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Leaderboards update fix

by ghostwheel on 10/02/18 10:29 AM
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Leaderboards are out of sync by 3 days due to the last maintenance. Things should be back to normal within a day.

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Leaderboards update fix

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Normal group GRift score is 0 (pos 50000+) and hardcore group GRift score is 249,067 (pos 1900).
Play in all non solo GRift groups to increase GRift score. See GRift tab below for breakdown of points
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Quin69-1336 armoury : most powerful legendaries of all time

Click on item to view item ladder position and more detailed item information such as legendary max stats. The best of your latest season items are found at the bottom. Click on the button just below to get a forum signature that can be used in any site that uses BBcode

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8 most powerful 2-handers

PosItem LinkOwnerPower
1 Inna's ReachQuin69158,643
2 Inna's ReachQuin69158,643
3 Inna's ReachQuin69147,986
4 The FurnaceQuin69147,532
5 Incense Torch of the...Quin69145,690
6 Incense Torch of the...Quin69144,854
7 Inna's ReachQuin69143,638
8 Incense Torch of the...Quin69142,307

8 most powerful 1-handers

PosItem LinkOwnerPower
1 AzurewrathQuin69109,968
2 AzurewrathQuin69109,856
3 Serpent's SparkerQuin69107,252
4 In-geomQuin69106,821
5 Vengeful WindQuin69106,533
6 In-geomQuin69106,211
7 Born's Furious WrathQuin69106,108
8 Born's Furious WrathQuin69106,070

5 most powerful Bows/Crossbows

PosItem LinkOwnerPower
1 Yang's RecurveQuin6993,650
2 The Raven's WingQuin6992,803
3 ManticoreQuin6987,789
4 Unbound BoltQuin690

5 most powerful Orb/Mojo/Quiver

PosItem LinkOwnerPower
1 Holy Point ShotQuin6914,087
2 Zunimassa's String o...Quin6914,062
3 Firebird's EyeQuin6913,625
4 Uhkapian SerpentQuin6913,102
5 Firebird's EyeQuin6913,036

5 most powerful Amulets

PosItem LinkOwnerPower
1 Eye of EtlichQuin6913,745
2 Sunwuko's ShinesQuin6913,624
3 The Traveler's PledgeQuin6913,512
4 Hellfire AmuletQuin6913,508
5 Mara's KaleidoscopeQuin6913,494

5 most powerful Rings

PosItem LinkOwnerPower
1 Stone of JordanQuin6910,790
2 Stone of JordanQuin6910,644
3 Stone of JordanQuin6910,330
4 Stone of JordanQuin6910,264
5 Stone of JordanQuin6910,096

10 most powerful armours

PosItem LinkOwnerPower
1 Tzo Krin's GazeQuin6922,443
2 Tzo Krin's GazeQuin6922,443
3 Tzo Krin's GazeQuin6922,277
4 Trag'Oul's Corroded ...Quin6922,200
5 Tzo Krin's GazeQuin6921,438
6 Tzo Krin's GazeQuin6921,265
7 Tzo Krin's GazeQuin6920,987
8 Tzo Krin's GazeQuin6920,935
9 Tzo Krin's GazeQuin6920,602
10 Gyana Na KashuQuin6918,283

5 most powerful Shields

PosItem LinkOwnerPower
1 Lidless WallQuin6910,068
2 StormshieldQuin698,102
3 JekangbordQuin697,647
4 Guard of JohannaQuin697,603
5 StormshieldQuin697,481

Quin69-1336 armoury : most powerful legendaries in season 12

8 most powerful 2-handers

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8 most powerful 1-handers

PosItem LinkOwnerPower
1 In-geomQuin69104,010
2 The SlandererQuin6998,202
3 Kyoshiro's BladeQuin6998,139
4 Kyoshiro's BladeQuin6997,631
5 Kyoshiro's BladeQuin6997,631
6 Little RogueQuin6997,380
7 Kyoshiro's BladeQuin6996,020
8 Karlei's PointQuin6994,513

5 most powerful Bows/Crossbows

None Import Now

5 most powerful Orb/Mojo/Quiver

PosItem LinkOwnerPower
1 Holy Point ShotQuin6914,087
2 Holy Point ShotQuin6911,782
3 Emimei's DuffelQuin696,641

5 most powerful Amulets

PosItem LinkOwnerPower
1 Sunwuko's ShinesQuin6913,310
2 Sunwuko's ShinesQuin6912,001
3 The Traveler's PledgeQuin6911,869
4 Mara's KaleidoscopeQuin6910,827
5 The Traveler's PledgeQuin698,562

5 most powerful Rings

PosItem LinkOwnerPower
1 The Compass RoseQuin698,870
2 Elusive RingQuin698,539
3 Avarice BandQuin698,307
4 Obsidian Ring of the...Quin698,227
5 UnityQuin698,200

10 most powerful armours

PosItem LinkOwnerPower
1 Tzo Krin's GazeQuin6922,277
2 Tzo Krin's GazeQuin6920,935
3 The Shadow's GraspQuin6910,030
4 Sunwuko's PawsQuin699,463
5 Sunwuko's PawsQuin698,782
6 Inna's HoldQuin698,124
7 Pinto's PrideQuin698,107
8 The Shadow's GraspQuin698,105
9 Sunwuko's PawsQuin698,105
10 The Shadow's GraspQuin698,105

5 most powerful Shields

PosItem LinkOwnerPower
1 JekangbordQuin694,908