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Season 19 being populated

by ghostwheel on 05/12/19 12:54 PM
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Season 19 data is currently being populated

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Season 19 being populated

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this build GR62 so far...
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HCВЦнеПовер 70 (4183)nec00016,727018452 d 5 h
HCДНЛповер 70 (4183)nec00016,727018452 d 5 h
HCКусочекМас 70 (4183)barb00023,970018452 d 5 h
HCПукинатор 70 (4183)nec00016,727018452 d 5 h
HCСоСаня 70 (4183)barb00023,970018452 d 5 h
HCВалетрусий 70 (4183)barb00023,970018452 d 5 h
HCДядяВЭДЭУ 70 (4183)wd00016,727018452 d 5 h
HCНовосиб 70 (4183)nec00016,727018452 d 5 h
HCСоСаняВтор 70 (4183)barb00023,970018452 d 5 h
HCБункаВедьм 70 (4183)barb00023,970018452 d 5 h
HCВерниСотку 70 (4183)nec00016,727018452 d 5 h
HCИчПукВторо 70 (4183)barb00023,970018452 d 5 h
HCПоехавший 70 (4183)barb135,4380023,970018452 d 5 h
HCЧаечкаВтор 70 (4183)barb00023,970018452 d 5 h

Active heroes non season

RealmServerNameLevelClassRift ScorePowerBurst DPSEHPCDR%Last played
HCАААА 70 (3513)dh00016,779018452 d 5 h

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