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Updating profiles fix : battletag are case sensitive

by ghostwheel on 14/04/18 11:25 AM
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Importing fixed for battletags with upper case characters when using the search form on the top left.

Battletags are case sensitive when you search to update a profile so make sure you have the uppercase and lowecase characters typed in correctly in the search form on the top left.

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Diablofreak <Ü45>

Connavar (RIP) (MIA) LV:60 (545)

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RIP : Died 1540 d 21 h ago by monster Xah'Rith the Keywarden

monster ID : 256040. If monster is unknown, log in and post a comment into your comments box below to say what killed you. Monster name found in Fallen Heroes tab ingame.*Unknown* means someone reported the monster ID as Unknown ingame.
Died on 01 March 2014

Hero has killed 9728 elites and this monster has killed 131 heroes

eu : Views [3359] [ ghostwheel-2147 ] : Connavar Last updated : 1540 d 21 h (re-import)

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Site Ver.v18
Position at time 125 d

HC World Class
World Power50001
World Burst DPS50001
World Raw DPS50001

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DateLvlEU GRiftPowerDPSSee Hero
11 Apr 14 06:04800 (0*)0 (10000*)0 (10000*)latest
28 Feb 14 10:02800 (0*)5,650,425 (3591*)55,989 (4600*)see hero
01 Feb 14 07:02800 (0*)10,698,272 (875*)88,818 (1750*)see hero
18 Nov 13 02:11800 (0*)13,527,762 (327*)108,934 (742*)see hero
15 Nov 13 02:11800 (0*)13,527,762 (301*)108,934 (661*)see hero
13 Nov 13 01:11800 (0*)15,265,363 (135*)122,627 (293*)see hero
31 Oct 13 12:10800 (0*)14,336,985 (22*)109,672 (41*)see hero
30 Oct 13 03:10800 (0*)14,336,985 (22*)109,672 (41*)see hero
28 Oct 13 11:10800 (0*)14,336,985 (2*)109,672 (40*)see hero
21 Oct 13 12:10800 (0*)14,265,046 (17*)139,378 (12*)see hero

*Brackets are positions

Build analysis for barbarian in Hardcore - total 4517

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Nerves of Steel(0%), Unforgiving(0%), Ruthless(0%), Weapons Master(0%), Superstition(0%),
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Blog entry

What's the focus of this site?

by ghostwheel on 05/09/15 1:29 PM [ View all (11) ]

Wow, haven't updated this blog for a long time.

The sites over 2 years old and started off as a ladder site to track unbuffed stats like DPS. It uses it's own hero power forumla which incorporates many game mechanics and is remarkably decent at spotting players who are within the top greater rift positions : ... l#toladder

Very early on, it started tracking paragons and it did this by counting all the P100s across all server regions for the first version of paragon. The maximum at that time was Paragon 1000 and that's why the main link to the paragon section still has "p1000" as a parameter - this is a byproduct of those days.

That changed of course, to track paragons across one server only and then eventually to add seasonal and non season paragons. Paragon tracking is something it does very well with a lot of graphs and pie chart to permantely track your progress over time - even recording your best 3, 7 and 14 paragon speed records.

Despite paragons being the most mature and stable section of the site; it's not quite the main focus as paragon tracking isnt everybodies cup of tea. This is why other areas were explored such as builds and incorporating greater rift data. Clans was something which a lot of work as been put into but again not all that beneficial to those who isnt into that sort of thing.

Items rankings were added in fairly early at the launch of RoS and it went through many revisions to make it a fun and useful metric for those who want to compare item stats. I'll need to get back into developing these sections as it's been quite a while.

So, I've revisited developing Builds recently again as I see a lot of people like to view stats and items of players in the top greater rift positions. The number 1 builds are at the home page and the "Builds" section of the site now defaults to Season 4; allowing you to break builds down by specific elemental types as well. For the meantime, that's the current focus of the site.

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