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Season 11 Leaderboards Live + Necromancer Stats

by ghostwheel on 21/07/17 1:15 PM
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Imports have been switched back on. Season 11 leaderboards along with Necromancer stats are live and being populated.

Simply enter your battletag on the form above and press the Red Import button on the next page to have your account ranked into our leaderboards.

Have fun.

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Active heroes - Season 11

RealmServerNameLevelClassRift ScorePowerBurst DPSEHPCDR%Last played
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Active heroes non season

RealmServerNameLevelClassRift ScorePowerBurst DPSEHPCDR%Last played
SCFeugn 70 (1620)dh0116,9233,650,8968,143,8032099 d 4 h
SCPUSH 70 (1620)monk095,0693,583,51514,102,1190160 d 21 h
SCMONKTX 70 (1620)monk086,8793,401,67917,235,26220156 d 23 h
SCspeeeeds 70 (1620)wiz060,3011,892,2337,733,40239149 d 21 h
SCFeugn 70 (1620)barb048,6692,276,16210,511,93615584 d 5 h
SCFeugn 70 (1620)wiz044,8811,224,94811,937,48043469 d 10 h
SCPEXPEXPEX 70 (1620)wiz037,2031,910,9728,750,7084399 d 18 h
SCFeugn 70 (1620)dh08,333610,4986,441,03020146 d 21 h
SCSUPP 70 (1620)monk07,820209,68629,441,44352168 d 22 h
SCImhelping 70 (1620)monk06,668209,11627,390,3635099 d 21 h
SCFeugn 70 (1620)wd05,615565,3959,968,5990250 d
SCFeugn 70 (1620)crus05,296400,14825,979,27613887 d 22 h

Missing in action heroes

RealmServerNameLevelClassRift ScorePowerBurst DPSEHPCDR%Last played
SC (mia)Feugn 70 (1620)monk044,9621,930,04715,568,31420169 d 6 h
SC (mia)Feugn 70 (1620)dh022,6252,838,4393,162,88718725 d 6 h
SC (mia)Feugn 70 (1620)barb010,533603,02825,208,69830563 d 4 h
SC (mia)Feugn 70 (1620)wiz06,234757,7728,540,465181055 d 9 h
SC (mia)Feugn 70 (1620)wd020869,8523,457,44681062 d 7 h
HC(rip) (mia)Feugn 70 (217)dh08,089805,0087,959,4760902 d 1 h
HC(rip) (mia)Feugn 70 (217)crus07,389479,98725,794,49201056 d 9 h
HC(rip) (mia)ILLNEVERDIE 70 (217)wd04,274579,9527,884,51314205 d 12 h

Graveyard of the dead

ServerNameLevelClassRift PosPowerBurst DPSEHPCDR%Died onKillsKilled By

None found