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Season 14 being populated

by ghostwheel on 19/06/18 1:03 PM
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Season 14 data was delayed due to broken API, we should have the data imported throughout the day and up to date.

Fixes are still being made to accommodate the other changes Blizzard made to the API.

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Season 14 being populated

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this build GR62 so far...
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Total Clan ParagonLvl : 1642
(66,161,906,100,000 total exp)
Avg Champions Paragon (top 4)Lvl : 1104 (Pos 3903)
(15,944,823,315,000 total exp)
World DPS Normal Champions*Pos 19396 (click to see)
(na avg DPS)
World Power Normal Champions*Pos 19395 (click to see)
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softcore : worldwide greater rift positions in Season 14

RankBarbCrusaderDemon HWitch DocMonkWizardNecro2 Man3 Man4 Man
1117 see40004000656 see

4000530 see


Clan members with best DPS and POWER (aka Clan Champions)

wdTeriTerialey-25852,687,462see ladder
dhLelouchEnemenemu-22942,466,714see ladder
wizDaenerysEnemenemu-22942,015,574see ladder
barbGonzoGonzo-29941,678,167see ladder
monkTeriTerialey-25851,549,242see ladder
crusExorzistSarganto-24271,229,885see ladder
wdTeriTerialey-258552,187see ladder
barbGonzoGonzo-299434,543see ladder
wizDaenerysEnemenemu-229428,945see ladder
monkTeriTerialey-258521,733see ladder
dhTerialeyTerialey-258521,271see ladder
crusExorzistSarganto-242720,163see ladder

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Demon Hunter
Witch Doctor

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Member count : 6

PosBattletagLvl  SC Grift
HC GRift
Best 1 Hander Best 2 Hander Last Logout
1Tziop 1567 0 0 0 0 118 d 20 h
2Gonzo 794 0 0 52,464 22,486 Wildwood
pos : 3165
Immortal Kin...
pos :na
781 d 9 h
3Enemenemu 740 0 0 74,099 59,231 Starfire
pos : 439
pos :2531
992 d 20 h
4Terialey 716 0 0 111,039 29,379 Natalya's Sl...
pos : na
The Grandfather
pos :70
806 d 10 h
5Sarganto 708 0 0 43,303 0 Bul-Kathos's...
pos : 3878
The Furnace
pos :na
783 d 15 h
6Raxus 636 0 0 84,007 26,054 Shenlong's F...
pos : na
SuWong Diviner
pos :8648
800 d 15 h

Solo [ = Grift 1-3, = Grift 4-10, = Grift 11-100], = Grift 101-1000], = Seasonal, = Streamer

Historic Greater Rift Ranking Over Time

TypeDateRankBarbCrusaderDemon HWitch DocMonkWizardNecro2 Man3 Man4 Man
SC24 Jun 184320 40004000400040004000261

SC21 Jun 182921 4000400040004000400097



Grift Score - this is a simple calculation where it is (rift level * 900) + remaining secs in last rift. Your overall player profile grift score (found at top of your profile) is the best score of any class in 2,3 and 4 group categories. Solo grift score is not used due to class imbalances. Clans do not use Grift scores, instead they use the worldwide ranking scores for all grift categories. The GR clan score is basically your clans best worldwide rank added together; so the lower the number the better.

DPS and Power are fun metrics for those who want to deck out your heroes and then compare them against other players in the clan or site. Power is similar to DPS but uses other metrics like recovery, ehp, paragons and even gem levels.

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