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See all Top 5 : Normal Power
1 cvw 70 (624)29,580
2 南帝 70 (642)29,248
3 Lee 70 (707)28,831
4 Ecc 70 (420)26,623
5 blackhuge 70 (836)25,278

See all Top 5 : Normal DPS
1 BritneySpear 70 (708)4,911,778
2 meeko 70 (624)4,476,809
3 Касим 70 (693)4,340,418
4 Vanterius 70 (729)4,229,749
5 cvw 70 (624)4,212,526

See all Top 5 : Normal EHP
1 Kruk 70 (598)137,638,360
2 Psikolog 70 (569)131,923,790
3 Cryssis 70 (520)123,257,560
4 monko 70 (376)120,110,598
5 ATM 70 (542)117,106,259

You : Normal Power
19103 Mirzen 70 (241)1,185
19104 BufFy 70 (329)1,184
19105 디펜더 70 (510)1,184
19106 Kame 70 (650)1,184
19107 Ryuken 70 (204)1,184

You : Normal DPS
19784 武僧 70 (542)234,225
19785 LEE 70 (355)234,221
19786 JvéTniaiser 70 (244)234,212
19787 神裝都給我吧 70 (58)234,187
19788 Kame 70 (650)234,174

You : Normal EHP
14772 eve 70 (213)5,424,499
14773 TaintWarrior 70 (394)5,424,173
14774 Elektra 70 (473)5,424,080
14775 Chuck 70 (385)5,423,762
14776 Kame 70 (650)5,423,682

Kame (SC)
LV:70 (650)

Hero Power1,184
Burst DPS234,174

5 (1)
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Armoury at

SC Sheet Info
Site Versionv15.4.1
Position at time 4 days 8 hrs 56 mins 29 secs

SC World Class Ladder
World class PowerPOS 18831
World class Burst DPSPOS 19488
World class Elite DPSPOS 19896
World class Elemental DPSPOS 18811
World class Unbuffed DPSPOS 18639
World class EHPPOS 14597

Other Ladders
BuildPOS 1

SC Region Ladder
EU class PowerPOS 7407
EU class Burst DPSPOS 7855
EU class Elite DPSPOS 8042
EU class Elemental DPSPOS 7601
EU class Unbuffed DPSPOS 7555
EU class EHPPOS 5430

Ladder Power
Version v1.0.0 (Patch 2.1)

Power Calculator
+1 Paragon Lvl
+1 CD Reduc.%
+1 Res. Reduc.%
+10000 Burst DPS
+100000 EHP

DPS Stats (unbuffed)
Raw DPS174,042
* Elemental203,630
* Elite203,630
* Skills234,174
Avg Damage1510.75
Stat Modifier6030%
Critical Damage50%
Critical Chance20%
Bonus Elites0%
Skill Damage%15%
Splash Damage%21%
Cold Elem Dmg17%

DPS Calculator
(Adds DPS onto *skills value)
+1 Main stat
+1 Crit chance%
+1 Crit damage%
+1 APS%
+1 Damage
+1 Best Elemental%
+1 Elite%
+1 Best Skill%

RAW EHP (toughness)
Total EHP5,423,682
All Res391.7
Other Res303 *1
Block Eff0% *2
Melee Red6%*3
Range Red0%*3
Elite Red0%*3
Life Steal0%
Life On Hit3513
Life Regeneration864

*1.Total of other res. Weighted divide by 6
*2.Simulated block based off damage
*3.Reduction stats weighted divide by 3

EHP Calculator
+1 Str/Armour
+1 Dex
+1 Int
+1 All Res
+1 Other Res
+1 Vit
+1% Life%
+1% Block%
+1% Melee
+1% Ranged
+1% Elite

Other Stats
Power Cooldown0%
Resource Reduc0%
Crowd Control0%
Additional Speed23%
Experience Gain%0%
Magic Find Gain%0%
Gold Find Gain%0%
Last played 66 days 12 hrs 59 mins 21 secs
Last sync 48 days 18 hrs 39 mins 6 secs
Datapoint taken*148 days 18 hrs 39 mins

*1 Permanent datapoints taken in 1hr intervals of manual import. Top players and streamers are automatically imported and updated in a regular basis.

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Sunwuko's Balance
Power : 5437

Inna's Radiance
Power : 5174

Sunwuko's Shines
Power : 5880

Sunwuko's Paws
Power : 7053

Inna's Vast Expanse
Power : 6007

Ancient Parthan Defenders
Power : 5685
Left Finger

Vigilante Belt
Power : 3270
Right Finger

Main Hand
Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker
Power : 75629

Inna's Temperance
click to view

Off Hand
The Fist of Az'Turrasq
Power : 66972

Natalya's Bloody Footprints
Power : 4029

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Active and Passive Skills

The Flesh ... Forbidden ... Fists of F... Blinding S... Zephyr Soothing M...
Resolve Seize the Initiative Sixth Sense Unity

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Interval Timezone

Build analysis for monk in (SC total 1)

100% Blinding Speed
0% Dashing Strike
0% Way of the Falling Star
0% Quicksilver
0% Barrage
0% Radiance

100% Zephyr
0% Circle of Life
0% Circle of Scorn
0% Infused with Light
0% Breath of Heaven
0% Blazing Wrath

100% Fists of Fury
0% Hands of Lightning
0% Assimilation
0% Windforce Flurry
0% Blazing Fists
0% Way of the Hundred Fists

100% The Flesh is Weak
0% Essence Burn
0% Shocking Grasp
0% Strong Spirit
0% Impending Doom
0% Exploding Palm

100% Forbidden Palace
0% Temple of Protection
0% Intervene
0% Sanctified Ground
0% Inner Sanctuary
0% Safe Haven

100% Soothing Mist
0% Insight
0% Ascendance
0% Epiphany
0% Desert Shroud
0% Inner Fire
Top Passives:
Seize the Initiative(100%), Sixth Sense(100%), Unity(100%), Resolve(100%),
Top Heros and Gear [Click here to see full list]:

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by ghostwheel on 318 days 21 hrs 33 mins 41 secs
Cool monk! I was puzzled at first why there was only one data point at first for DPS as I remember you added all your characters a while ago. I recently made some changes to filter "zero" values which happens when you don't equip weapons - so that must be it (your EHP chart looks fine). I tend to forget items get switched out and swapped between characters sometimes as people play different classes over time.

Nice amulet craft as well! No matter how many times I craft, I can never get a trifecta, never mind one that has damage as well which makes yours a quadfecta I guess :D

by Kamisei on 319 days 11 hrs 56 mins 49 secs
MP10 monk

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