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Season 13 Being Populated

by ghostwheel on 25/02/18 10:30 AM
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Season 13 data is currently being populated and everything should be in sync within a day

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Season 13 Being Populated

0 : Season 13 data is current...

Season 13 Being Populated

0 : Season 13 is currently be...

Leaderboards update fix

0 : Leaderboards are out of s...

Incorect Grifts Records !

1 : Using old Era records, th...

New Era Greater Rift Rank...

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Still looking for bett...
gr65 inna pet monk
this build GR62 so far...
good build for a pet m...
I'm king of DH!

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World Pos. Power,Elem. DPS,Toughness
Updated 3 hero.Pos:12090,20785,20135 -Roger-3730
Updated 11 hero.Pos:50001,50001,na -啊貓啦-3944
Updated 10 hero.Pos:1,1,129174 -Shirohige-2429
Updated 5 hero.Pos:1,1,7404 -사랑해-31276
Updated 4 hero.Pos:1,1,na -Raigar-1641

Viewing Clan : Oh Lieber Affen Furz<OLAF>

Total Clan ParagonLvl : 1233
(24,743,912,040,000 total exp)
Avg Champions Paragon (top 4)Lvl : 0 (Pos 7137)
(0 total exp)
World DPS Hardcore Champions*Pos 7039 (click to see)
(na avg DPS)
World Power Hardcore Champions*Pos 7039 (click to see)
(na avg power)
Clan leaders may attach a forum thread here to describe their clan at this section, this includes updating the site with a real tag to be used. Register and link your diablo account first, then just post a thread into the Clans Details board (you may use full BBcode formating). If you wish to make use of a full forum board then please read this

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Clan members with best DPS and POWER (aka Clan Champions)

wizmaggimaggi-24652,241,542see ladder
dhCypraCypra-24841,999,140see ladder
necNekomancerElro-29841,578,521see ladder
barbHeldenklasseElro-2984830,508see ladder
crusTankerinaElro-2984546,615see ladder
monkMonkykongElro-2984421,875see ladder
wdCypraCypra-2484329,398see ladder
dhmaggimaggi-246567,520see ladder
necNekomancerElro-298462,856see ladder
wizmaggimaggi-246551,940see ladder
crusHornythornyElro-298430,727see ladder
barbHeldenklasseElro-298416,973see ladder
monkMonkykongElro-298414,696see ladder
wdCypraCypra-24843,338see ladder

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Member count : 4

PosBattletagLvl  SC Grift
HC GRift
Best 1 Hander Best 2 Hander Last Logout
1Cypra 1043 0 0 93,589 58,411 Karlei's Point
pos : 483
Yang's Recurve
pos :na
104 d 8 h
2Elro 912 0 0 87,551 133,633 Thunderfury,...
pos : 278
Corrupted As...
pos :3107
104 d 8 h
3Imlicht 898 0 0 3,654 77,454 The Slanderer
pos : 2375
The Gavel of...
pos :na
103 d 18 h
4maggi 889 0 0 62,343 119,460 In-geom
pos : na
Yang's Recurve
pos :na
103 d 18 h

Solo [ = Grift 1-3, = Grift 4-10, = Grift 11-100], = Grift 101-1000], = Seasonal, = Streamer

Historic Greater Rift Ranking Over Time

TypeDateRankBarbCrusaderDemon HWitch DocMonkWizardNecro2 Man3 Man4 Man
HC29 Nov 17514 116




HC13 Nov 17328 67





HC11 Nov 17777 284





Grift Score - this is a simple calculation where it is (rift level * 900) + remaining secs in last rift. Your overall player profile grift score (found at top of your profile) is the best score of any class in 2,3 and 4 group categories. Solo grift score is not used due to class imbalances. Clans do not use Grift scores, instead they use the worldwide ranking scores for all grift categories. The GR clan score is basically your clans best worldwide rank added together; so the lower the number the better.

DPS and Power are fun metrics for those who want to deck out your heroes and then compare them against other players in the clan or site. Power is similar to DPS but uses other metrics like recovery, ehp, paragons and even gem levels.

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