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Leaderboards update fix

by ghostwheel on 10/02/18 10:29 AM
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Leaderboards are out of sync by 3 days due to the last maintenance. Things should be back to normal within a day.

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Paragon 1026 to 1027 requires 51,057,120,000 EXP

Date (UCT)EXPParagons
17/02/18 11:59 11,567,025,600,0001026
13/02/18 09:35 8,728,275,840,000 (+2,838,749,760,000)966 (+784)
12/02/18 10:49 8,483,255,520,000 (+245,020,320,000)960 (+462)
11/02/18 10:01 7,443,202,320,000 (+1,040,053,200,000)935 (+661)
EXP per day during above period : 663,917,655,264 (P608 p/d)
* milestone ETAs using exp from 7 day best run. Import to plot progress
(S0 + S12) P1100 ETA*  618,199,851,429* exp per day will take 6.7 days
4,134,059,640,000 out of 15,704,679,480,000 to go
*Best EXP range from 10/02/18 12:11 to 17/02/18 12:11
S12 P700 ETA*  108,968,348,571 exp per day will take 5.8 days
629,862,240,000 out of 1,450,281,480,000 to go
*Best EXP range from 08/02/18 11:29 to 15/02/18 11:29
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