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Site is currently being prepped for season 17

by ghostwheel on 18/05/19 11:57 AM
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Site is currently being prepped for season 17 which is live since the 17th of May.

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JamboS (SC) crusaa (SC) WISSU (SC) JamboS (SC) barbaari (SC) JamboS (SC) sahkojaba (SC) Jambo (SC) HOMONAAMA (SC) JamBouu (HC) JamBouuu (HC) RiP (HC) ripperiino (HC) asdas (HC) nekru (HC) rip (HC) SSFJambo (HC) Jambo (HC) neekeri (RIP) LetsGoDieeee (HC) ripperiino (HC) morepara (HC) moreparaa (HC) asdsafasdsa (HC) asdasd (SC) speedspam (SC) solo (SC) xDD (SC) JamBo (SC) barb (SC) EnterHeroNam (SC) aasd (SC) adasdf (SC) asd (SC) asdaaa (SC) perkele (SC) SSF (HC) Thorns (HC) keys (HC) Jambo (SC) ratratrat (SC) wizzu (SC)

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Active heroes - Season 17

RealmServerNameLevelClassRift ScorePowerBurst DPSEHPCDR%Last played
SCJambo 70 (1614)dh98,1960016,779018041 d 17 h
SCratratrat 70 (1614)nec00016,727018041 d 17 h
SCwizzu 70 (1614)wiz452,3310016,727018041 d 17 h

Active heroes non season

RealmServerNameLevelClassRift ScorePowerBurst DPSEHPCDR%Last played
SCJamboS 70 (3980)nec039,2291,680,2209,246,27448516 d 2 h
SCcrusaa 70 (3980)crus028,2911,396,13818,334,04533521 d 7 h
SCWISSU 70 (3980)wiz068115,907397,99410509 d 9 h
SCbarb 70 (3980)barb00023,970018041 d 17 h
SCJamboS 70 (3980)dh00016,779018041 d 17 h
SCadasdf 70 (3980)dh00016,779018041 d 17 h
SCperkele 70 (3980)monk00023,970018041 d 17 h
SCsahkojaba 70 (3980)wiz00000598 d
SCasdasd 70 (3980)dh00016,779018041 d 17 h
SCxDD 70 (3980)nec00016,727018041 d 17 h
SCEnterHeroNam 70 (3980)wiz00016,727018041 d 17 h
SCbarbaari 70 (3980)barb00023,970018041 d 17 h
SCasd 70 (3980)dh00016,779018041 d 17 h
SCJambo 70 (3980)dh00016,779018041 d 17 h
SCspeedspam 70 (3980)barb00023,970018041 d 17 h
SCJamBo 70 (3980)dh00016,779018041 d 17 h
SCaasd 70 (3980)dh00016,779018041 d 17 h
SCJamboS 70 (3980)monk00023,970018041 d 17 h
SCasdaaa 70 (3980)dh00016,779018041 d 17 h
SCHOMONAAMA 70 (3980)wiz00016,727018041 d 17 h
SCsolo 70 (3980)crus00023,970018041 d 17 h
HCkeys 70 (2572)dh00016,779018041 d 17 h
HCJamBouu 70 (2572)monk00023,970018041 d 17 h
HCripperiino 70 (2572)barb00023,970018041 d 17 h
HCrip 70 (2572)dh00016,779018041 d 17 h
HC(rip)neekeri 70 (2572)nec00016,727018041 d 17 h
HCmorepara 67 (2572)nec00012,881018041 d 17 h
HCSSF 70 (2572)crus00023,970018041 d 17 h
HCJamBouuu 70 (2572)crus00023,970018041 d 17 h
HCasdas 70 (2572)monk00023,970018041 d 17 h
HCSSFJambo 70 (2572)dh00016,779018041 d 17 h
HCLetsGoDieeee 70 (2572)monk00023,970018041 d 17 h
HCmoreparaa 70 (2572)nec00016,727018041 d 17 h
HCThorns 70 (2572)crus00023,970018041 d 17 h
HCRiP 70 (2572)dh00016,779018041 d 17 h
HCnekru 70 (2572)nec00016,727018041 d 17 h
HCJambo 70 (2572)crus00023,970018041 d 17 h
HCripperiino 70 (2572)nec00016,727018041 d 17 h
HCasdsafasdsa 70 (2572)wiz00016,727018041 d 17 h

Missing in action heroes

RealmServerNameLevelClassRift ScorePowerBurst DPSEHPCDR%Last played
None found - may need to reimport to see (click here then press red button)

Graveyard of the dead

ServerNameLevelClassRift PosPowerBurst DPSEHPCDR%Died onKillsKilled By

None found