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Season 9 Live

by ghostwheel on 02/01/17 11:04 AM
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Update 07 / 01 :Imports have been activated and greater rift data is currently being populated.Update 06 / 01 :Imports have been switched off until we are fully rolled out across the world-------Season 9 will begin on these dates: North America: Friday, January 6 @ 5:00 p.m. PST Europe: Friday, January 6 @ 5:00 p.m. CET Asia: Friday, January 6 @ 5:00 p.m. KSTImports will be disabled on t below to view rest of article...

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Paragon 960 to 961 requires 42,978,720,000 EXP

Date (UCT)EXPParagons
11/01/17 19:34 8,496,706,680,000960
08/01/17 11:00 1,670,776,920,000 (+6,825,929,760,000)717 (+919)
EXP per day during above period : 1,991,006,987,619 (P739 p/d)
* milestone ETAs using exp from 7 day best run. Import to plot progress
(S0 + S9) P2400 ETA*  975,132,822,857* exp per day will take 8.2 days
7,996,876,320,000 out of 198,473,690,580,000 to go
*Best EXP range from 08/01/17 11:00 to 15/01/17 11:00
S9 P1000 ETA*  975,132,822,857 exp per day will take 1.9 days
1,814,620,800,000 out of 10,311,327,480,000 to go
*Best EXP range from 08/01/17 11:00 to 15/01/17 11:00
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