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See all Top 5 : Normal Power
1 Meltdown70 (669)80,153
2 奧莉維亞70 (690)74,574
3 Iria70 (679)73,988
4 DarkOne70 (491)73,482
5 Lusifer70 (737)71,998

See all Top 5 : Normal DPS
1 SUKO70 (829)8,716,157
2 DeePeeEss70 (813)8,495,103
3 Elize70 (843)7,828,060
4 Lenessia70 (883)7,364,916
5 Gilgamesh70 (914)6,998,176

See all Top 5 : Normal EHP
1 Géhenne70 (647)133,085,628
2 Gren70 (679)82,863,057
3 Dissolve70 (691)43,695,544
4 Sniper70 (612)35,063,544
5 HunterLord70 (609)25,469,344

You : Normal Power
6827 Tyrande70 (500)23,881
6828 Pörnchen70 (706)23,879
6829 Kunzer70 (620)23,875
6830 BoomBoomPow70 (480)23,874
6831 Kamisei70 (665)23,873

You : Normal DPS
27749 Kerry70 (644)1,941,882
27750 Darklight70 (585)1,941,850
27751 Shin70 (632)1,941,836
27752 Doldrad70 (412)1,941,830
27753 Kamisei70 (665)1,941,687

You : Normal EHP
16587 Бес70 (575)4,840,529
16588 XXL70 (359)4,840,409
16589 Marilyn70 (706)4,840,364
16590 일격필살70 (617)4,840,334
16591 Kamisei70 (665)4,840,316

Kamisei (SC)
<Praemium Callidus>
LV:70 (665)

Hero Power23,873
Burst DPS1,941,687

0 (0)
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Ladder Power
Version v1.3.1 (Patch 2.1.2)
Power 23,873
Paragon(s) 665
Cooldown 25.94
Gem Level(s) 120

Power Calculator
+1 Paragon Lvl
+1 CDR %
+1 Res Reduc%
+10000 DPS
+100000 EHP
+1 Gem Lvl

DPS Stats (unbuffed)
Raw DPS769,595
* Elemental923,513
* Elite1,339,094
* Skills1,941,687
Avg Damage1903.14
Stat Modifier8682%
Critical Damage362%
Critical Chance42%
Bonus Elites45%
Skill Damage%45%
Splash Damage%0%
Cold Elem Dmg20%

DPS Calculator
(Adds DPS onto *skills value)
+1 Main stat
+1 Crit Chc%
+1 Crit Dmg%
+1 APS%
+1 Damage
+1 Element%
+1 Elite%
+1 Skill%

RAW EHP (toughness)
Total EHP4,840,316
All Res336.7
Other Res1054
Block Eff0%
Melee Red0%
Range Red0%
Elite Red0%
Life Steal0%
Life On Hit0
Life Regen.0

EHP Calculator
+1 Str/Armour
+1 Dex
+1 Int
+1 All Res
+1 Other Res
+1 Vit
+1% Life
+1% Block
+1% Melee
+1% Ranged
+1% Elite

Other Stats
Crowd Control0%
Additional Speed12%
Experience Gain%0%
Magic Find Gain%0%
Gold Find Gain%0%
Last played 7 days 7 hrs
Last sync 6 days 23 hrs
Datapoint taken*16 days 23 hrs

*1 Permanent datapoints taken in 1hr intervals of manual import. Top players and streamers are automatically imported and updated in a regular basis.

eu : Views [1019] [ kamisei-2400 ]

Equipment - Click on a lvl70 Legendary Item to view ladder position. [Your Armoury]

Marauder's Spines
Power : 5705

Marauder's Visage
Power : 7153

The Star of Azkaranth
Power : 9472

Marauder's Gloves
Power : 8553

Marauder's Carapace
Power : 7019

Reaper's Wraps
Power : 7465

Left Finger
Stone of Jordan
Power : 9343

The Witching Hour
Power : 5388

Right Finger
Power : 8738

Main Hand
Power : 89524

Marauder's Encasement
Power : 6011

Off Hand
Bombadier's Rucksack
Power : 11484

Marauder's Treads
Power : 4700

*Click on an item name for further details. Legendaries are ranked against a ladder, see the Legendaries section of the site for more details. There's a known javascript related bug which sometimes pop up the wrong item. Data and calculations are recorded correctly and you just need to refresh the browser to fix the display. Try moving the mouse slowly over links to view the pop ups.

Active and Passive Skills

Punishment Spitfire T... Frost Arrow Tumble Maelstrom Wolf Compa...
Cull the Weak Custom Engineering Ballistics Awareness

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Interval Timezone

SC Sheet Info
Site Ver.v17.0.3
Position at time 6 days 23 hrs

SC World Class
World Power4305
World Burst DPS26652
World Raw DPS38694
World EHP14170

Other Ladders

SC Praemium Callidus Clan

SC Region Class
EU Power1944
EU Burst DPS11589
EU Raw DPS16985
EU EHP5649

Build analysis for demon-hunter in Normal - total 1113

69% Frost Arrow
23% Immolation Arrow
7% Ball Lightning
1% Nether Tentacles
0% Lightning Bolts
0% Elemental Arrow

60% Spitfire Turret
39% Polar Station
1% Impaling Bolt
0% Guardian Turret
0% Sentry
0% Chain of Torment

87% Tumble
7% Trail of Cinders
4% Rattling Roll
2% Action Shot
0% Vault
0% Acrobatics

93% Punishment
2% Backup Plan
2% Focused Mind
1% Invigoration
1% Battle Scars
0% Preparation

83% Wolf Companion
6% Bat Companion
5% Companion
4% Boar Companion
1% Ferret Companion
0% Spider Companion

63% Maelstrom
31% Loaded for Bear
5% Dazzling Arrow
1% Shooting Stars
0% Cluster Bombs
0% Cluster Arrow
Top Passives:
Cull the Weak(80%), Custom Engineering(79%), Awareness(65%), Ballistics(65%), Steady Aim(47%),
Top Heros and Gear order by Site Hero Power[Click here to see full list]:
1Domina 2SwaggidyYolo 3vatansvr 4Lulu 5Moisivenom 6PeaShooter 7Mouahaha 8AFKFARM 9HerCZD 10DemonHunter 

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