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MrHectic-1158 stream
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Site Stats v12.0.0
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Item Datapoints5,718,749
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Diablo 3 Offline Mod...

22 : For me no offline wa...

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Crusader new build -...

1 : Looks like a fun bui...

Diablo 3 Offline Mod...

22 : For me no offline wa...

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Recent activity
World Pos. Power,Elem. DPS,Toughness
Updated 5 hero.Pos:2122,2079,2122
-wukong-1329 at 11 secs ago
Updated 11 hero.Pos:785,1677,800
-memo-2401 at 35 secs ago
Updated 1 hero.Pos:3489,996,7932
-kalastrian-2859 at 1 mins 9 secs ago
Updated 3 hero.Pos:8454,7091,1821
-SiCa-2110 at 1 mins 18 secs ago
Updated 3 hero.Pos:5299,3269,na
-cosmonova-6214 at 1 mins 35 secs ago
Updated 1 hero.Pos:3322,4607,79
-Bartenho-1296 at 1 mins 52 secs ago
Updated 1 hero.Pos:na,7050,na
-Xerg-1743 at 9 mins 14 secs ago
Updated 8 hero.Pos:919,1145,917
-pinkamen-2623 at 9 mins 28 secs ago
Updated 7 hero.Pos:794,2126,773
-monter-2565 at 10 mins 23 secs ago
Updated 1 hero.Pos:2262,2105,2342
-kjiril-2428 at 10 mins 43 secs ago
Updated 8 hero.Pos:391,246,2561
-Demilio-1730 at 12 mins 50 secs ago
Updated 4 hero.Pos:88,628,1275
-tkyani-1529 at 13 mins 15 secs ago
Updated 1 hero.Pos:na,na,4613
-wesker-2297 at 13 mins 29 secs ago
Updated 5 hero.Pos:9285,4886,7785
-Malabongwe-2508 at 13 mins 45 secs ago
Updated 5 hero.Pos:2813,1676,4541
-rockstar-6286 at 14 mins 1 secs ago

Top 5 : HC barbarian Power
1 Asheara 70 (623)517,269,998
2 蠻爺在此 70 (697)513,825,972
3 Eggroll 70 (503)513,503,734
4 arghhh 70 (621)502,133,205
5 Kaje 70 (445)489,688,834

Top 5 : HC barbarian DPS
1 muSPK 70 (578)4,659,199
2 regenmore 70 (314)4,032,875
3 SuperiorHC 70 (606)3,824,216
4 arghhh 70 (621)3,406,087
5 Eggroll 70 (503)3,333,858

Top 5 : HC barbarian EHP
1 Mercurial 70 (609)143,399,864
2 Dulokz 70 (491)134,908,748
3 GuessWho 70 (588)123,213,738
4 BabaBoomBoom 70 (431)120,288,735
5 Роголом 70 (363)118,539,482

Top 5 : HC barbarian Power
1 Asheara 70 (623)517,269,998
2 蠻爺在此 70 (697)513,825,972
3 Eggroll 70 (503)513,503,734
4 arghhh 70 (621)502,133,205
5 Kaje 70 (445)489,688,834

Top 5 : HC barbarian DPS
1 muSPK 70 (578)4,659,199
2 regenmore 70 (314)4,032,875
3 SuperiorHC 70 (606)3,824,216
4 arghhh 70 (621)3,406,087
5 Eggroll 70 (503)3,333,858

You : HC barbarian EHP
9996 Vinzent 60 (24)817,777
9997 AnotherDay 60 (10)817,484
9998 FatalPower 60 (188)817,462
9999 oldbarbJohn 60 (100)817,233
10000 Connavar 60 (80)817,226

Connavar (RIP) (MIA) LV:60 (333)

0 (0)

HC Sheet Info
Site Versionv11.2.1
Position at time 2 days 5 hrs 56 mins 56 secs

HC General Play Ladder
World class powerPOS 10000
World class dpsPOS 10000
World class ehpPOS 10000

HC D3L Clan
D3L Clan PowerPOS 7

HC Ladder Positions
BuildPOS 308
EU class powerPOS 10000
EU class dpsPOS 10000
EU class ehpPOS 6068
EU all powerPOS 10000
EU all dpsPOS 10000
EU all ehpPOS 10000
World all powerPOS 10000
World all dpsPOS 10000
World all ehpPOS 10000

Ladder Score v8

Unbuffed DPS
Total DPS0
Avg Damage1
Stat Modifier1810%
Critical Damage181%
Critical Chance22%
Bonus Elites0%
Total Elem. Dmg%0%

DPS Calculator
+1 Main stat
+1 Crit chance%
+1 Crit damage%
+1 APS%
+1 Damage

Base Effective Health Points
Total EHP817,226
All Res403.7
Other Res94 *1
Block Eff546.38% *2
Melee Red0%*3
Range Red6%*3
Elite Red0%*3
Life Steal0%
Life On Hit398
Life Regeneration0

*1.Total of other res. Weighted divide by 6
*2.Simulated block based off damage
*3.Reduction stats weighted divide by 3

EHP Calculator
+1 Str/Armour
+1 Dex
+1 Int
+1 All Res
+1 Other Res
+1 Vit
+1% Life%
+1% Block%
+1% Melee
+1% Ranged
+1% Elite

Adventure and updates
Additional Speed0%
Experience Gain%64%
Magic Find Gain%19%
Gold Find Gain%0%
Last played 142 days 17 hrs 39 mins 19 secs
Last sync 138 days 3 hrs 7 mins 50 secs
Datapoint taken*1101 days 18 hrs 31 mins 54 secs

*1 Permanent datapoints taken in 1hr intervals of manual import. Top players and streamers are automatically imported and updated in a regular basis.

