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Site is currently being prepped for season 17

by ghostwheel on 18/05/19 11:57 AM
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Site is currently being prepped for season 17 which is live since the 17th of May.

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SCGarik 70 (2731)monk00023,970018064 d 3 h
SCГригорий 70 (2731)nec00016,727018064 d 3 h
SCМариус 70 (2731)nec0000018064 d 3 h
SCПросковья 70 (2731)wd0000018064 d 3 h
SCСапфира 70 (2731)wiz00016,727018064 d 3 h
SCШурочка 70 (2731)monk0000018064 d 3 h
SCVasiliy 70 (2731)barb0000018064 d 3 h
SCЖорик 70 (2731)dh00016,779018064 d 3 h
SCМона 70 (2731)monk00023,970018064 d 3 h
SCРичард 70 (2731)crus0000018064 d 3 h
SCТихон 70 (2731)wd0000018064 d 3 h
SCенпав 70 (2731)wiz0000018064 d 3 h
SCВарвара 70 (2731)barb0000018064 d 3 h
SCЗахар 70 (2731)wd0000018064 d 3 h
SCПандора 70 (2731)dh0000018064 d 3 h
SCСанёк 70 (2731)monk0000018064 d 3 h
SCШурик 70 (2731)monk0000018064 d 3 h

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RealmServerNameLevelClassRift ScorePowerBurst DPSEHPCDR%Last played
HC(rip) (mia)Эрагон 69 (2)wiz000001228 d 6 h

Graveyard of the dead

ServerNameLevelClassRift PosPowerBurst DPSEHPCDR%Died onKillsKilled By
Эрагон 69 (2)wizardna00001228 d 6 h 0unknown