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Season 16 being prepped

by ghostwheel on 17/01/19 10:28 AM
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Site is currently being prepped for season 16 which happens tomorrow at 5pm localtime at each server. Era 11 is currently being populated also.

Various fixes are in place to get the site working again as there has been changes to the API also.

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19/10/17 07:26 887,286,365,652,0003902
18/10/17 08:07 887,286,365,652,0003902
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S16 P700 ETA*  132,245,331,429 exp per day will take 3.2 days
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1 Wand of WohKaza119,658
1 Voo's JuicerБРАТАН117,411
1 Deadly Rebirth奪命后里蟹117,411
PItem LinkOwnerPower
1 The Gavel of JudgmentNemesiS471,949
1 Golden Flense짱구173,709
1 Blade of the TribesRallits172,197
1 Balancebro169,222
1 Inna's ReachNABI165,847