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See all Top 5 : Normal Power
1 Elin70 (800)121,176
2 CuteCow70 (839)119,657
3 Победа70 (776)114,273
4 KlitDoris70 (836)110,660
5 Bella70 (905)109,989

See all Top 5 : Normal DPS
1 Armaros70 (1072)8,522,555
2 Armoury70 (896)7,374,963
3 Irouvanovski70 (761)6,828,241
4 Lao70 (934)6,550,409
5 Lurkas70 (585)6,482,028

See all Top 5 : Normal EHP
1 Strakka70 (742)223,893,136
2 Airi70 (457)220,788,439
3 RusseKaviaaR70 (759)211,984,057
4 Zld70 (643)209,186,841
5 TchingTchong70 (773)205,130,754

You : Normal Power
33216 Cnedra70 (570)11,814
33217 Wasapov70 (201)11,814
33218 mat70 (656)11,814
33219 Celisiana70 (439)11,814
33220 Zuchi70 (230)11,813

You : Normal DPS
27975 Xeno70 (436)1,312,981
27976 Flodas70 (300)1,312,940
27977 大胖丁70 (666)1,312,917
27978 Juno70 (578)1,312,885
27979 Zuchi70 (230)1,312,867

You : Normal EHP
5632 KarateWater70 (446)18,780,176
5633 Dageris70 (570)18,777,883
5634 Devil70 (254)18,776,171
5635 Sheera70 (701)18,774,884
5636 Zuchi70 (230)18,774,219

Zuchi (SC)
LV:70 (230)

Hero Power11,813
Burst DPS1,312,867

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Ladder Power
Version v1.3.1 (Patch 2.1.2)
Power 11,813
Paragon(s) 230
Cooldown 0
Gem Level(s) 0

Power Calculator
+1 Paragon Lvl
+1 CDR %
+1 Res Reduc%
+10000 DPS
+100000 EHP
+1 Gem Lvl

DPS Stats (unbuffed)
Raw DPS1,141,623
* Elemental1,141,623
* Elite1,141,623
* Skills1,312,867
Avg Damage2057.15
Stat Modifier9329%
Critical Damage575%
Critical Chance44%
Bonus Elites0%
Skill Damage%15%
Splash Damage%0%

DPS Calculator
(Adds DPS onto *skills value)
+1 Main stat
+1 Crit Chc%
+1 Crit Dmg%
+1 APS%
+1 Damage
+1 Element%
+1 Elite%
+1 Skill%

RAW EHP (toughness)
Total EHP18,774,219
All Res722.7
Other Res353
Block Eff0%
Melee Red0%
Range Red0%
Elite Red0%
Life Steal0%
Life On Hit16008
Life Regen.0

EHP Calculator
+1 Str/Armour
+1 Dex
+1 Int
+1 All Res
+1 Other Res
+1 Vit
+1% Life
+1% Block
+1% Melee
+1% Ranged
+1% Elite

Other Stats
Crowd Control25%
Additional Speed24%
Experience Gain%28%
Magic Find Gain%0%
Gold Find Gain%0%
Last played 55 days 9 hrs
Last sync 50 days 16 hrs
Datapoint taken*150 days 16 hrs

*1 Permanent datapoints taken in 1hr intervals of manual import. Top players and streamers are automatically imported and updated in a regular basis.

eu : Views [840] [ Zuchi-2404 ]

Equipment - Click on a lvl70 Legendary Item to view ladder position. [Your Armoury]

Burden of the Invoker
Power : 4756

Inna's Radiance
Power : 7284

The Traveler's Pledge
Power : 8182

Fists of Thunder
Power : 7237

Inna's Vast Expanse
Power : 7684

Shackles of the Invoker
Power : 6600

Left Finger
The Compass Rose
Power : 5473

Inna's Favor
Power : 4188

Right Finger
Leoric's Signet
Power : 6287

Main Hand
Hallowed Breach
Power : 97237

Inna's Temperance
Power : 6170

Off Hand
Hallowed Hold
Power : 84161

Eight-Demon Boots
Power : 4363

*Click on an item name for further details. Legendaries are ranked against a ladder, see the Legendaries section of the site for more details. There's a known javascript related bug which sometimes pop up the wrong item. Data and calculations are recorded correctly and you just need to refresh the browser to fix the display. Try moving the mouse slowly over links to view the pop ups.

Active and Passive Skills

Static Cha... Air Ally Shocking G... Inner Storm Soothing B... Desert Shr...
Resolve Seize the Initiative Determination Harmony

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Interval Timezone

SC Sheet Info
Site Ver.v17.1.0
Position at time 1 days 13 hrs

SC World Class
World Power33132
World Burst DPS27889
World Raw DPS1207
World EHP5626

Other Ladders

SC Region Class
EU Power16078
EU Burst DPS13346
EU Raw DPS645
EU EHP2660

Build analysis for monk in Normal - total 8

38% Static Charge
25% Thunderclap
25% Quickening
13% Bounding Light
0% Fists of Thunder
0% Wind Blast

75% Inner Storm
13% Master of Wind
13% Cyclone
0% Blade Storm
0% Fire Storm
0% Sweeping Wind

50% Implosion
25% Eye of the Storm
13% Wall of Wind
13% Soothing Breeze
0% Cyclone Strike
0% Sunburst

75% Air Ally
25% Water Ally
0% Mystic Ally
0% Earth Ally
0% Enduring Ally
0% Fire Ally

63% Shocking Grasp
25% Impending Doom
13% Strong Spirit
0% Essence Burn
0% The Flesh is Weak
0% Exploding Palm

75% Desert Shroud
13% Soothing Mist
13% Ascendance
0% Epiphany
0% Inner Fire
0% Insight
Top Passives:
Harmony(88%), Beacon of Ytar(88%), Sixth Sense(50%), Unity(38%), Exalted Soul(38%),
Top Heros and Gear order by Site Hero Power[Click here to see full list]:
1Auria 2gally 3Akame 4Ares 5Zuchi 6Panzer 7Trinity 8Monky 

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