
LV:60 (128)

Hero Power0
Burst DPS255,099

0 (0)
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Armoury at

SC Sheet Info
Site Versionv15.4.5
Position at time 1 hrs 44 mins 9 secs

SC World Class Ladder
World class PowerPOS 34737
World class Burst DPSPOS 19274
World class Elite DPSPOS 19366
World class Elemental DPSPOS 18557
World class Unbuffed DPSPOS 17814
World class EHPPOS 29649

Other Ladders
BuildPOS 6

SC Region Ladder
EU class PowerPOS 11704
EU class Burst DPSPOS 7841
EU class Elite DPSPOS 7883
EU class Elemental DPSPOS 7567
EU class Unbuffed DPSPOS 7307
EU class EHPPOS 11657

Ladder Power v13.0.1.1

Power Calculator
+1 Paragon Lvl
+1 CD Reduc.%
+1 Res. Reduc.%
+10000 Burst DPS
+100000 EHP

Unbuffed DPS
Raw DPS200,891
* Elemental220,980
* Elite229,819
* Skills255,099
Avg Damage849.05
Stat Modifier3248%
Critical Damage515%
Critical Chance51%
Bonus Elites4%
Skill Damage%11%
Splash Damage%0%
Cold Elem Dmg10%

DPS Calculator
(Adds DPS onto *skills value)
+1 Main stat
+1 Crit chance%
+1 Crit damage%
+1 APS%
+1 Damage
+1 Best Elemental%
+1 Elite%
+1 Best Skill%

Base Effective Health Points
Total EHP319,818
All Res308.3
Other Res106 *1
Block Eff0% *2
Melee Red10.7%*3
Range Red0%*3
Elite Red0%*3
Life Steal5.6%
Life On Hit228
Life Regeneration208

*1.Total of other res. Weighted divide by 6
*2.Simulated block based off damage
*3.Reduction stats weighted divide by 3

EHP Calculator
+1 Str/Armour
+1 Dex
+1 Int
+1 All Res
+1 Other Res
+1 Vit
+1% Life%
+1% Block%
+1% Melee
+1% Ranged
+1% Elite

Other Stats
Power Cooldown0%
Resource Reduc0%
Crowd Control0%
Additional Speed24%
Experience Gain%0%
Magic Find Gain%0%
Gold Find Gain%0%
Last played 45 days 7 hrs 50 mins 42 secs
Last sync 23 days 5 hrs 2 mins 39 secs
Datapoint taken*123 days 5 hrs 2 mins 33 secs

*1 Permanent datapoints taken in 1hr intervals of manual import. Top players and streamers are automatically imported and updated in a regular basis.

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eu : Views [734] [ Zuchi-2404 ]


Guard Prospect
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The Scalp
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Honor Gift
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Gladiator's Zeal
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Inna's Vast Expanse
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Hateful Deflectors
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Left Finger
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The Witching Hour
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Right Finger
Natalya's Reflection
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Main Hand
Stark Executor
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Inna's Temperance
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Off Hand
Cleave Hate
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Natalya's Bloody Footprints
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*Click on an item name for further details. Legendaries are ranked against a ladder, see the Legendaries section of the site for more details. There's a known javascript related bug which sometimes pop up the wrong item. Data and calculations are recorded correctly and you just need to refresh the browser to fix the display. Try moving the mouse slowly over links to view the pop ups.

Active and Passive Skills

Implosion Unwelcome ... Rising Tide Scorpion S... Annihilation Cyclone
Resolve Seize the Initiative One With Everything

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Interval Timezone

Build analysis for monk in (SC total 4)

75% Ascension
25% Peaceful Repose
0% Instant Karma
0% Unwelcome Disturbance
0% Serenity
0% Tranquility

50% Cyclone
50% Fire Storm
0% Inner Storm
0% Sweeping Wind
0% Master of Wind
0% Blade Storm

75% Implosion
25% Sunburst
0% Soothing Breeze
0% Cyclone Strike
0% Eye of the Storm
0% Wall of Wind

75% Scorpion Sting
25% Vulture Claw Kick
0% Hand of Ytar
0% Lashing Tail Kick
0% Spinning Flame Kick
0% Sweeping Armada

50% Annihilation
50% Overawe
0% Intimidation
0% Mantra of Conviction
0% Dishearten
0% Submission

50% Rising Tide
25% Tsunami
25% Mangle
0% Crippling Wave
0% Breaking Wave
0% Concussion
Top Passives:
Transcendence(75%), Seize the Initiative(75%), One With Everything(75%), Exalted Soul(50%), The Guardian's Path(25%),
Top Heros and Gear [Click here to see full list]:
1Tuckmoa 2Heisenberg 3Schadow 4Baîka 

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