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Season 11 Leaderboards Live + Necromancer Stats

by ghostwheel on 21/07/17 1:15 PM
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Imports have been switched back on. Season 11 leaderboards along with Necromancer stats are live and being populated.

Simply enter your battletag on the form above and press the Red Import button on the next page to have your account ranked into our leaderboards.

Have fun.

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SC널박살내주마 70 (2233)barb0176,8934,404,64116,104,42225347 d 8 h
SC기바리 70 (2233)dh0167,0704,096,7378,966,9512673 d 19 h
SC일천폭풍 70 (2233)monk0118,4823,512,27517,961,5290153 d 20 h
SC수도승 70 (2233)monk096,5453,028,18818,203,8880200 d 11 h
SC마왕 70 (2233)barb077,5472,277,80716,570,26023347 d 8 h
SC수도승 70 (2233)monk076,3533,843,53410,324,8038158 d 4 h
SC운빨겜 70 (2233)wiz037,4551,439,4988,330,96550158 d 3 h
SC스님 70 (2233)monk013,6821,028,75815,494,6920613 d 2 h
SC기바리 70 (2233)barb06,363117,85428,820,48344483 d 7 h
SC괴물 70 (2233)crus03,697290,83016,243,2227450 d 20 h
SC심심 70 (2233)monk03,529198,49413,652,2203975 d 9 h
SC일회용 70 (2233)wd0721195,2832,374,8791481 d 9 h

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SC (mia)기발이 70 (2233)monk07,6871,478,1381,948,48224615 d
SC (mia)안녕안녕 70 (2233)wd024985,5033,310,0210264 d 18 h
SC (mia)기바리 70 (2233)crus017484,0391,698,64416615 d
SC (mia)괴물 70 (2233)barb00023,9700438 d

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