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Season 16 being prepped

by ghostwheel on 17/01/19 10:28 AM
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Site is currently being prepped for season 16 which happens tomorrow at 5pm localtime at each server. Era 11 is currently being populated also.

Various fixes are in place to get the site working again as there has been changes to the API also.

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Active heroes - Season 16

RealmServerNameLevelClassRift ScorePowerBurst DPSEHPCDR%Last played
SCShadowman 70 (2231)dh105,3240016,779017977 d
SCPalagon 70 (2231)monk00023,970017977 d
SCLoN 70 (2231)nec00016,727017977 d
SCEXP 70 (2231)dh00016,779017977 d
SCEXPP 70 (2231)dh00016,779017977 d
SCPlayTest 70 (2231)crus00023,970017977 d
SCxpman 70 (2231)dh00016,779017977 d
SCChallenge 70 (2231)barb00023,970017977 d
SCmain 70 (2231)crus00023,970017977 d
SCbox 70 (2231)dh00016,779017977 d
SCEXPPPP 70 (2231)dh00016,779017977 d
SCEXPPPPP 70 (2231)dh00016,779017977 d
SCEXPPP 70 (2231)dh00016,779017977 d
SCNoodleMan 70 (2231)nec82,9970016,727017977 d
SCLowPragon 70 (2231)barb00023,970017977 d
SCTheWorld 70 (2231)wd00016,727017977 d
SCJoyboy 70 (2231)wd94,5740016,727017977 d
SCpurupurupuru 70 (2231)crus00023,970017977 d
SCEXPPPPPPP 70 (2231)dh00016,779017977 d
SCEXPPPPPP 70 (2231)dh00016,779017977 d
SCcrucrucru 70 (2231)crus00023,970017977 d
SCVicViper 70 (2231)wiz100,0160016,727017977 d
SCpush 70 (2231)crus108,9960023,970017977 d
SCPLmachine 70 (2231)dh00016,779017977 d

Active heroes non season

RealmServerNameLevelClassRift ScorePowerBurst DPSEHPCDR%Last played
SCLadyHarken 70 (1155)barb033,0512,676,4958,950,58524438 d 9 h
SCMasterAsia 70 (1155)dh00016,779017977 d
SCPeach 70 (1155)monk00023,970017977 d
SCMaria 70 (1155)crus00023,970017977 d
SCMoon 70 (1155)nec00016,727017977 d
SCSnowWhite 70 (1155)wd00016,727017977 d
SCCaffeine 70 (1155)wiz00016,727017977 d
HCLostConect 70 (2234)dh100,9820016,779017977 d
HCLoadBritish 70 (2187)dh00016,779017977 d
HCJugglerCore 70 (2187)nec00016,727017977 d
HCmusic 70 (2187)barb100,8090023,970017977 d
HCYobi 70 (2234)crus00023,970017977 d
HCpush 70 (2187)crus00023,970017977 d
HCNetworkError 70 (2234)crus00023,970017977 d
HCPower 70 (2187)wd00016,727017977 d
HCSuperSub 70 (2234)wiz00016,727017977 d
HCEnjoy 70 (2187)monk00023,970017977 d
HCtest 70 (2234)wd00016,727017977 d
HCLance 70 (2234)nec00016,727017977 d
HCstash 70 (2234)crus00023,970017977 d
HCHanako 70 (2234)dh00016,779017977 d
HCTwo 70 (2234)wd00016,727017977 d
HCMetallion 70 (2187)barb00023,970017977 d
HCDisconnect 70 (2187)monk00023,970017977 d
HCDisconnect 70 (2234)crus00023,970017977 d
HCYesman 70 (2187)crus68,2840023,970017977 d
HCsouko 70 (2234)wd00016,727017977 d
HCXYZZY 70 (2187)barb00023,970017977 d
HCNRandBounty 70 (2234)dh00016,779017977 d
HCStarpact 70 (2187)wiz0000017977 d
HCCarpainter 70 (2234)barb00023,970017977 d
HCStarman 70 (2187)wiz00016,727017977 d
HCNRandBounty 70 (2234)wiz00016,727017977 d
HCBomber 70 (2234)dh00016,779017977 d
HCrun 70 (2234)crus00023,970017977 d
HCBackpack 70 (2234)wd00016,727017977 d
HCVicViper 70 (2187)dh00016,779017977 d
HCCoveredCore 70 (2187)wd00016,727017977 d
HCOneMore 70 (2187)wiz00016,727017977 d
HCBatman 70 (2234)wd00016,727017977 d
HCABC 70 (2187)nec00016,727017977 d
HCBcdmnww 70 (2234)wiz00016,727017977 d
HCBounty 70 (2187)dh101,8720016,779017977 d
HCLove 70 (2234)dh00016,779017977 d
HCOneweek 70 (2187)wd99,0530016,727017977 d
HCLastSeason 70 (2234)wd00016,727017977 d
HCStarman 70 (2187)wiz00016,727017977 d
HCBatman 70 (2234)wd00016,727017977 d
HCGemup 70 (2234)crus00023,970017977 d
HCSouko 70 (2234)wiz00016,727017977 d

Missing in action heroes

RealmServerNameLevelClassRift ScorePowerBurst DPSEHPCDR%Last played
SC (mia)Teresa 70 (791)crus0542126,0304,678,7658520 d 12 h
HC(rip) (mia)MasterAsia 70 (2187)monk0160,7083,179,35312,514,23526444 d 8 h
HC(rip) (mia)BubbleCore 70 (2187)wiz029,5601,702,70412,237,2540438 d 11 h
HC(rip) (mia)ShiningCore 70 (2187)crus027,0261,279,6869,127,65139440 d 16 h
HC(rip) (mia)VicViper 70 (2187)dh08,083590,0648,427,30811496 d 22 h
HC(rip) (mia)RainWoman 70 (2187)dh02,613360,7027,217,0545498 d 17 h
HC(rip) (mia)Revive 62 (2187)barb0293256,435804,2614498 d 16 h
HC(rip) (mia)CoveredCore 70 (2187)wd00016,7270484 d 23 h

Graveyard of the dead

ServerNameLevelClassRift PosPowerBurst DPSEHPCDR%Died onKillsKilled By
MasterAsia 70 (2187)monkna160,7083,179,35312,514,23526444 d 8 h 5330unknown
ShiningCore 70 (2187)crusaderna27,0261,279,6869,127,65139440 d 16 h 5981unknown
BubbleCore 70 (2187)wizardna29,5601,702,70412,237,2540438 d 11 h 10395unknown