Refresh Char

Character only import removed. Use accountwide imports via the bottom of your battletag page

eu : Views [2093] [ ghostwheel-2147 ] Confirmed belongs to ghostwheel

Color codes
Site Power
Site EHP
(world class positions)
Dalinar (HC)JaimGrymauch (HC)Kaladin (HC)GhostwheelX (HC)Nogusta (HC)HCMule (HC)GhostwhlVII (HC)GhostmuleIII (HC)IPlayHCInEU (HC)HCMuleII (HC)GhostwheelI (HC)GhostmuleII (HC)

Pos 291
Pos 373
Pos 59

Pos 2251
Pos 2803
Pos 194

Pos 5454
Pos 5438
Pos 4957

Pos 5783
Pos 5634
Pos 5599

Pos 10000
Pos 10000
Pos 10000

Pos 10000
Pos 10000
Pos 10000

Pos 10000
Pos 10000
Pos 7433

Pos 10000
Pos 10000
Pos 10000

Pos 10000
Pos 10000
Pos 10000

Pos 10000
Pos 10000
Pos 10000

Pos 10000
Pos 10000
Pos 10000

Pos 10000
Pos 10000
Pos 10000


Champion Rapture
click to view

Mempo of Twilight
Power : 5755

Nobility Star
click to view

Hand Sting
click to view

Blackthorne's Surcoat
Power : 4247

Left Finger
Hellfire Ring
Power : 3329

Unleashed Harness
click to view

Right Finger
Massacre Boon
click to view
Main Hand

Blackthorne's Jousting Mail
Power : 2659

Off Hand
Marauder Bulwark
click to view

Ice Climbers
Power : 3714

*Click on an item name for further details. Legendaries are ranked against a ladder, see the Legendaries section of the site for more details. There's a known javascript related bug which sometimes pop up the wrong item. Data and calculations are recorded correctly and you just need to refresh the browser to fix the display. Try moving the mouse slowly over links to view the pop ups.

Active and Passive Skills

Ruthless Weapons Master Inspiring Presence

Select Chart Type (click on datapoint to go back in time)

Interval Timezone

Build analysis for barbarian in (HC total 13)

Top Passives:
Superstition(0%), Inspiring Presence(0%), Unforgiving(0%), Tough as Nails(0%), Ruthless(0%),
Top Heros [Click here to see full list]:
1McHammerII 2Walgar 3Bonzo 4unicef 5Dialysis 6歸隱的神 7Bizarre 8尼瑪剛出門就 9LeRock 10YOLO 

Blog entry

  • Development Blog Post
  • by ghostwheel on 03/07/14 6:11 PM [ View all (9) ]
    Time to dust off this blog with some updates.

    Progress has been steady with quite a lot optimisation made in particular to the database to make things run more efficiently. The item database was getting rather large (still is) but at a much more controlled rate than before.

    Clans was something that I wanted to implement when I first heard about it months ago but it wasn't until recently that I've managed to find the time to properly implement a good working system.

    That update was also pushed back in the hope that we'd be getting Clan based stats from the API so I can automate this more easily. Unfortunately, since I don't see that we're going to be getting that data in the foreseeable future, we'll need to populate this ourselves.

    So I've tried to make this as easy as possible but at the same time mitigate spam data; It's fairly easy to do via the Clans section of the Diablo control panel - just input the list of battletags associated with your clan. Even if you're not an officer or clan leader, I encourage members of any clan to ask your clan officer for permission to maintain the list here. As an added bonus, clan members are automatically updated more regularly at 3 day intervals so clan based stats should be fresh. Clans also get their own forum board if they wish to make use of it.

    If there is enough interest with Clans then I'll move on to develop chart based progress tracking with time based datapoints like the rest of the site.

    Along with Clans is the site ability to start tracking Season characters - you'll see that extended Stats column to the left now shows 0 for 'Season heros' - that should increase if we start getting Season based API data. These Season and Clan based heroes are found via the 'Ladder' section; just select the relevant dropdown menu option.

    Patch 2.1 is going to introduce some fairly big changes that will require recalculating all Dex based heroes. That'll probably take around a day to crunch through our database.

    The site used to also keep track of how many campaign missions have been completed; the code is still in place and I may revisit reincorporating that feature back into the site. That may be quite useful in particular for Seasons.

    In addition to that, I have received many emails asking me for a more advanced calculator. I have already developed the code for a stats simulator and much of that code was used in the old Items section to simulate item efficiency against different classes.
    However, I removed it in favour of the Legendaries sections for two reasons - 1) nobody used or understood it and 2) It was killing the server.

    While I don't see things working as well as d3up - I think we'll get a good enough approximation to get the crux of what people are looking for. For the meantime, each character sheet already has a basic calculator found in the left column under DPS and EHP that will provide useful info as to what stat to aim for as an upgrade.

    Lastly, for those unaware, you should check out the wee site version link found under the BattleTag import form at the top left header banner for the latest updates. That will list the latest site updates as well as the latest calculation used for "Hero Power" (Formula at bottom of first post)

    [ View all (9) ]


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by ghostwheel on 279 days 18 hrs 52 mins 35 secs Stickied
Throw Barb in HC!
Here's a useful guide :
by ghostwheel on 272 days 14 hrs 43 mins 30 secs
I drew a giraffe with my DPS chart.
by ghostwheel on 279 days 18 hrs 54 mins 34 secs
Test comment 2
by ghostwhee1 on 279 days 18 hrs 55 mins 14 secs
Test comment!

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