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Season 15 being populated

by ghostwheel on 21/10/18 2:32 PM
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Data from season 15 is currently being populated. There are various issues yet to be resolved concerning the changes to the API which has broken some of the features of the site but these may be looked into later on.

Basic functionality like paragon/speed tracking should still work however.

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(95,872,861,800,000 total exp)
Avg Champions Paragon (top 4)Lvl : 1191 (Pos 3728)
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softcore : worldwide greater rift positions in Season 15

RankBarbCrusaderDemon HWitch DocMonkWizardNecro2 Man3 Man4 Man
17270 see400040004000400040002131 see


hardcore : worldwide greater rift positions in Season 15

RankBarbCrusaderDemon HWitch DocMonkWizardNecro2 Man3 Man4 Man
5315 see400040004000400040004000992 see


Clan members with best DPS and POWER (aka Clan Champions)

monkPainMyke-17864,288,967see ladder
dhDisheartenDishearten-19343,502,528see ladder
wdNazeeboDishearten-19342,487,028see ladder
barbBrockKilvington-16632,339,362see ladder
wizAkaramonster-112732,319,476see ladder
necRyzeMyke-17861,758,088see ladder
crusMcHammermonster-11273992,559see ladder
monkPainMyke-1786107,083see ladder
wizWizDigitalz-1122268,848see ladder
dhPoohNahKneemonster-1127368,824see ladder
barbSpinKilvington-166348,040see ladder
wdNazeeboDishearten-193445,369see ladder
necRyzeMyke-178642,496see ladder
crusUtherDishearten-193418,790see ladder

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Demon Hunter
Witch Doctor

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Member count : 7

PosBattletagLvl  SC Grift
HC GRift
Best 1 Hander Best 2 Hander Last Logout
1Myke 1447 0 0 284,985 0 Wand of Woh
pos : 9331
Immortal Kin...
pos :na
394 d 22 h
2Digitalz 1280 0 0 152,103 0 Chantodo's Will
pos : na
Immortal Kin...
pos :na
662 d 22 h
3Dishearten 959 0 0 215,621 0 The Fist of ...
pos : 88
The Furnace
pos :368
917 d 9 h
4monster 891 0 0 196,309 12,556 Gesture of O...
pos : 323
Flying Dragon
pos :640
845 d 3 h
5grips 872 0 0 106,246 0 Lianna's Wings
pos : na
Stalgard's D...
pos :1547
712 d 12 h
6Kilvington 836 0 0 120,576 0 Natalya's Sl...
pos : 6453
The Gavel of...
pos :9276
898 d 12 h
7Mrthero 280 0 0 17,514 0 The Raven's ...
pos :2714
1008 d 18 h

Solo [ = Grift 1-3, = Grift 4-10, = Grift 11-100], = Grift 101-1000], = Seasonal, = Streamer

Historic Greater Rift Ranking Over Time

TypeDateRankBarbCrusaderDemon HWitch DocMonkWizardNecro2 Man3 Man4 Man
SC10 Nov 171822 40004000400040004000671


Era SC10 Nov 175077 400040004000400040003407

SC20 Mar 171043 329





Grift Score - this is a simple calculation where it is (rift level * 900) + remaining secs in last rift. Your overall player profile grift score (found at top of your profile) is the best score of any class in 2,3 and 4 group categories. Solo grift score is not used due to class imbalances. Clans do not use Grift scores, instead they use the worldwide ranking scores for all grift categories. The GR clan score is basically your clans best worldwide rank added together; so the lower the number the better.

DPS and Power are fun metrics for those who want to deck out your heroes and then compare them against other players in the clan or site. Power is similar to DPS but uses other metrics like recovery, ehp, paragons and even gem levels.

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