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Season 15 being populated

by ghostwheel on 21/10/18 2:32 PM
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Data from season 15 is currently being populated. There are various issues yet to be resolved concerning the changes to the API which has broken some of the features of the site but these may be looked into later on.

Basic functionality like paragon/speed tracking should still work however.

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SCConan 70 (2844)barb00023,970017877 d 18 h

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SCCroom 70 (5199)wd00016,727017877 d 18 h
SCDocKrom 70 (5199)wd00016,727017877 d 18 h
SCConan 70 (5199)barb98,7650023,970017877 d 18 h
SCHeals 70 (5199)monk00023,970017877 d 18 h
SCHeals 70 (5199)monk126,0440023,970017877 d 18 h
SCKrom 70 (5199)wd00016,727017877 d 18 h
SCDeadCraum 70 (5199)nec00016,727017877 d 18 h
SCTwirl 70 (5199)barb00023,970017877 d 18 h
SCNeKROMancer 70 (5199)nec00016,727017877 d 18 h
SCDocKrom 70 (5199)wd00016,727017877 d 18 h
SCSparkleKrom 70 (5199)wiz00016,727017877 d 18 h
SCDoctorSexxy 70 (5199)wd00016,727017877 d 18 h
SCKrom 70 (5199)wd00016,727017877 d 18 h

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RealmServerNameLevelClassRift ScorePowerBurst DPSEHPCDR%Last played
SC (mia)Krom 70 (5199)wd00028,1480317 d 20 h
SC (mia)DocCraum 70 (5199)wd00016,7270317 d 20 h

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