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See all Top 5 : Hardcore Power
1 蠻爺在此 70 (740)54,716
2 Nihlathak 70 (614)46,545
3 BarbIsGooood 70 (561)46,292
4 qwdrfrtg 70 (396)46,174
5 Mucha 70 (545)44,924

See all Top 5 : Hardcore DPS
1 muSPK 70 (605)4,673,896
2 SuperiorHC 70 (676)4,168,744
3 Emilioh 70 (467)3,767,301
4 JayAreBe 70 (522)3,397,771
5 Honry 70 (510)3,272,917

See all Top 5 : Hardcore EHP
1 Bozør 70 (560)150,182,018
2 Mercurial 70 (610)144,905,237
3 Стекляшка 70 (637)139,940,339
4 Erskina 70 (537)130,359,787
5 GuessWho 70 (603)123,431,866

See all Top 5 : Hardcore Power
1 蠻爺在此 70 (740)54,716
2 Nihlathak 70 (614)46,545
3 BarbIsGooood 70 (561)46,292
4 qwdrfrtg 70 (396)46,174
5 Mucha 70 (545)44,924

See all Top 5 : Hardcore DPS
1 muSPK 70 (605)4,673,896
2 SuperiorHC 70 (676)4,168,744
3 Emilioh 70 (467)3,767,301
4 JayAreBe 70 (522)3,397,771
5 Honry 70 (510)3,272,917

You : Hardcore EHP
15247 Валя 60 (401)817,517
15248 LastWeapon 60 (520)817,389
15249 AreYouDead 60 (23)817,358
15250 Fry 60 (138)817,306
15251 Connavar 60 (339)817,226

Connavar (RIP) (MIA)
LV:60 (339)

Hero Power0
Burst DPS0

0 (0)
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HC Sheet Info
Site Versionv15.6.1
Position at time 1 hrs 8 mins 56 secs

HC World Class Ladder
World class PowerPOS 12433
World class Burst DPSPOS 28454
World class Elite DPSPOS 22632
World class Elemental DPSPOS 22632
World class Unbuffed DPSPOS 22632
World class EHPPOS 15251

Other Ladders
BuildPOS 75

HC DTeaPy Clan
DTeaPy Clan PowerPOS 3
DTeaPy Clan DPSPOS 4
DTeaPy Clan EHPPOS 3

HC Region Ladder
EU class PowerPOS 6772
EU class Burst DPSPOS 14568
EU class Elite DPSPOS 11779
EU class Elemental DPSPOS 11779
EU class Unbuffed DPSPOS 11779
EU class EHPPOS 8025

Ladder Score v8

Unbuffed DPS
Total DPS0
Avg Damage1
Stat Modifier1810%
Critical Damage181%
Critical Chance22%
Bonus Elites0%
Total Elem. Dmg%0%

DPS Calculator
+1 Main stat
+1 Crit chance%
+1 Crit damage%
+1 APS%
+1 Damage

Base Effective Health Points
Total EHP817,226
All Res403.7
Other Res94 *1
Block Eff546.38% *2
Melee Red0%*3
Range Red6%*3
Elite Red0%*3
Life Steal0%
Life On Hit398
Life Regeneration0

*1.Total of other res. Weighted divide by 6
*2.Simulated block based off damage
*3.Reduction stats weighted divide by 3

EHP Calculator
+1 Str/Armour
+1 Dex
+1 Int
+1 All Res
+1 Other Res
+1 Vit
+1% Life%
+1% Block%
+1% Melee
+1% Ranged
+1% Elite

Adventure and updates
Additional Speed0%
Experience Gain%64%
Magic Find Gain%19%
Gold Find Gain%0%
Last played 202 days 22 hrs 13 mins 38 secs
Last sync 198 days 7 hrs 42 mins 9 secs
Datapoint taken*1161 days 23 hrs 6 mins 13 secs

*1 Permanent datapoints taken in 1hr intervals of manual import. Top players and streamers are automatically imported and updated in a regular basis.

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eu : Views [2301] [ ghostwheel-2147 ] Confirmed belongs to ghostwheel


Champion Rapture
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Mempo of Twilight
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Nobility Star
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Hand Sting
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Blackthorne's Surcoat
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Left Finger
Hellfire Ring
Power : 0

Unleashed Harness
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Right Finger
Massacre Boon
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Main Hand

Blackthorne's Jousting Mail
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Off Hand
Marauder Bulwark
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Ice Climbers
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Active and Passive Skills

Ruthless Weapons Master Inspiring Presence

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Build analysis for barbarian in (HC total 17)

Top Passives:
Unforgiving(0%), Weapons Master(0%), Superstition(0%), Ruthless(0%), Inspiring Presence(0%),
Top Heros and Gear order by Site Hero Power[Click here to see full list]:
1NROne 2野女人 3Darirol 4NietNagel 5YOLO 6Ironman 7Камикадзе 8尼瑪剛出門就 9Bizarre 10歸隱的神 

Blog entry

Site Development Blog Post

by ghostwheel on 28/08/14 2:55 PM [ View all (10) ]

Another Site Development Blog update!
So tomorrows the big day for Seasons and I've been burning the midnight oil prepping the website to accommodate all the new changes introduced with Patch 2.1.

The main updates like 2 handed weapons + Crusaders, Gems and how Dexterity is now armour is active. The database is properly storing all the raw data and it's automatically making some of the updates when it should (it's semi-intelligent and does half my work for me which is why I spent a good month developing a solid foundation first way back in 2013 June - July before I launched the site)

Adjusting the website to accommodate Seasonal characters is something that will start to show up in the website fairly shortly. I'll be combining the paragons you gain from Season straight into your overall total paragons and you should see new segments in the Paragon piecharts in the battletag page as well.

Users of the site should use the row of blue links to quickly navigate between leaderboards as trying to get to what you want to see may involve too many clicks. This is also where I'm intending to place quick menu links to seasonal hero leaderboards. The home page will eventually have top 5s for Seasons shown as well.

The import only starts to take account of characters for lvl 60+, so hopefully that'll give me...a bit of extra time to get some things ready for seasonal characters to show up here.

Hope you folks are enjoying the game and patch 2.1 as well as the new updates in the site.

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by ghostwheel on 339 days 23 hrs 26 mins 54 secs Stickied
Throw Barb in HC!
Here's a useful guide :
by ghostwheel on 332 days 19 hrs 17 mins 49 secs
I drew a giraffe with my DPS chart.
by ghostwheel on 339 days 23 hrs 28 mins 53 secs
Test comment 2
by ghostwhee1 on 339 days 23 hrs 29 mins 33 secs
Test comment!

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